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Sengoku Vapor

The Sengoku Vapor line of premium vape juice provides expertly crafted fruity, candy, and dessert flavors that are enjoyed by many. The brilliant concoctions offer intense and consistent flavor with every puff, creating an all-day-vape we’re sure you will appreciate. Sengoku Vapor provides as many as five different flavors to choose from, all specially formulated with loads of potent flavor. You can explore tastes that range from Hawaiian shaved ice to chocolate milk, and everything in between. The delicious flavors are designed by flavor specialists to ensure satisfaction and cater to your unique cravings.

The Sengoku Vapor brand brews and bottles its fabulous flavors in Los Angeles, California, where it boasts a large manufacturing facility. The brand rests under the umbrella of Sugoi Vapor, which specializes in Asian based vape juice. It is home to several notable brands, including Juice Head, Junkys Stash, Yami Vapor, Juice Dimension, Boho Vape, Sugoi Vapor, and Sengoku Vapor. The Sengoku Vapor brand is available in 100mL Chubby Gorilla bottles, which features a child-resistant cap and tons of flavor. It has a 70/30 ratio of VG/PG, delivering a balance between flavor and vapor. You can enjoy Sengoku Vapor vape juice with a variety of strengths, including 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine.

Sengoku Vapor Flavor Review

Kendo Man

Kendo Man by Sengoku Vapor brings together two marvelous flavors that have a way of attracting even the pickiest of vapers. As soon as you take your first puff, you immediately notice a tangy pineapple flavor that coats the tongue with loads of flavor. Just when you think the experience couldn’t get any better, a rush of blueberry tart flavor adds yet another layer to the already impressive taste. To keep you on your toes, never to live a dull moment, a smooth lime flavor is entangled with the two others to create a vape you will never forget.

Ninja Man

Ninja Man by Sengoku Vapor certainly isn’t a flavor you would see coming. It provides the authentic taste of a fresh chocolate milk flavor that seems to wash smoothly down the pipe. It is a spot-on flavor and has become famous worldwide for its creamy and silky chocolate flavor. From the inhale, your taste buds are bombarded by thick milk chocolate that starts the experience. The exhale offers a creamy milk base to help wash down the thickness of the chocolate. It truly tastes as if you are chugging a tall glass of milk chocolate with every draw.

Razz Man

Razz Man by Sengoku Vapor gives way to a delicious berry taste in every puff. It consists of nothing but sweet blue raspberry flavor with a slight candied taste. On the inhale, you taste a potent blue raspberry flavor soaked onto your tongue. The exhale is just as delicious, not allowing even a single particle of vapor to escape your mouth without coating it full of blended blue raspberry and candy flavor. With Razz Man vape juice, you are left with nothing short of an amazing blue raspberry all-day-vape.

Cold Man

Cold Man by Sengoku Vapor is one of the brand’s most popular flavors due to its fun and exciting taste that it delivers in every puff. Imagine your favorite childhood sugary Hawaiian shaved ice. That is exactly what you get from Cold Man, a Hawaiian shaved ice treat with delicious fruity flavors and enough menthol to leave your teeth chattering. If you are willing to try this tasty bone-chilling flavor, we promise you won’t want to give it up.

1 Inch Punch

1 Inch Punch by Sengoku Vapor is a flavor that will knock you out with flavor or a 1-inch punch, whichever you choose. If you take the flavor route, you can expect a combination of candy-like blue raspberry and sweet watermelon with a subtle hint of menthol on the inhale. The exhale delivers the same trifecta of flavors, except that the menthol is intensified, leaving your mouth refreshed and wanting more.

Sengoku Vapor is an outstanding brand through and through. It delivers a fine collection of some of the most incredible flavor combinations. Though there are many brands and flavors to choose from on the market, we’re certain you won’t find any vape juice quite as impressive as Sengoku Vapor.

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