WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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Sherbet Flavor Vape Juice

Sherbet Vape Juice is a reminiscent of frozen fruit that is sweet and creamy smooth and hint of tart. The distinct flavor of biting into a velvety skin and the sweet flesh of fruit flavored dessert treat. Westcoastvapesupply.com invite you to dip into our extensive sherbet vape juice collection.

Maybe those creamy desserts aren't your thing, and that's okay, but to kick those sweet tooth cravings a sherbet is sure to do the trick! This fruity treat has elements of that silky base without being overwhelming. No cake base, no custard taste, and no overpowering cream in this flavor. That authentic fruity taste with only a light cream will have your cravings kicked and your taste buds delighted. 

Don't settle for flavors you aren't a fanatic for, shop out extensive collection and you are sure to find that perfect flavor! Don't miss out today with out discounted vape juices at rock bottom prices that no other site has! 

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