SMOK Mico Coil 3-Pack


SMOK Mico Coil 3-Pack

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SMOK Mico Pod Cartridges 3-Pack

SMOK Mico Coil Review

Keep your SMOK Mico performing at its best by keeping fresh Mico Pod Cartridges in use. Your taste buds will thank you and your vaping experience will flourish because of it. With the capability of holding 1.7mL of your favorite ejuice or salt nic, the Smok Mico Pods is a top of the line pod system designed to reward vapers with a perfect balance of flavor and vapor production. 

The SMOK Mico Pod Cartridges will be available in three different variations so you can choose the one suited to your vaping style. The regular 1.0ohm coil is the perfect midpoint between clouds and flavor. The Mesh 0.8ohm coil is catered a little more towards vapor production but still produces decent flavor and the ceramic 1.4ohm coil is best suited for salt nicotine vape juices. 

Each SMOK Mico Coil will come with three Mico Pods. You should expect each pod to last between 1-2 weeks of vaping. The SMOK Mico Pods are only compatible with the Mico device and will not work on other pod-based systems.