Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Black Mint
Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Vape
Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Blueberry Raspberry Lemon
Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Blueberry Raspberry Pomegranate
Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Cherry Lemon
Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Citrus Sunrise
Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Energy
Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Ginger Beer
Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Grape Jelly
Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava
Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Lemon Sparking Wine
Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Mango Peach Watermelon
Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Mango Peach
Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Pineapple Apple Pear
Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Watermelon Cherry
Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Watermelon
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Lost Mary

Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Vape

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Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Vape 5000 Puffs

Taking disposable devices to new heights with an appealing design, longevity, performance, and flavor, the Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Vape is all that you've hoped it to be. It's a device that boasts a massive capacity, and a large rechargeable battery and is driven by a mesh coil to offer the best flavor and vapor production each time you take a puff.

The Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Vape is quite an impressive device, delivering a heightened level of appeal, durability to withstand accidental drops, and shape to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. On top of its good looks, the device is also very compact.

It, however, still manages to house an integrated 500mAh rechargeable battery and a 13.5mL vape juice capacity and features a built-in mesh coil. To ensure your taste buds are completely satisfied, this Lost Mary vape device is available in a wide range of different flavor options.

If you want to experience the best disposable the industry has to offer, it's definitely time you get your hands on the Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Vape. It's an outstanding vaping device that has a large capacity, performs great, and delivers an amazing flavor performance.

Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Vape Flavor Review

Lemon Sparking Wine

Quench your thirst with this remarkable concoction that recreates the taste of a dazzling sparkling wine infused with lemon flavor. It's an all-day vape that will please your airways from one puff to the next.

Mango Peach

Explore this pleasing vape blend that will soothe your taste buds and leave you pleased from start to finish. It's the perfect pairing of flavors, offering a delicious blend of mangoes and peaches.

Pineapple Apple Pear

Bombard your tastes with an exceptional trio of flavors that you're going to love to puff on. This extraordinary Lost Mary vape flavor brings you a tasty blend of pineapples, apples, and pears.


Discover the pure, simple pleasure of watermelon flavor that tastes like a slice of summer. Each puff delivers the essence of this hydrating fruit, capturing the sweet, light, and slightly grainy texture that you love in watermelon, without any seeds to spit out.

Watermelon Cherry

Slather your mouth with an unforgettable blend of flavors that never grows old. The incredible blend brings together mouthwatering watermelon and the most delicious cherry flavor.

Citrus Sunrise

Fill your airways with an extraordinary mixture of flavors that you'll absolutely love. This brilliant flavor coats your mouth with citrus flavor, giving you a citrus sunrise to be thankful for.


Uplift your airways and enjoy this energizing flavor that recreates the taste of your favorite energy drink. It is an extraordinary mixture of flavors that come together to make an impressive vaping experience.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

This complex trio of flavors is all that you've ever wanted, as it combines the perfect mix of kiwis, passion fruits, and guavas. This amazing Lost Mary vape will be one that you'll absolutely love to puff on any chance that you get.

Grape Jelly

Capture the nostalgic essence of grape jelly. This flavor wraps you in the sweet and comforting taste of concord grapes, turned into a smooth, spreadable jelly, providing a simple yet profoundly satisfying vaping experience.

Ginger Beer

Discover the spicy and slightly sweet flavor of ginger beer. This blend offers the distinct warmth of ginger, complete with the zest of and bite that you'd expect from a traditional ginger beer, minus the fizz but full of character.

Blackberry Raspberry Lemon

You will be more than satisfied when you taste this remarkable trio of flavors, which combines a delicious mix of blackberries, raspberries, and lemons. This is one vape you're going to love.

Black Mint

If you're looking for a refreshing taste that is crisp and sure to cool your mouth, this is one vape you aren't going to be able to live without. It's a fascinating concoction that you'll love from one moment to the next.

Cherry Lemon

Wash your taste buds with an extraordinary mixture of delicious cherries and lemons. It's a vape blend that you'll absolutely love, and we cannot wait for you to try it for yourself.


If you're looking for a yummy treat to fill your mouth and coat your taste buds, this is the flavor to experience. It is an outstanding flavor with a mouthwatering taste you're going to love.

Blueberry Raspberry Pomegranate

Delivering slathering tastes, this trifecta of flavors is everything you would have hoped for. It is a perfect mixture that combines blueberries, raspberries, and pomegranates into one unforgettable vape.

Mango Peach Watermelon

You are going to love every minute when you taste this masterful blend of mangoes, peaches, and watermelons. It's a mouthwatering mixture that you'll want to puff on all day long.

Puff Count: 5000 Puffs

Milliliter: 13.5mL

Nicotine Strength: 50mg

Nicotine Type: Salt Nicotine