BLNG Air Disposable Vape

BLNG Air Disposable Vape Review

Although it may not be as well known as some brands, BLNG Vape has been making huge strides since its launch in 2018. With a staff of more than 84 research and designers, conducting as many as 23 laboratory tests, and distributing its products to 3092 clients across 106 countries, it's easy to see how much this company has grown. Their latest development is the BLNG Air Disposable Vape, one of the latest and greatest devices to hit the vaping market.

The reason why BLNG Vape has seen so much success is mainly due to the products it develops. It creates premium disposable vapes that provide immense quality, they are made comfortable, convenient, compact, and performance great too. What's more impressive is the outstanding collection of flavors they've created, which are all pre-filled into the device, alongside 50mg of salt nicotine to ensure a satisfying experience each time you take a puff.

What Is The BLNG Air Disposable Vape?

The BLNG Air Disposable Vape is a premium disposable vaping device that features an extremely compact design. The device is comfortable, appealing, and makes vaping very enjoyable. Like all disposables, the BLNG Air Disposable comes pre-filled, pre-charged, and is ready to be used from the moment you receive it. It is equipped with an integrated 750mAh rechargeable battery and can be recharged with ease thanks to the built-in USB charging port. Within the device you'll also find a 15mL vape juice capacity, which uses a mesh coil to provide the best performance possible. Because of the rechargeable feature and the large capacity, you can expect to enjoy up to 6000 puffs per device.

Why We Recommend It

We recommend the BLNG Air Disposable because it checks all of the boxes for what we expect from a disposable device. Not only have we enjoyed it but our customers have enjoyed it as well. It is currently one of our best-selling disposables. Not only if the device itself built well but the flavors inside of them taste amazing. From the spot-on Cola Slushie flavor to the crisp taste of Red Apple, there isn't anything to complain about throughout the 6000 puffs you receive.

BLNG Air Disposable Vape Flavors

There are several BLNG Air flavors you explore. No matter if you have picky tastes, there is a flavor for you. You'll be able to explore tastes of beverages, fruits, menthol, and tobacco flavors. Feel free to browse and choose some of your favorites below.


Cola Slushie

Perfectly recreating the taste of a cola slushie, this vape juice blend will surely become one of your favorites. The taste is familiar, quenching, and will satisfy you to your core each time you take a puff.

Strawberry Cream

Embark on a new flavorful vape that delivers luscious tastes. You experience a thick and satisfying strawberry cream flavor that will leave you speechless. From the juicy red strawberries to the thick blanket of cream, you'll love this vape.

Lush Freeze

Bombarding your tastes with a classic pairing of flavors, this will become one of your most favored flavors. This is a popular flavor that brings together a mouthwatering watermelon flavor and the coolness of menthol.

Spear Mint

Experience the cool and refreshing taste of spearmint. It is a flavor that everyone knows, has tried, and loves. It presents a sweet, cool, and refreshing flavor that you'll want to toke on any chance you get.

Aloe Grape

Fill your mouth with a magnificent flavor creation that brings you a delightful pairing you cannot resist. This tasty blend is comprised of aloe and grape flavors, giving you a crisp taste that never gets old.

Lemon Blast

Enjoy a sweet and tangy vape with just the right amount of citrus flavor. It is a lemon vape juice blend that any fan of lemon flavors will love. Try it now and you'll be blown away by its satisfying taste.

Strawberry Banana

Unload this delicious pairing of flavors onto your taste buds and bask in the pleasing taste. This tasty flavor consists of juicy strawberries and ripe bananas, making for a classic vape you'll love to puff on.

Red Apple

There is nothing more pleasing than a glass of apple juice, and if you're one who enjoys the taste, you'll enjoy this flavor recreated into vape form. It delivers a crisp red apple flavor that hits just the right spot.

Peach Tobacco

Bring yourself to try this amazing peach tobacco flavor that is so unique and delicious. It takes a classic tobacco flavor and combines it with the juicy taste of luscious peaches, giving you another all-day vape.

Summer Fruit

Splash your airways with an extraordinary blend of mixed fruits, perfect for summer. This soothing and relaxing blend will easily become one of your most favored vapes yet.