WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Salt Factory Vape Juice

Salt Factory flavors are made with Nicotine Salts, designed to be used to pod systems designed specifically for Nicotine Salts. NOT recommended for use with sub-ohm devices.

From the makers of the famous brand Air Factory comes Salt Factory for all those who vape salt nicotine. Some of their most popular flavors are now available in 35mg or 50mg that have been made specifically made for salt nicotine devices. Air Factory has four different vape juice collections on the current market that have been taking this industry by storm. These e-liquid lines consist of their original Air Factory, sweet treats with Treat Factory, icy blends with Frost Factory, and finally Salt Factory with their salt nicotine blends.

Nicotine Salt e-juices are popular due to their higher nicotine levels, that can kick those nicotine cravings without having to vape as much. They require a special pod device due to the higher amounts of nicotine, but are ultra pleasing with each puff and are perfect for anyone who is seeking or just quit cigarettes. One of the best brands to buy for the ultimate flavor is truly Salt Factory.  

Salt Factory Nicotine Salt Vape Juice Review

Blue Razz

Taffy is a sticky and savory treat that we may not be able to indulge in everyday, but now thanks to Salt Factory we can enjoy that intoxicating flavor all day long. This blue raspberry taffy flavor is sure to please from the first hit to the last, and we all have to admit that the best part is that there is no added guilt to this savory treat. Your sweet tooth will be satisfied and those cravings will finally be relieved. On the inhale a rush of that sticky taffy candy flavor will make your sweet tooth scream in pleasure. Those sour notes from the blue raspberry will dance across your taste buds delighting them with each puff. On the exhale this flavor combination fuses together giving you that authentic taste you've been seeking. 

Crisp Apple

You can't bite into a frozen apple, maybe if you were to try really hard, but now with Crisp Apple by Salt Factory you wont even have to worry about trying. Take those apples out of your freezer and indulge in this savory blend instead. Freshly picked crisp red apples that have been fused with an icy menthol blast on the exhale is sure to please. This refreshing vape juice is truly beyond that typical apple flavor. You'll toss those other brands out once you taste Crisp Apple by Salt Factory. On the inhale that natural sweetness from juicy red apples will smother your tongue with its intense flavor. This intense flavor will be washed down on the exhale with a cooling menthol base. Menthol fanatics will fall in love with this e-liquid from the first drop.

Iced Chee

Lychee has a savory flavor that is sure to please, and if you haven't tried it yet Iced Chee by Salt Factory is the perfect opportunity. This fusion of mixed fruit and sweet lychee will remind you of a refreshing fruit salad. To make this vape juice even better is that added blast of a menthol flavor to wash these intense flavors own with each exhale. On the inhale that lychee flavor will smother your tongue with its authentic taste. Frozen mixed fruits on the exhale will treat your fruit cravings. These frozen fruits will run across your taste buds and delight them with their juicy and genuine taste. 

Mystery Flavor

Can you guess this Mystery Flavor by Salt Factory? Its okay if you cant, im here to help you out! This combination includes a sweet candy base, fused with tart berries, and even more juicy fruit flavors. What could they be? Well, the best way to know for-sure is to try it out for yourself! Solve this mystery today by indulging in Mystery Flavor by Salt Factory. What i can reveal to you is that on the inhale your tongue will be smothered with an authentic candy taffy flavor, giving your sweet tooth exactly what its been craving. Rushing over is a balanced sour and sweet flavor with a mix of fruity flavors. Light sour notes will dance across your taste buds delighting them with each puff. On the exhale, these fruity flavors fuse combine providing you with an intense flavor experience.