WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Country Clouds

Country Clouds Ejuice

Country Clouds Vape Juice Review

Country Clouds Ejuice will have your taste buds singing sky high with their amazing line of juices. Each containing original pie flavors that gives you a home cooked dessert feel all day long. Just like Grandma's famous recipe for anything, these baked goods will have you missing home in seconds. They made sure that each vape juice doesn’t shy away from taste when you take a hit of your vape, in fact, these batch of juices come in strong and proud every time you take a puff. Country Clouds founded and crafted their juices with special care so that you can never go flavor blind or tired of their toothsome flavors. Take a second and look at our selection of their most popular juices just to see which one will steal the spotlight for you.

Banana Bread Puddin’

A flavor that will have you going bananas once you get a full taste of what this vape juice can offer. Creamy delicious banana bread on the inhale infused with vanilla and banana mix of milky gelatin, while on the exhale you’ll taste the lush amount of flavor from crushed baked graham crackers that just tie this whole blend of flavors together. Sweet and custardy all in a matter of seconds leaving a scrumptious aftertaste as a reminder.

Chocolate Puddin’ Pie

It’s a rumor that chocolate can put anyone into a good mood, well so can this bad boy right here. On the inhale there’s that milky sensation of chocolate mixture into a batch of jelly-like creamy pudding, while on the exhale you’ll taste and smell the aroma of freshly baked graham crackers and delicious whipped cream layered on top. Leaving your mouth and surrounding air smelling like a bakery.

Corn Bread Puddin’ Pie

Sweet corn made into a delicious American snack, combined with nothing but sweet vanilla and good ole maple syrup. On the inhale you get a crisp hint of freshly baked cornbread coating your mouth in the sweet bakery, while on the exhale you get a delightful twist of creamy vanilla icing that’s been melted on top along with the distinct taste of maple syrup swirling in as the thick cloud of vapor flows out your mouth.

Lemon Puddin’ Pie

Have yourself a homemade lemon pie all day long with this here juice. Bittersweet lemon pudding on the inhale giving you a sweet tingly sensation of delicious heartwarming dessert, while on the exhale you get the feeling of creamy freshly whipped meringue with the crisp taste of crushed and freshly baked taste of graham crackers to tie this juice up together. This American pie will have those taste buds calm and soothed in no time and will serve you dessert any time of the day.