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Food Fighter Juice

Food Fighter Juice is a premium vape juice brand based out of Miami, Florida. The mouthwatering flavors of The Angry Munchkins, Crack Pie, Pound It, Raging Donut, is of nostalgic junk food flavor vape juice. Food Fighter Juice Eliquid line is offered in 30ml vape juice, 60ml vape juice and 120ml vape juice sweet dessert flavors. Food Fighter Juice has branded the labels on each bottle, however; each vape juice flavor is made of the finest ingredients and with max VG (Vegetable Glycerin). Food Fighter Juice is part of the same umbrella as Midnight Vape Co who brought GUSH and ROLLY. Discover why Food Fighter ejuice has everyone raging.

Food Fighter Juice Flavor Review

Angry Munchkins

The Angry Munchkins vape juice by Food Fighter Juice is the flavor of miniature powdered doughnuts filled with sweet blackberry jam and covered in condensed milk. A pastry lovers dream, the dessert flavor provides a rich fried cake inhale with a mouthwatering berry jam on the exhale. The popular on-the-go treat of glazed doughnut holes with a twist, your taste buds will love. 

Crack Pie

Crack Pie by Food Fighter Juice is a throwback of grandma's graham cracker pie crust, infused with salty caramel and powdered sugar with hints of butter on the exhale. On the inhale, the savory taste of the pie crust teases your taste buds and comforts your flavor palate. When you exhale, the sugary taste of a homemade pie crust makes your mouth-water. Make Food Fighter Juice Crack Pie vape juice your next dessert choice, surely to make your taste buds sing.

Food Fighter Remix

Food Fighter Remix is the blend of the top selling Food Fighter Juice flavors Crack Pie and Raging Donut, Food Fighter Juice managed to flawlessly create these two beloved flavors in one flavor blend, the result is a dessert flavor bonanza hurricane for your taste buds.

Pound It

Pound It by Food Fighter Juice is a decadent sweet buttery lemon pound cake drizzled with vanilla frosting. The wonderful dessert flavor delivers a rich savory pound cake dessert vape with a sweet zesty lemon and white frosting on the exhale. Pound It vape juice is a great way to enjoy a lemon pound cake dessert flavored vape that will make your mouth water.

Raging Donut

Raging Donut 120ml by Food Fighter Juice the delicious combination of sweet glazed donuts topped with strawberry frosting and sprinkled with crispy fruity cereal. Enjoy the sweet donut flavor ejuice treat. Raging Donut by Food Fighter ejuice is a true all-day-vape that you will never want to put down.

Food Fighters Juice has become one of the top vape juice brands of the year. Why has the premium vape brand become a success story? It flawlessly mimics that of freshly baked dessert pastry flavor vape juices. After one hit, you’ll understand why Food Fighter Juice is one of the best-selling vape brands of all-time.

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