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Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN)

Tobacco Free Nicotine is man-made, or synthetic, nicotine that is not extracted from the tobacco plant. It is a nicotine option that has been constructed to replicate naturally occurring tobacco-derived nicotine in every possible way. It is constructed in a very special way on a micro molecular scale, which allows experts to recreate the nicotine molecule without ever using tobacco. While plants such as potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplants contain the nicotine molecule (surprisingly, there are as many as 2,000 plant species that contain the nicotine molecule), tobacco is commonly used to extract its nicotine because it is richer in nicotine by a very large amount.

Vape juice manufactures are slowly transitioning to TFN (Tobacco Free Nicotine) because it currently provides the highest quality and best purity on the market, coming in at 99.98% pure. As a result of its purity, Tobacco Free Nicotine has a high potency. As an example, Tobacco Free Nicotine that is 10mg/ml in strength equates to a tobacco nicotine vape juice with a strength of 5mg/ml. A large part of the slow roll-out has been the cost. However, the cost of Tobacco Free Nicotine is finally becoming more affordable for vape juice manufacturers to use and has now become a viable option.

Since Tobacco Free Nicotine has just recently become a viable option for manufacturers, there are very few vape juice brands that have adopted the optional synthetic nicotine to replace the tobacco-derived nicotine used in their recipes. Most of the market continues to use tobacco-derived nicotine, although we are expecting an upcoming shift very soon. We believe that many vape juice brands will make the shift to use TFN in their recipes for a variety of reasons. For starters, tobacco-derived nicotine has a specific plant aroma that is troublesome for vape juice manufacturers.

Manufacturers have to utilize aggressive flavor and loads of sweeteners to mask the taste and scent, which ultimately causes a problem with coils or heating elements. Tobacco Free Nicotine, however, does not carry the same stench or odor, although when vaping you would never tell a difference. It is virtually odorless, tasteless, it doesn’t contain many of the impurities that are found in tobacco-derived nicotine, it has higher purity, better quality, and extremely improves vape juice flavors, while at the same time maintaining the same biological impact as tobacco-derived nicotine.

The truth is, however, that you will never taste, smell, or notice any difference using a Tobacco Free Nicotine vape juice versus a tobacco-derived vape juice, or what we know as normal vape juice. That is the fascinating part about TFN is that it was constructed with the same exact makeup, meaning they are essentially the same, yet on a micro level, one has a bit more to offer when it comes to purity and quality. In the end, you wouldn’t know any difference between the two, in fact, you may be using a Tobacco Free Nicotine right now and never know it.

Many people find that the real benefit behind Tobacco Free Nicotine is the dissociation between vapor products and tobacco products. As many are aware, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has struck fear into businesses and consumers by threatening it with strict rules and guidelines. The FDA has managed to do this by utilizing the control they’ve been given, which is to regulate the industry. However, all that they have done is couple vaping and smoking into one category, rather than distinguishing the differences between the two, and acknowledging that is one is a merely less harmful option. Tobacco Free Nicotine is a way to separate the two from one another.

Since most vape juice uses tobacco-derived nicotine, the tobacco industry continues to benefit from the vape juices on the market, despite consumers trying to distance themselves or earn from you as a consumer. By using a TFN vape juice, you are not benefiting the tobacco industry in any way. If you are one that wants to stop feeding Big Tobacco in every way possible so that they aren’t earning another dollar from you, Tobacco Free Nicotine is the solution.

What is most interesting about TFN is that not just anyone can make it. In fact, TFN is a chemical that is patent-pending, and Next Generation Labs is the one behind it. They have constructed the chemical creation, and not only do they want to market it responsibly to vapor product manufacturers that do not embark on trademark infringement, market responsibly and do not give out free samples, they are also looking at the effects TFN has on various diseases, such as ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and more, since nicotine behind to specific receptors in the brain.

No doubt, Tobacco Free Nicotine is the next big step for the vapor products industry. Just as we’ve transitioned from cig-a-likes to advanced vape mods, and from freebase nicotine to salt nicotine, the wheels keep turning for the big thinkers behind the industry and innovation never stops. The next big leap for the vaping industry is Tobacco Free Nicotine.

Tobacco Free Nicotine Flavor Review

NKTR Vapor Flavor Review

NKTR Mango

Mango by NKTR Vapor Eliquids provides a marvelous taste in flavor that you will definitely enjoy. It offers a smooth, fresh ripe mango flavor that gives of a crisp and sweet experience with every puff you take. From the moment you take your first puff, you will be delighted by the fresh taste of fruity mango flavor.


Pear by NKTR Vapor Eliquids takes your taste buds on a roller coaster ride of flavor, from the very first time you taste it. If you could only imagine the sweet, yet tangy flavor experience, you will completely understand why this flavor has become such a hit. It offers a mouthwatering experience of flavor that you will never live up.

NKTR Guava

Guava by NKTR Vapor Eliquids offers an outstanding taste that is sure to capture your taste buds and never let them go. Every moment with this brilliantly crafted guava flavor is one you definitely look forward to. The experience from beginning to end is absolutely priceless.

NKTR Watermelon

Watermelon by NKTR Sour Eliquids is an exciting flavor profile like you’ve never experienced before. It offers the mouthwatering taste of watermelon, yet comes accompanied by a true sour taste. It is a strong flavor with all of the sourness your taste buds can handle.

NKTR Apple

Apple by NKTR Sour Eliquids is a perfectly crafted vape juice that replicates an authentic sour apple flavor. From beginning to end, you will absolutely love the crisp taste of a green apple, which is followed by sourness. It is a truly sweet and sour experience that you can’t get enough of.

NKTR Strawberry

Strawberry by NKTR Sour Eliquids is a powerful tarty representation of sweet and juicy strawberry. The flavor is wildly complex, yet has been presented in the most simplistic form, offering just the right amount of strawberry and sour combined into one. The delicious taste lasts throughout your time vaping, and continues to linger on after.

NKTR Glacier

Glacier by NKTR Ice Eliquids provides the bone-chilling taste that menthol lovers will go nuts for. This exciting blend combines both a strong minty flavor and an icy cool punch that your taste buds crave. From its touch of sweetness to the chilling experience of menthol, this will be the coolest vape you’ve ever experienced.

NKTR Citrus

Citrus by NKTR Ice Eliquids gives way to a delicious set of flavors that will easily become an all-day-vape. It boasts delicious tastes of lemon and lime while offering subtle hints of cool menthol undertones, making it the coolest citrus vape you’ve ever had. From start to finish, you will adore the brilliant taste you are experiencing.

California Grown Sub-Ohm Salts Flavor Review

Napa Nectar

Napa Nectar by California Grown Sub-Ohm Salts is an outstanding vape juice flavor that is sweet and mouthwatering. It delivers the taste of ripe mangoes and juicy nectar, leaving you with a splash of sweetness your taste buds will love. From beginning to end, this delicious vape will be all that matters in the world.

Wavy Watermelon

Wavy Watermelon by California Grown Sub-Ohm Salts provides loads of delicious flavor for you to enjoy all day. It offers a very bold taste of watermelon, strong in flavor, yet comes with an amazing candied taste that follows along. This brilliantly crafted mix is the perfect all-day-vape.

Grizzly Apple

Grizzly Apple by California Grown Sub-Ohm Salts gives way to a fantastic flavor creation that replicates one of your favorite fruits. Enjoy the remarkable taste of granny smith fuji apples throughout the day. This is a taste vape that is sure to become a favorite.

Coastal Crush

Coastal Crush by California Grown Sub-Ohm Salts is a delightful flavor creation that offers both a punch and a blast to please the taste buds. From the moment you inhale, you immediately taste a Caribbean punch flavor, which is backed by a slight hint of menthol. It is a truly refreshing vape that gives you that one-two smack that you will love.

Napa Nectar Cool

Napa Nectar Cool by California Grown Sub-Ohm Salts is a vape flavor that will blow your mind from its sweetness and cool finish. This tasty vape juice offers the taste of ripe mangoes and juicy nectar while being finished with ice-cold menthol. The taste is so delicious and freshens the palette to ensure another round.

Wavy Watermelon Cool

Wavy Watermelon Cool by California Grown Sub-Ohm Salts delivers everything you love about a good watermelon vape. It offers a delicious and very juicy taste of watermelon candy and is finished with the coolness of menthol. It is the perfect combination of flavors for anyone who enjoys cold, fruity flavors.

Grizzly Apple Cool

Grizzle Apple Cool by California Grown Sub-Ohm Salts offers the same taste as the original, replicating one of your favorite fruits, yet comes with a twist. This delicious blend tastes just like granny smith fuji apples, yet comes with a menthol twist to really excite the taste buds. This will easily become one of your favorite vapes.

Fresh Pressed Flavor Review

Lava Luau

Lava Luau by Fresh Pressed is scattered with a delicious flavor all throughout this tasty vape juice. It is a combination of juicy watermelon, tasty kiwi, and tons of mixed berries that will leave you amazed. If you want the magical taste of this brilliant trio, you have got to explore Lava Luau.

Sugar Tantrum

Sugar Tantrum by Fresh Pressed offers an awesome flavor that is perfect to fix that sweet tooth. From the moment you take a puff, you will taste vanilla bean, pecans, and a custard base. It is a unique flavor concoction that you will certainly go crazy for.

Pink Melon

Pink Melon by Fresh Pressed is the perfect taste for those who enjoy a delicious concoction of fruits. This one consists of sweet southern peaches, juicy watermelon, and the tastiest of honeydew. It is an awesome flavor, you just have to be willing to go down this road. We bet you won’t regret it.

Fruit Finale

Fruit Finale by Fresh Pressed provides a rush of delicious fruity flavor that you won’t get enough of. It is a mix of juicy apples, fresh peaches, and exotic fruits. The blend will definitely become an all-day-vape.

Honeycomb Berry

Honeycomb Berry by Fresh Pressed is a Hawaiian flavor that you will come to appreciate. It offers limeade, Hawaiian berries, and sweet honey as a finisher. While it is hard to picture the taste, we promise that as these tasty flavors come together, it will be a blend like you’ve never expected.

Fresh Farms Flavor Review

Morning Melon

Morning Melon by Fresh Farms E-Liquid is an awesome vape flavor that will make you think you own an orchard. It offers an amazing blend of watermelon and juicy honeydew, creating an extraordinary duo. Upon the first puff to the last, your taste buds are left thanking you.

Barnyard Berry

Barnyard Berry by Fresh Farms E-Liquid is a simplistic flavor that provides a whole lot of taste. This sweet blend of blueberries and sugar will leave your mouth watering with tasty flavor. If you enjoy blueberries, this is definitely one flavor you will fall in love with.

Strawberry Farm Cake

Strawberry Farm Cake by Fresh Farms E-Liquid is a brilliant concoction that makes the perfect dessert flavor. It offers the taste of strawberry shortcake, which you will absolutely love. Experience golden crust and ripe strawberries in every puff.

If you are on the hunt for a delicious set of flavors and prefer Tobacco Free Nicotine vape juice, this stunning collection of TFN vape juice is where you will want to look. We have several delicious flavors that are perfectly crafted in every way with TFN.