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Fresh Pressed SALT

Fresh Pressed SALT’s new and chic salt line made for those who don’t want to miss out on a juice of their life. Now made available for salt nic devices your whole world will be turned upside down which each flavor you try. Every bottle contains a handful of fruit that are mixed to perfection and one surprise dessert juice for those who love a good sugary treat.

There are many vape juice flavors that are fruit based but none are like Fresh Pressed with their exquisite quality and master mixers. Each carry a phenomenal amount of flavor so if you’re tired of your other juices not lasting with their taste, then maybe it’s time to upgrade to Fresh Pressed. 

Since their salt line has been out people have been going head over heels for these juices and I honestly can’t blame them. Even with the small smooth hits it just tastes so amazing you can’t get enough of it. It’ll make your experience so much more enjoyable and end those pesky cravings for good.

Fresh Pressed SALT Vape Juice Review

Fresh Pressed SALT Honeycomb Berry

You’re taste buds will be in shock with this trio bring flavors from all sides. Sweet, sour, and tart all in one will have those quenched babies bouncing off the walls of your mouth. Tingling tones of sweet but sour limeade will swoop in and grasp your taste buds attention right away preparing them for the savored notes of honey to calm them down on the inhale. As you exhale the mixture of berries just lock it all in carrying each flavor out as one.

Fresh Pressed SALT Fruit Finale

The juice that ends with a BANG. Crisp apples and mouth watering pear showering your taste buds in a sweet heavenly fog of nothing but the two most favorable fruits loved by many. A whirlpool of tropical fruits will fill in every nook and cranny with notes of tangy, bitter, and sweet along with the other two fruits making this vape juice a fruity bonanza of a lifetime.

Fresh Pressed SALT Lava Luau

A molten mixture of sultry flavors that just flow with each other perfectly making an outrageously flavorsome juice filled with sweet fruity delights in every puff you take. On the inhale the rush of tart kiwi’s, mouth watering watermelon, and the variety of mixed berries will all twist together within the small cloud of vapor completely drenching your tongue in fruit like harmony. Meanwhile on the exhale the menthol will join the scrumptious fruit force sending chills throughout the body and enticing flavor amounst your tongue leaving your utterly refreshed.

Fresh Pressed SALT Pressed Pink Melon

A colorful collection of fruits all mixed into one divine flavor that will whip those taste buds into shape making them feel good as new with every puff. On the inhale its the invigorating taste of fresh kiwi and sweet honeydew clinging on to each taste bud sugar coating them in a pool of savory fruits. As you exhale the gust of watermelon essence will join the yummy duo intensifying the flavor even more while the rest of the flavors escape.

Fresh Pressed SALT Sugar Tantrum

Although this isn’t exactly fruit, Fresh Pressed just wanted to show that they can do it all. This name hits the nail on the head because one puff of this juice and your sugar tooth will throw a true fit in absolute pleasure. The creamy sense of custard and sugared vanilla will smooth out your taste buds with ultimate dessert like flavor making you feel like you just licked the icing right off the cake. On the exhale the nutty taste of pecan will even out the creamy tones and add a bit of an oomph to the whole flavor tying it all together.


Fresh Pressed SALTS has an amazing selection to choose from fruity and a surprise dessert flavor that’ll have you going mad for more. You can’t go wrong with Fresh Pressed, so if you have no idea on what you want you can always rely on this fantastic company.

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