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U TooB 100 Ejuice Review

     Founded in the soul of California in the year of 2019 and already it’s flying right off the shelves. All of their flavors are a hit and people are going utterly insane for U TooB 100. Just to add on to this vape juice madness they have so many to choose from you have no room to go wrong with any of the picks. They have fruits, candy, and even creamy flavors as a variety for those who have their preferences in what they enjoy to vape.

     Their quality in their ingredients are marvelous only to stand out more when it’s compared to other juices. Not only are their flavors out of this world but the clouds that come with it are incredible. Thick juicy clouds with a significant amount of eye rolling flavor is like having a two for one deal when getting a hold of any of these juices.

U TooB 100 Vape Juice Review

Apple Hulk

The grasp that green apple has on the entire world is amazing and it’s no wonder. It’s just one of those flavors that you can’t get enough of. Apple Hulk captured the moment of biting into a crisp green apple letting every bit of mouth watering juice flow right onto your tongue and just bottled it into a vape juice for your enjoyment. On the inhale it’s the tart sour tones of the green apple seducing your taste buds with a mouth puckering effect and as you go to exhale the flavor only intensifies bringing in slightly sweetened notes to soothe your taste buds from the sour. 

Blue Razz

Nothing but pure blue raspberry pulling in lush tart tones on the inhale and exhale drawing in as much flavor as possible with every hit. Towards the end of the hit you’ll feel like your tongue is coated in blue raspberry with all of its fruitful and candy-like notes.

Cotton Mouth

A popular flavor that a lot of the community reaches out for longing for that sugary sweet effect that just dissolves right onto your tongue that only cotton candy can give you. After vaping this calling it Cotton Mouth is an understatement. On the inhale slight notes of sugared strawberry and blue raspberry will dissipate right onto your taste buds soaking it in a small fog. On the exhale it’ll give you that melting satisfaction of devouring a mouthful of cotton candy.

Grape Lemonade

This is a one of a kind flavor, berry like lemonade all to satisfy that sugary hunger. Delicious grapey tones intertwined with lemon that carries all the citrus you want packed right into your tank. On the inhale you’ll get an instantaneous blast of fresh grapes flowing right into your mouth smothering your tongue in a pool of berry. As you go to exhale bitter notes of lemon will stand out a lot more as it mixes itself with the grape.

Mango Blast

Velvety sweet mango is all you’ll get out of this juice all day everyday. It’s everlasting taste of fresh mango is unlike anything else in this world. On the inhale the subtle notes of tartness from the mango will dance along your tongue. Meantime on the exhale, sweet nectar tones will become stronger and stronger until the remaining of the vapor has completely left your mouth leaving a delicious aftertaste that’s hard to forget.

Passion Brime

A citrus bonanza filled with pineapple, orange, and even papaya. Every hit is like drinking an actual juice containing these three flavors with the same refreshing after feeling of downing an entire glass. On the inhale citrusy pineapple and tangy orange will be the first thing you’ll notice as the duo throws an entire party in your mouth. As you exhale the quiet steps of papaya will walts in carry the slight muskiness and sweetness combining itself with the other flavor taking you taste buds on a quick vacation to nirvana.

Pink Belts

Did you know that some pink lemonade flavors are either dyed with color or mixed with cranberry? Neither did I, I guess it’s true that we learn something new everyday.

This vape juice flavor holds onto that invigorating sense of precious pink lemonade during the whole hit. On the inhale the bitter sweet lemony tones will enlighten those starving taste buds dazzling them in a peaceful harmony. As you exhale the draft of cranberry will be a little hard to detect only to let the lemonde to shine through since that’s all we’re longing for when reaching over to hit your vape.

Razz Slushi Island

Tangy pineapple, nectar-like peach, and sunkissed strawberries will mix into one mind boggling flavor that just knocks your socks clean off. On the inhale you’ll get a taste of everything all the tangy and sweet notes will rush in together allowing you to detect each and every flavor. As you exhale the three peas in a pod will leave your mouth surrounding yourself in a cloud of amazing fruity tones.

Sour Star

Shoot for the stars they said, it’ll be fun they said. Well look what we have here, a vape juice that’ll take you right there. Sour Stars contains tasty candy treats that have blue raspberry and delightful green apple that’ll have your taste buds screeching in joy to be showered in. On the inhale sour green apple will be the first thing your tongue will be able to taste and as you go to exhale blue raspberry is chasing right after the apple. The entire hit is heaven and you won’t want to have anything else in your tank to vape on all day.

Strawberry Watermelon Yummy

These two flavors together seem to be a huge hit in this industry. Strawberry and watermelon go so well together regardless of what form they end up in. U TooB 100 went all out of this one only to come out to be the best and become the top seller. You’ve never had strawberry watermelon like this and let me tell you, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this opportunity. Lip smacking strawberry watermelon candy on the inhale and exhale dazzling those taste buds with passion making sure it crushes any cravings that you may be having.

Volcano Burst

An eruption of flavor that involves fruity essence and cream. If you love a little creamy texture when you vape then this right here if your top pick. On the inhale the gush of bittersweet pineapple and succulent strawberries will smack onto your tongue right away. On the exhale a sudden creamy feel will drift in stealing the spotlight as it mixes into the vapor of pineapple and strawberry giving you fruity creamy delight all around.


Altogether you cannot go wrong with any of these flavors. If you’re tired of weak flavors or flavors that don’t taste anything like what is labeled then U TooB 100 is your best bet. I would list their top sellers but at this point it might as well be all of them.

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