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The Mamasan Vape Juice

The Mamasan

Founded in 2016, The Mamasan Eliquid has become an industry-leading brand in a short period of time. The Los Angeles, California-based company is home to several of the industry’s most recognized brands, such as Graham Slam, Cali Cooler, and their latest release, The Mamasan Salt. Its Salt line, which emerged during the pod-based system boom, was launched during an ECC (Electronic Cigarette Convention) event in 2018 featuring all six of its flavors using Nicotine Salt.

The unique brand has come a long way since its humble beginnings, where it began by offering only three flavors to choose from. Expanding its line to capture a larger audience, The Mamasan now comes packed with six premium vape juice flavors. All of the flavors within the quite intense collection are Asian-inspired, ranging from Guava Pop to Bruce Leechee.

Aside from its fantastic array of expert culinary-crafted flavors, The Mamasan is made using the finest ingredients, the industry’s highest standards, safe practices, and superior quality control. These remarkable blends are created in a state-of-the-art facility from beginning to end and contain no diacetyl, acetyl, and they provide published laboratory reports to be as transparent as possible. It’s brands like this that make us enjoy providing premium vape juice to consumers who prefer quality. 

Arriving in a timely manner, all of The Mamasan Eliquid is available in a 100mL Chubby Gorilla bottle. Each bottle is machine-filled to the rim with loads of delicious flavor, allowing you to enjoy more vape juice, along with allowing easier refills for your tank or atomizer. The Mamasan Eliquid also features a 70/30 ratio of VG/PG, which delivers the perfect balance between flavor and vapor production. With the strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, you have the option to choose your preferred nicotine strength to suit any preference you may have.

The Mamasan E-liquid Flavor Review


A.S.A.P. by The Mamasan Eliquid is adrift in a different direction for the brand, focusing heavily on a sour candy blend. Unlike many of its other flavor offerings, ASAP is all about the taste of candy with the added benefit of delicious flavors, such as green apple, sweet strawberry, and peaches. The flavor experience is completed with a cooling sensation on the exhale. It’s a mouthwatering candy taste you are going to love!

Bruce Leechee

Bruce Leechee by The Mamasan Eliquid is one of the industry’s most recognized flavors for its unique flavor profile. It boasts a set of flavors that are Filipino-inspired, allowing you to experience the taste of different cultures. It starts by spewing loads of ripened sweet Filipino mango, then pairs perfectly with fresh lychee. The experience tastes as if it is truly from another world.

Graham Slam

Graham Slam (Golden Slam) by The Mamasan Eliquid is a part of the shortlist of Graham Slam flavors. It provides an immaculate taste that your taste buds are sure to crave even after the fact. It consists of gold graham crackers mixed with deliciously soothing milk. From the crunchy golden crackers to the layer of milk, this vape experience is about as authentic as it gets.

Guava Pop

Guava Pop by The Mamasan Eliquid is yet another brilliantly crafted flavor from Mamasan’s culinary experts. It features a unique mix of guava-flavored hard candy that has been entangled with sweet, juicy peach flavor. The end result is a vape juice that is nothing short of impressive. With the guava, candy, and peach tastes, you will enjoy every puff.

Purple Cheesecake

Purple Cheesecake by The Mamasan Eliquid provides a succulent dessert flavor that we’re sure everyone can appreciate. This Asian-inspired Purple Cheesecake is complex and delivers loads of flavor to enjoy. From the moment you inhale the dense vapor, you’ll taste a rich and creamy Filipino-style ube cheesecake that you’ll want to revisit time and time again.

Mama Melon

Mama Melon by The Mamasan Eliquid offers the deliciously crisp taste of refreshing honeydew melon and vanilla cream. The two flavors easily come together, pairing perfectly as a thirst-quenching vape juice your taste buds will absolutely love. If you’re searching for a flavor that screams excitement, you have got to try Mama Melon.

Super Cereal

Super Cereal by The Mamasan Eliquid provides an extraordinary flavor combination that resembles a bowl of the finest cereal. From the moment you take your first draw, you immediately taste delicious notes of that classic cereal that is sugar-coated and blended with mouthwatering fruit flavors. If you are a vaper that loves cereal flavors, you are going to adore this perfectly crafted cereal in the vapor form!

The Mamasan Eliquid is one of the finest brands on the market. It delivers an incredible selection of flavors to choose from, all perfectly crafted to entice your taste buds and provide nothing short of satisfaction. If you truly want to explore the amazing tastes available on the market, we encourage you to open up and allow The Mamasan in.

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