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Khali Vapor Vape Juice Review

Founded in Long Beach, California in 2013. Their name originated from a popular story about a Queen who was the ruler of Southern California, Hawaii, And Baja. Her name was Queen Khalifia and this particular story is deeply rooted in California. Khali Vapors wanted to name themselves after something meaningful and the same goes to their name choices for their juices. Each juice is named after an exquisite resort that left a mark in California’s heart forever. Khali Vapors took about 6 months in their lab perfecting their first 3 juices before releasing them to the public, the same goes for the 2 other new flavors as well. They have their whole crew vaping on it for a good amount of time to test its quality in flavor as well as its potency. This makes it so that it’s not too overwhelming but still enough to be flavorful, enjoyable and that you will never have to go flavor blind no matter how many times you vape it. Their selection of juices gives you an opportunity to try a little bit of everything and maybe even something new.

Devil’s Punchbowl

Luscious honeyed guava and juicy peach made into a punch that not even the Devil himself can resist. Two of the most fierce and fiery fruits combined into a sweet drink that’ll quench your thirst and soothe those sweet tooth cravings in a heartbeat. This fusion is a duo that would make you wish you found it long before and now you have it right in the palm of your hands, on-the-go at all times. On the inhale the luxurious blend of peaches and guava will lightly dance its way onto your tongue, as you let it soak you’ll feel like you just had a mouthful of delicious ripened fruit. On the exhale the remaining of the flavor will just flow out while it leaves a lingering aftertaste that’ll have you feeling satisfied.

Devil’s Punchbowl ICE

If you thought the Devil’s Punchbowl was a party in your mouth, try having this whacky punch filled with refreshing ice cubes to cool you off on a soft summer day. Who likes warm drinks anyway? There’s nothing like having a cool glass of delicious fruit punch to equalize the annoying sweat on your body. As you puff you’ll instantly get a kicker of chilled menthol blending itself into the mist of the two lip smacking fruits, and as you exhale peach and guava will remain on your tongue as the menthol slightly intensifies bringing you a bone chilling effect down your spine.  

Golden Gates

This name choice couldn’t be better for this particular juice, a golden creamsicle that’ll take you straight to the Golden Gates when you get a taste of this flavorful bonanza. Vanilla ice cream with a hard layer of tangy orange italian ice that truly compliments one another. As these two combine they’ll immediately leave your taste buds singing in harmony as you drift away to a sweet escape. On the inhale the cool tang rising from the orange will smother your taste buds in a citrus cloud as the creamy sensation of delicious vanilla glides itself with the orange. On the exhale the two flavors will leave a creamy yet tangy situation that will having you craving for more.

Hearst Castle

An odd and unique choice of flavors but hey, it works. A blend of delightful honeydew melon extract mixed into a pool of creamy vanilla yogurt creating a beautiful combination that can make anyone feel calm and refreshed. One scoop of this tasty snack and you’ll be tempted to find this specific flavors in stores. Luckily, you have it in a form of vape juice. Enjoy a few puffs beside a pool and let the flow of fresh cut honeydew melon exfoliate your tongue on the inhale,  while bringing those starving taste buds back to life with the touch of sweet luscious vanilla on the exhale.

The Fairmont

Are you tired of the same old ice cream flavors that you normally go for when going out for a nice creamy snack? Look no more, The Fairmont by Khali Vapors is here to save the day. If you’re adventurous and would like to try something new than you are in the right place. Sweet and tart pineapple ice cream with light hints of lemon as well as milky coconut. Crazy right? Crazy enough to drive those taste buds ecstatic. On the inhale the tart tones of citrus like pineapple will mix itself into a creamy world of lip smacking vanilla ice cream. On the exhale the notes of bitter lemon and light coconut will join the pineapple and vanilla making sure that you’re entire tongue is coated in bold and lush flavor that you won’t find just anywhere.