Air Factory Review

Air Factory Review

Air Factory Ejuice Review

Air Factory took the vaping industry by storm with the release of their vape juices. They were one of the first brands to release their vape juice in a 100ml bottle and are to this day one of the best-selling vape juice brands. Every vape juice Air Factory released is made with the highest quality premium ingredients, made in the USA that provides the best vaping experience. Air Factory's goal is provide an alternative to smokers with their delicious flavor blends.

Air Factory Original Flavors

Berry Rush

Air Factory Berry Rush

Berry Rush brings you a flavor rush of berries with a candy aftertaste. This vape juice is sure to kick those sugar cravings to the curb with no remorse. Berry Rush has such a succulent blend of berries you will feel as if you are taking a bite of berries with every inhale. No other vape juice encompasses the berry flavor like Berry Rush and once you try it, you won't be able to put it down. Air Factory truly knows how to make a vape juice that has so much flavor that becoming flavor blind to vape juice is a thing of the past. 

Blue Razz

 Air Factory Blue Razz

This blue raspberry candy flavor is out of this world with flavor. Many other brands have tried to recreate the blue raspberry flavor and have fallen short but not Air Factory. This vape juice brings you the same flavors that actual blue raspberry flavors bring you, except you won't feel guilty for indulging on this vape juice like some do with candy. With every inhale the intoxicating flavor shocks your taste buds. With every exhale, the blue raspberry flavor washes off your tongue leaving your taste buds craving more.

Mystery Flavor

Air Factory Mix Berry

This mystery flavor brings you the taste of multiple fruity flavors that will have you discovering a new taste with every puff you take. Mystery Flavor is a vape juice that you could have for months after months and you will still be finding a new flavor with every puff. These mystery flavors blend together so well that when someone asks what it tastes like all you'll be able to say that it is a mind-blowing, whirlwind of fruity flavors that you can't put down.

Strawberry Kiwi

Air Factory Strawberry Kiwi

This vape juice brings you a mouth-watering blend of strawberry and kiwi with mixed together to make a chewy candy. Strawberry Kiwi is a vape juice that will have your senses going crazy from the moment you open the bottle with the sweet aroma it gives off. With every inhale and exhale, the strawberry kiwi candy flavor will bring you to new flavor heights. Drive your senses crazy with Strawberry Kiwi by Air Factory.


Air Factory Tobacco

Tobacco is an amazing recreation, providing an authentic taste you won't soon forget. This remarkable vape juice consists of a rich tobacco flavor, perfect for any tobacco enthusiast. The experience with this vape juice is smooth, fulfilling, and will certainly become a new all-day vape that you can add to your growing collection of favorite vapes.

Bold Tobacco

Air Factory Bold Tobacco

Bold Tobacco is a promising vape juice that you can add to your rotation, as it shares quite the experience. It is a remarkably crafted flavor designed for those that really have a love for tobacco flavors. This tasty, full-bodied vape is full of flavor and can easily become that go-to flavor for you. It delivers a taste of a classic Virginia tobacco, presenting sweet notes that are gentle, smooth, and sure to mellow out your day with taste.

Custard Tobacco

Air Factory Custard Tobacco

Custard Tobacco is one of the best vape juice blends you will ever experience. It provides a full-bodies tobacco flavor that is combined perfectly with a rich custard. A magnificent addition of creamy vanilla is yet another undertone layer added to this incredible vape. From the first puff to the very last, this creamy vanilla custard tobacco flavor will surely become your go-to vape, leaving you questioning anything else you've tried.


Air Factory Mango

Mango is an exceptional vape juice blend we're excited for you to explore. It offers a delicious tropical mango flavor that is sweet and juicy. It comes complete with the addition of pineapple hints and added notes of black currant. As these three flavors come together, you will experience an overwhelming blast of flavor that will definitely fit into your rotation of flavors with ease.

Mango Ice

Air Factory Mango Ice

Mango Ice is an awesome vape juice blend that offers an exciting taste for you to explore. This magnificent flavor concoction consists of a tropical mango flavor, which ties well with hints of pineapple and a tasty notes of black currant. Add in a hefty dose of bone-chilling menthol and you've got yourself a cool and refreshing tropical mango vape.

Wild Apple

Air Factory Wild Apple

Wild Apple brings you the perfect fusion of freshly hand-picked apples with a taffy flavor. Who would have thought to bring these two flavors together? Air Factory. The amazing flavors they come up with are out of this world. With every inhale of Wild Apple, all you can taste is the fresh, juicy thirst quenching apple flavor. With every exhale, the taffy flavor comes in giving it the amazing candy flavor that is to die for. Living life on the wild side has never taste so good as Wild Apple by Air Factory.


Air Factory Unflavored

Unflavored is a new addition to the Air Factory collection but suprisingly it doesn't come with a range of delicious tastes or some complex flavor profile. Instead, it is an unflavored vape juice that contains only propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and quality nicotine. You'll have the opportunity to enjoy a flavorless vape juice or add in your own specialty blend of flavors to really make it your own.

Air Factory Treat Flavors

Custard Craze

Air Factory Custard Craze

Custard Craze vape juice gives every other custard vape juice a run for their money. Custard Craze brings you the flavor of custard and cream like no other. This authentic custard flavor will have you reaching for the bottle time and time again. With this vape juice, all you'll be able to taste is ambrosia, something sweet beyond belief. With every inhale and exhale, the creamy flavor washes across your taste buds in such a divine way you won't believe its actually a vape juice.

Jaw Dropper

Air Factory Jaw Dropper

This recreation of your favorite ever lasting candy is something to write home about. Jaw Dropper brings you the flavors of favorite hard candy that is like no other. The flavors of Jaw Dropper vape juice will zap your candied cravings instantly. You'll be able to find a new taste with every puff you take. Jaw Dropper has so many flavors packed into the bottle that you will never run the chance of going flavor blind. Bring yourself everlasting flavor with Jaw Dropper because once you try it, you'll hesitate going back to another candied vape juice.

Kookie Crunch

Air Factory Kookie Krunch

Everyone loves cookie dough. Trying to make cookies without sneaking a piece of cookie dough is a difficult task. With Kookie Crunch, you don't have to sneak a piece of cookie dough, because that intoxicating flavor is brought to you in a vape juice form. This vape juice taste exactly like cookie dough bites and you won't feel the slightest bit of guilt vaping it. With every inhale and exhale, your taste buds will be in a frenzy state from this authentic cookie dough flavor. 

Lemon Glaze

Air Factory Lemon Glaze

Lemon Glaze recreates the flavor of lemon frosting atop of your favorite pastry. This vape juice has the tangy lemon flavor but it is quickly smothered with the sweetness of frosting. Air Factory took their vape juices to the next level when they added their treats line. No other vape juice brings you the divine flavor of sweet lemons on a pastry like Lemon Glaze and once you try it, it will become your favorite in rotation.

Creamy Crunch

Air Factory Creamy Crunch

Creamy Crunch is an exciting addition to this quite delicious collection of vape juices, boasting its own unique flavor that is surely a winner. This tasty treat offers a warm pastry flavor that is coated with a creamy glaze and golden-brown sugar. To excite the taste buds even more, a delicious helping of cinnamon and nutmeg finish off the experience, creating an all-day vape that will go down in your history book as an all-time favorite.

Air Factory Frost Flavors

Crisp Apple

Air Factory Crisp Apple

Crisp Apple brings your taste buds the flavor of a perfectly ripened apple with all of its juicy glory and a menthol aftertaste. This vape juice is truly mind blowing with its authentic, intense apple flavor. With every inhale you will question on if you're vaping or if you're actually eating an apple. With every exhale, the cooling menthol base of this vape juice soothes your crazed taste buds from the electrifying apple flavor. No other vape juice has been able to bring such an authentic apple flavor to the table.

Iced Chee

Air Factory Iced Chee

This exotically flavored vape juice will send you to another world of flavor with every hit you take. Iced Chee brings you the taste of lychee and other exotic fruits to send your taste buds into a crazed frenzy of flavor. Air Factory really took this vape juice to the next level because not only is there a whirlwind of flavor, they also added a menthol base to refresh your taste buds with every exhale. With every inhale, the exotic blend of fruits have such a boozy taste you will be reaching for this vape juice anything you need to juice your vape. With every exhale, your taste buds are brought back down to Earth and soothed.

Melon Lush

Air Factory Melon Lush

Who doesn't love the taste of a juicy watermelon? No one. Melon Lush brings you that mouth watering taste year round. With this vape juice there is no need to wait until watermelons come back into season, you can have that divine taste even in the middle of winter. With every inhale and exhale, your taste buds are met with the succulent flavor of juicy, ripened to perfection watermelon. No other vape juice has been able to recreate this flavor like Air Factory, and if you're a watermelon advocate, this vape juice is for you.

Melon Lush Ice

Air Factory Melon Lush Ice

Melon Lush Ice offers an incredible flavorsome vape that can easily become one of your go-to vapes. It shares the most satisfying tastes using a deliciously crafted blend. It is a complex flavor that brings together juicy watermelon and citric notes in one. The delicious flavor is finished off with a complimentary dose of ice-cold menthol, leaving you satisfied, refreshed, and ready for yet another round of flavor.

Tropic Freeze

Air Factory Tropic Freeze

Tropic Freeze brings you to your favorite island in the middle of fall, when you can watch the waves crash against the shore as the sun is setting in your favorite hoodie. Tropic Freeze ejuice has the tropical taste of kiwi and strawberry but also has a menthol base that will chill you to your core. With every inhale, your taste buds are awoken with the flavor of fresh kiwi and juicy strawberries, traveling you to your favorite tropical island. With every exhale, the menthol base cools your taste buds sending a shiver down your spine.


Air Factory Menthol

Menthol is just the flavor you'll want if you're looking for some thrilling tastes. This remarkable vape juice blend embodies the taste of a traditional menthol flavor that is fascinatingly refreshing. Starting with your first puff to the last puff you experience, you'll experience frigid vapor clouds that is refreshingly delicious. If you enjoy menthol vapes, you're going to love this straight menthol that comes with no interruptions.


Air Factory Mint

Mint is an awesome vape juice flavor that we're incredibly thrilled to see in the Air Factory lineup. The flavor is extraordinarily delicious, thrilling, and exciting for your taste buds. The mint flavor will deliver a crisp and smooth experience that is sweet to the taste. If you're looking for a new all-day vape to add to your daily rotation of flavors, this is definitely one that you should try.

Air Factory Ejuice has a wide variety of flavors to suit any mood you may be in. With only high quality ingredients and a rainbow of flavors, you can't go wrong in choosing Air Factory E-Liquid as your favorite vape juice brand.