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Ruthless Salt Nicotine

Ruthless is a world famous vape juice company who has striven to create the highest quality e-juices for their consumers since 2011. They have accomplished this by a quality control standard that is held highly in their company. This e-liquid brand has taken the vape industry by storm and are continuing to grow. 

Ruthless has now taken the next step in expanding their vape juices by creating their Ruthless Salt Nicotine collection. These savory flavor are identical to those that you already love, but have been transformed for use with pod systems. Salt nicotine vape juice is not meant for Sub-Ohm devices and should only be used with refillable pod devices. This is due to the higher concentrates of nicotine that provide consumers the ability to kick those cravings with less puffs throughout the day.

Ruthless Salt Nicotine is packaged in a 30ml bottle and offers nicotine levels of 35mg and 50mg. Their famous flavors like Tropic Thunda, Strizzy, Grape Drank, and Ez Duz It are sure to please with their all-day-vape flavor. 

Ruthless Salt Nicotine Flavor Review

Ez Duz It

Ez Duz It is that famous strawberry watermelon vape juice flavor but has been created like no other. We cannot express how phenomenal job Ruthless has done to create this savory blend. This authentic blend will leave you satisfied like no other has before! On the inhale a rush of succulent strawberry e-juice flavor will intoxicate your taste buds with its intense taste. This strawberry flavor is truly genuine and you will feel like you has just bitten into a juicy strawberry. On the exhale that crisp watermelon vape juice flavor will provide a refreshing exhale with each puff. You wont believe your taste buds after indulging in this fruity fusion! 

Grape Drank

This fizzy fusion of grape soda with a candy base will drive your sweet tooth insane with its intense flavor! I think we can all come to an agreement with the fact that grape hard candies are truly the best! This boozy flavor will please from the first drop to the last! On the inhale you will receive that grape soda flavor. Your taste buds will be delighted as this authentic grape flavor smothers your tongue. That candy vape juice flavor base on the exhale will wash down that intense grape taste. There will be no more need to hide those hard candies anymore with Grape Drank by Ruthless Salt Nicotine! This candy flavor will sweeten your sweet tooth to its core and kick those candy cravings with no added guilt! 


Strizzy is your fruity dreams packed into a 30ml bottle. This intoxicating boozy flavor will please from the first drop to the last. This fusion of tangy kiwis, ripe raspberries, and a juicy strawberry vape flavor is sure to delight. Strizzy is one of the newer flavors from Ruthless and it has already taken the market by storm and for obvious reasons! You wont regret indulging in this sweet and tangy blend. On the inhale a rush of those succulent strawberries will take your taste buds to nirvana. This flavor packed e-juice isn't over yet though. Tart notes from that kiwi e-liquid flavor will dance across your taste buds. A refreshing raspberry exhale is next to follow and is sure to please with its intense flavor. 

Tropic Thunda

Indulge in your topical side with this exotic treat from Ruthless Salt Nicotine. This flavor packed blend is a combination of juicy guavas and tart mixed berries. Tropic Thunda has a sweet and tangy balance that wont make you feel overwhelmed. These mixed berries have a genuine taste that will leave you begging for more. This intoxicating blend only gets better on the exhale with a rush of refreshing guava vape juice flavor. This savory blend provides a exotic taste that is different than those common fruity fusions. 

#BeRuthless with these savory fruit blends that wont disappointed! These salt nic blends have that authentic and savory flavors you've been seeking for. So look no further and ditch those other brand that leave you flavor blind after a couple puffs! Indulge in Ruthless Salt Nicotine today!