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Vape Juice of The Month

When it comes to offering you the greatest deals found on the web, we here at West Coast Vape Supply have made it our goal to provide better service than anyone else. We believe that our members deserve not only Premium vape brands but fast shipping, and 24/7 support that is second to none. While other sites may claim to offer great deals from time to time, West Coast Vape Supply ensures that our customers have access to amazing deals every day of the month.

Our Vape Juice of The Month page is here to shine a spotlight on some of the greatest flavors that you may never have heard of. Checking this page each month may just turn your life upside down, with insane discounts on Premium e-juices that you have always wanted to try and some hidden treasures that you didn’t even know existed. Vape Juice of The Month is a way for you to try some amazing premium juices without having to break open the bank. While you may have already seen the amazing brands that we have available on our site, we will be selecting one each month and offering it to you at a rock bottom price – it may be a way to help you build up a rotation or it may help you find your all-time favorite all-day-vape.

Why We Spotlight Monthly Vape Juice

West Coast Vape Supply is dedicated to providing you with the greatest vape juices in the world, and we believe that aiming a spotlight at certain companies will allow them to shine. There are e-liquid companies out there that exceed everyone’s expectations, with flavors that are beyond description, but for some reason have very little recognition for their products. With this page, we are not only able to act as a bridge between you and these brands but also able to help you find the best vaping experience possible. We are carefully selecting flavors that we believe you will enjoy and many of them will be our own guilty pleasures. Some sites may use an opportunity such as this to offload stock, but West Coast Vape Supply will only offer recognizable brands and what we believe is the best vape juice available on the market.

The Accolades of Vape Juice

When it comes to the vaping industry, it has never really mattered how many crazy mods came out of China; if the juice selection didn’t exist, it would have never become a multibillion-dollar industry. You can ask anyone what their favorite mod is and after a few minutes they may have a couple of choices that they narrow it down to: ask that same person what their favorite juice is, and they can tell you the all-time top 5 in a heartbeat. Vape shops and online stores have massive selections for a reason, they know that each person’s taste is different and that’s what makes it so much fun. No one vapes just for the clouds; flavor is everything and West Coast Vape Supply makes informed decisions about which juices are on the site and more importantly which ones should be showcased each month. Making e-liquid is not fun and games. In fact, these manufacturers take their craft seriously, and we have many award-winning offerings right here for you to try.

Vape Juice of The Month Brands & Flavor

You have already seen our extensive list of e-liquids available on the site, and now it’s time to get this spotlight shining. Imagine finding the amazing offerings from Air Factory right here at rock bottom prices or stumbling across the sweet sensation of Mai Sun from the Naked 100 line. Over the coming months, the selections on this page are going to blow your mind; we will only be bringing you the best of the best!

Vape Juice of The Month Deals

The Vape Juice of The Month page will be offering some of the most insane deals to be found on the web. The vape juices that we spotlight will be from some of the most popular names in the e-liquid industry; West Coast Vape Supply is serious about finding you the best vape juice at the best price humanly possible. By checking back with this page every month, you will have access to deals you have never dreamed of on premium e-liquids like never before. One month you may be hit with your favorite flavor of all time at a ridiculous price, the next month may be a juice that you have always wanted to try but haven’t pulled the trigger. The way we’ve set it up, you will never have to turn down trying a new flavor because it's slightly outside of your comfort zone. West Coast Vape Supply is ready to take off the gloves, but are you prepared for these killer deals?

Vape Juice of The Month Flavor Review

Peach Blue Razz by Cloud Nurdz Salt 30ML

Embark on a new flavorful journey as you experience a deliciously blended combination of peaches, blueberries, and raspberries. It is a delightful candy-flavored vape that we just know you'll appreciate.

Iced Reds Apple Grape Ejuice 60ML

Ready your taste buds for an experience unlike anything else you've tried. This amazing concoction brings you 7 Daze' signature red apple flavor, alongside a mix of grapes and cool menthol to offer a refreshing taste.

Kiwi Berry Citrus by Humble Juice Co 60ML

Allow this magnificent blend of flavors to overtake your mouth with smooth and intoxicating flavors of kiwis, berries, and a citrus taste. It is a magnificent vape that you'll love from beginning to end.

Yogi Strawberry Granola Bar 60ML

Experience an all-new flavor that is easily one of the most unique. It is a stunning blend that offers that classic granola bar flavor with a mix of strawberries, giving you a tasty vape that you'll want to revisit over and over.

Jam Monster Lemon 100ML

Known for its signature buttery toast flavor and mix of tastes, this one is slightly different while keeping its original base. It offers that same buttered toast but with a lemon spread, giving you a vape that never gets old.

Beard Vape Co. 60ML: NO.71

This smooth and enjoyable vape will leave you in a pool of relaxation after each puff, as it provides a delicious and flavorsome taste that is made using a sweet and sour flavor combined with fresh peaches.

Brazilian Tobacco by Ruthless Salt Nicotine 30ML

Experience the best replication of an authentic tobacco flavor harvested from Brazil. It is a dark tobacco flavor that is both sweet and smooth, giving you an outstanding experience and a taste that continues to linger.

Peach Pear Freeze by Juice Head Salts TFN 30ML

Dive into a world of deliciously freezing tastes with this amazing combination of flavors. You'll enjoy the taste of juicy peaches, pears, and just the right amount of added menthol flavor. It's an all-day vape with a chilling taste.

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