WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

OMG E-Liquid

OMG E-liquid has created three of the most profound flavors on the current market. Since their opening in 2013 they have prided on the fact they are constantly changing for improvements within their e-juices and the company themselves. They insure all their products are made with high quality ingredients to provide the best flavor experiences for their consumers. They have now been in the market for a while and have always remained on top. 

OMG E-liquids have three savory fruity candy fusions that will have your mouth water from the first puff. Their flavors include, WTF, WTF on Ice, and SMH. Though i cannot translate one of these acronyms i'm sure you know what they mean. These blends have a PG/VG ratio of 60/40 for all those cloud chasers out there. This ratio will provide a thicker vapor cloud than you have ever experienced before. There is no need to worry though as you are sure to still receive an intense flavor from the first drop to the last.

OMG E-Liquid Flavor Review

WTF Strawberry Sour Belts

Take out those strawberry hard candies out of your bag. Come on, I know there's more. We've all been there before, no one can deny that intoxicating sour candy flavor, its truly everyone's kryptonite. Well well well, we have a surprise for you now! No more quilt with that secret stash of candy with WTF by OMG E-liquids. This strawberry sour belt flavor is that same flavor recreated and packed into a 120ml bottle for your enjoyment. On the inhale your pallet will be shook with a blitz of a succulent strawberry vape juice flavor. Your tongue will be smothered by this profound flavor. Sour notes are next to follow as they dance across your taste buds. On the exhale that candy e-juice base flavor will wash down those intense tastes.

WTF Strawberry Sour Belts with Menthol

Menthol fanatics thought they were going to have to settle for that perfected flavor they've been seeking. That original WTF flavor has now been "put on ice", meaning OMG E-liquids have fused an icy cooling menthol flavor base to this intoxicating flavor. This provides a refreshing twist to this sour candy e-juice. On the inhale your tongue will be smothered with a freshly picked strawberry e-juice flavor. Your taste buds will be soothed with each inhale. To a twist to this comforting blend is sour notes that will bring your taste buds to life again. This burst of energy is complemented by a candy vape juice base to sweeten the deal. Your sweet tooth will be satisfied for the first time in a long time. On the exhale is exactly what you've been waiting for, that chilling ending. This menthol base is refreshing with each puff, giving this e-juice a delightful ending. 

SMH Strawberry Kiwi

You won't be shaking your head at this e-juice, but at anyone who hasn't. This strawberry and tart kiwi fusion is truly like no other. This e-juice provides an authentic flavor like no other brand could before. Don't settle on those other flavors who don't seem to hit the mark, SMH by OMG E-liquids will from the first drop to the last. On the inhale a juicy strawberry vape juice flavor will rush into your pallet. Your taste buds will be intoxicated with this boozy flavor. On the exhale tart kiwi notes will provide a tangy twist. 

You will be left saying "OMG," after the first puff from OMG E-liquids. You'll say "WTF," to those other flavors and "SMH," to anyone who hasn't indulged in this brand before.