SpinMix Salts Frozen Cantaloupe 30ml


Frozen Cantaloupe by SpinMix Salts 30ml

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Frozen Cantaloupe by SpinMix Salts

SpinMix Salts Frozen Cantaloupe Review

There are many flavors available but none quite like Frozen Cantaloupe by SpinMix Salts. It's a flavor profile that is incredibly unique, flavorful, and designed to please your airways. It's able to provide pleasure by bringing together a refreshing blend of cantaloupes and menthol, generating a taste that cannot be compared.

Frozen Cantaloupe by SpinMix Salts is a perfectly concocted salt nicotine vape juice with an immersive flavor. This brilliantly crafted blend combines the sweet and ripe tastes of cantaloupes and a blanket of icy cool menthol, creating a sweet and refreshing vape you'll never want to go without. From the first puff to the last, each and every inhale will be a true delight. The duo perfectly joins together with a hefty 35mg dose of salt nicotine, and it can be enjoyed for weeks and weeks from a large 30mL bottle.

SpinMix Salts is the salt nicotine collection within the SpinMix E-Liquids portfolio. The brand has developed this line-up to ensure that users can still experience its popular variety of flavors with an infusion of salt nicotine, providing great tastes and satisfaction from each and every puff. SpinMix started its journey in the United Kingdom, then made its way to the United States to offer the same great vaping experience to all.

If you want to experience a refreshing flavor that offers a strong hit of nicotine, then Frozen Cantaloupe by SpinMix Salts is what you'll want to try. It joins together the sweet taste of cantaloupes and the freshness of menthol to make an all-day vape you cannot live without.

Flavor Profile: Cantaloupe, Menthol

Bottle Size: 30ML

VG/PG: 50/50