WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Burst Vape Juice

Burst is a juice company based out of Orange County, California that prides themselves in making high quality handcrafted vape juices. Their focus lies mainly on creating decadent fruit flavors with a light candy twist that such as Berry Burst a berry mixed taffy, Straw-Burst a yummy strawberry taffy, Sher-Burst a unique sherbet taffy candy, or Citrus Burst a lemon and lime sour taffy. Also if you enjoy big clouds Burst Eliquids is for you as their liquid is crafted with a MAX VG ratio.

Burst Eliquid Flavor Review


Berry-Burst by Burst 60ml is a beautiful blend of sweet grapes, fresh strawberries,, ripe blueberries along with a mixed berry flavor. This e-juice is like eating from a bowl of fresh fruit salad on a warm summer day.

On the inhale, your tongue will be greeted by a strong strawberry flavor giving you that refreshing fruit taste. Rushing over next is a ripe blueberry flavor that will have your taste buds in nirvana. On the exhale is a combination of sweet grapes and mixed berry flavor.


Citrus-Burst by Burst 60ml is a mixture of lemon and limes to make the perfect candy flavored e-juice. This citrus blend is sure to please with each puff!

On the inhale a rush lemon flavor dances on the taste buds giving you the perfect middle between tart and sweet. The sweet needs intensifies as that candy flavor smacks your sweet tooth kicking those cravings! On the exhale is a refreshing lime flavor.


Sher-Burst by Burst 60ml is that classic sherbet taste in a candy flavored e-juice. Sher-Burst by Burst 60ml is packed with authentic strawberry, lime, and lemon flavors.

On the inhale your taste buds will be sweetened to their core with that orange sherbet flavor. Your sweet tooth will thank you with every puff. Strawberry notes combined with a balanced lemon and lime flavor make the perfect ending to this e-juice.


Straw-Burst by Burst 60ml is a candy flavored e-juice that provides you with an authentic strawberry flavor. This e-juice is made for anyone who loves to get those big bags of candies, but more specifically will make sure to eat all those strawberry ones first!

With each puff it’s like taking that first bite of that chewy strawberry candy, that flavor just pours onto your taste buds. This e-juice is so authentic in flavor comparison you will trick your sweet tooth to think you are eating those candies right from the bag.