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Burst Vape Juice

With a strong foothold in Santa Ana, California, Burst Eliquid by Arc LLC manufactures an incredible collection of premium vape juice flavors that present a fabulous offering of explosive tastes in every puff. The deliciously crafted brand of vibrant flavors ranges from fruit to candy to dessert, and a little bit of something in between for everyone. With distribution by Arc LLC, people all over the world have been enjoying the fascinating tastes of the many brands it has become known for, including Slamming E-Liquid, Lips & Drips, and the entire collection of Burst Eliquid.

Burst Eliquid by Arc LLC provides a list of extraordinary tastes for you to enjoy. You can experience everything from candied strawberry flavors to delicious mangoes, with a whole slew of remarkable flavor concoctions that rest in between. Every flavor is packaged in a 60mL Unicorn bottle design to allow for easy refills. It features a child-resistant cap and has been filled to the rim with loads of tasty flavor. Satisfying to no end, Burst Eliquid uses the finest nicotine available, which is available in strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. It offers a ratio of 70/30, balancing both flavor and vapor production to ensure the perfect vape every time.

Burst Eliquid Flavor Review


Berry-Burst by Burst Eliquids provides an extraordinary balanced blend of berry flavors. The flavor is outstanding and every puff, delivers sweet grapes, fresh strawberries, ripe blueberries, and an assortment of mixed berries that result in a ‘berry’ delicious vape.


Citrus-Burst by Burst Eliquids is an explosion of lemon and lime candy flavor. From the inhale to the exhale, you taste a rush of intensity as citrusy lemon and lime skate across your taste buds. The delicious duo of flavors creates an all-day vape we’re sure you’ll come to appreciate.


Sher-Burst by Burst Eliquids offers the smooth and sweet taste of orange sherbet flavor. It utilizes a set of complex flavors, including strawberry, lemon, and lime, which come together harmoniously to present a rhythm of flavors you can enjoy all throughout the day.


Straw-Burst by Burst Eliquids is a unique flavor profile that makes way for a strawberry flavor to collide with candy flavor, resulting in a classic chewy strawberry candy that is now available in the vape form. If you’re searching for a burst of strawberry flavor, look no further!


Melon-Burst by Burst Eliquids is a mind-blowing vape juice that our customers rave about. It provides a uniquely satisfying blend of sweet honeydew and deliciously crafted cantaloupe flavor, creating a burst of melon vape juice that is extremely refreshing in every puff.


Mango-Burst by Burst Eliquids is a flavor that you should ready your taste for, as it consists of mangoes, mangoes, and more mangoes. We would share that Mango-Burst is filled with complex flavors, but it isn’t. This one is all about delicious all-day-vape mango flavor!

Burst Duo E-Liquid Flavor Review

Kiwi Strawberry

Kiwi Strawberry by Burst Duo provides a duo of flavors that we’re sure you will find a way to fit into your rotation of flavors. It combines a unique blend of authentic kiwi flavor with luscious strawberries to create a succulent fruity vape your taste buds will soon thank you for.

Peach Raspberry

Peach Raspberry by Burst Duo is a flavor concoction that we’re sure you’ll come to love from the very moment you take your first puff. It combines a delicious mix of flavors, including juicy peaches and refreshing raspberry, which creates a savory vape flavor and a new all-day vape.

Apple Watermelon

Apple Watermelon by Burst Duo is a flavor that is bursting with loads of juicy flavors in every puff you take. It blends both crisp apples with a candied watermelon, giving you a fruity candy vape flavor that seems to touch the soul. If you’re looking for a delicious, balanced vape, try Apple Watermelon by Burst Duo.

Burst Eliquid is an outstanding collection of premium vape juices that taste as if you've just bit into a chewy candy with every puff. The burst of flavor profiles excite the taste buds and leaves your mouth watering and waiting in anticipation for yet another round of delicious candy goodness.

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