WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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Zooka! Synthetic by Sour Straws Kilo

Zooka! Synthetic by Sour Straws Kilo Vape Review

Zooka! Synthetic by Sour Straws Kilo is a Tobacco-Free Nicotine vape that will have your mouth watering from your first puff until your last. These candy flavors will surely quench your sweet tooth within seconds. Created by Kilo E Liquids, these vape products have the same flavor-packed recipes that will drive you up a wall with every puff you take.

The collection consists of four new products available in 100ml bottles, which all use quality synthetic nicotine. While there are plenty of choices available on the market, Kilo has continuously proven itself by consistently developing perfectly crafted blends using the most remarkable concoction of flavors.

More About Kilo and Its Zooka! Collection

We've created a Zooka Synthetic shop that is comprised of four incredible flavor creations. From the most mouthwatering watermelon flavor to the most refreshing green apple flavor, there is a lot of flavors to explore and we're thrilled for our customers to try them. Kilo has been one of our top-selling brands and we believe it's because of the high-quality ingredients, synthetic nicotine, and amazing flavor profiles that are strictly intended for adults.

Zooka! Synthetic is a different collection than what Kilo has ever released. It's special because it utilizes synthetic, tobacco-free nicotine. Unlike traditional tobacco-derived nicotine, synthetic nic remains free of any part of the tobacco leaf, its stem, or any waste. It is created with a molecule that is identical to natural nicotine and acts the same when it comes to your body and brain, giving the same experience, except you are no longer using any part of tobacco. Tobacco-Free Nicotine is now being more commonly used in vape collections today, such as Zooka! Synthetic, and delivers the same enjoyable vaping experience you've always known and loved.

Based out of Orange County, California, Kilo E Liquids has been creating outstanding flavors since 2014. Each flavor you try by them has a sucker punch of taste that will keep you coming back for more and more. Kilo E Liquids has created this synthetic vape juice line that keeps the same great flavor that Kilo is known for! While Kilo has certainly had a long journey, the road ahead seems very promising as it continues to release new and innovative vaping products that vapers appreciate.

Zooka! Synthetic Green Apple

Just when you thought you've tried everything, this incredible blend takes the taste of succulent green apple and combines it with a sour candy base that will keep you coming back for more. They've accurately recreated a sour green apple candy flavor that will have your lips smacking all day long.

As you inhale this extraordinary blend, the taste of green apple will burst across your taste buds and leave you breathless. It is a flavor that is surely going to become one of your favorites in rotation. As you exhale, the candy flavor will subside and leave you salivating. 

Zooka! Synthetic Watermelon

This synthetic watermelon vape will have your mouth buzzing from the first drop until the last with the authentic candy watermelon flavor that it creates. As you inhale it, your mouth will be met with the sugary/sour watermelon e juice flavor that is sure to have you jumping for joy. As you exhale, the sour flavor will be taken over by the sweet flavor, soothing your taste instantly and leaving them ready for another refreshing puff!

Zooka! Synthetic Strawberry

As you would expect from this synthetic strawberry flavor, Zooka has recreated the taste of juicy strawberry candy in the middle of summer. This slightly sour flavor will have your lips puckering from the first drop to the last. When you take a puff, the taste of juicy strawberries will hit your tongue and leave them in a frenzy. This strawberry flavor e juice is so accurate, you will feel as if you are snacking on pieces of strawberry candy all day long. As you exhale, the strawberry flavor will leave a slight aftertaste that will keep you coming back for more. 

Zooka! Synthetic Blue Raspberry

With Zooka! Synthetic Blue Raspberry, they've taken the taste of blue raspberry candy and turned it into an e juice that will have your tastes zinging around your mouth from your first puff until your last. This flavor is sure to become one of your first picks in your vaping rotations. When you take a puff, the taste of blue raspberry candy will tango across your flavor receptors, leaving you drooling from the out-of-this-world flavor. As you exhale, you'll be ready for another puff time and time again. 

Zooka! Synthetic by Sour Straws Kilo arrives in a 100ml bottle with a choice of 3MG or 6MG nicotine levels. Each of these vapes will deliver an outstanding sour candy flavor that is unlike anything else you've ever tasted. Drive yourself insane with every vape juice you try from the Sour Straws Kilo Series. If you're looking for a higher milligram, Kilo has also created many of their most popular flavors in salt nic as well.

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