Uwell Caliburn G2 Replacement Pods
Uwell Caliburn G2 Pods


Uwell Caliburn G2 Replacement Pods 2-Pack

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Uwell Caliburn G2 Replacement Pods 2-Pack

Uwell Caliburn G2 Pods Review

Serving as a direct replacement for your Uwell Caliburn G2 Pod System, the Caliburn G2 Replacement Pods is just the solution you're looking for if you're looking to replace a damaged G2 Pod or simply in need of an extra pod to quickly switch between flavors. The G2 Pods are compatible with all Caliburn G2 Coil Series Replacement Coils.

What are Uwell Caliburn G2 Pods? The Caliburn G2 Replacement Pods by Uwell are an ideal solution for those looking to replace a missing or damaged G2 pod. It also allows you to quickly switch between your most favored flavors by simply removing one pod and installing another. The Uwell Caliburn G2 Replacement Pods come empty, featuring a 2mL vape juice capacity, and boast a top-fill design that is completely leak-free. There are 2 pods per pack, giving you an extra pod for those just-in-case moments as well.

If you're looking to replace your Caliburn G2 pod or simply need backups, here you have the Uwell Caliburn G2 Replacement Pods at the most affordable price. Bring your Caliburn G2 Pod System back to life or easily switch between flavors with these empty pods.

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Uwell Caliburn G2 Pods Features and Specifications

  • Compatible With Caliburn G2 Pod Starter Kit
  • Top Fill Design
  • Mouthpiece Cap
  • Vape Juice Viewing Window
  • Press-Fit Coil Installation
  • Magnetic Pod Connection
  • 2mL Vape Juice Capacity

What's In The Box

  • 2 Uwell Caliburn G2 Replacement Pods