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Cuttwood Pick 3 Bundle 120ml (360ml)

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Cuttwood Pick 3 Bundle 120ML (360ML)

The Cuttwood brand is quite fascinating, boasting a hefty selection of the world’s finest vape juice flavors. Our Cuttwood Pick 3 Bundle provides all of those incredible flavors into one, allowing you to choose three 120mL bottles, which totals 360mL of Cuttwood premium vape juice. From the options listed in this bundle, you can experience a range of flavors, from fruits to desserts to tobacco to cereal and cream flavors. There is truly a flavor for every taste you have. You will also have the ability to choose between different nicotine strengths, including 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg to suit any preference.

Building an empire of the industry’s most iconic premium vape juice flavors, there is no doubt about it that Cuttwood has outdone themselves throughout the years. It is a legendary name in the vapor products industry and continues to dominate with its unbelievable flavor creations that remain as go-to favorite flavors for thousands of people around the world. Based in Irvine, California, Cuttwood has graced the industry with its unique, expertly crafted vape juice since 2016, in which it quickly became an industry-leading vape brand. To this day, Cuttwood is one of the largest and most recognized manufacturers in the world.

Choose From:

  • Unicorn Milk - One of the industry’s most iconic vape juice flavors due to its brilliant taste. Unicorn Milk is loved by many and remains to be a favorite choice for thousands of people around the world. It consists of delicious ripe strawberries that are perfectly entangled with a deliciously thick creamy custard.
  • Boss Reserve - Loaded with flavor, Boss Reserve has been one of the industry’s most popular flavors because of its unique taste. Imagine a magical flavor combination that is comprised of honey graham crackers, bananas, and nut clusters. It is a satisfying vape through and through.
  • Tobacco Trail - Another remarkable flavor creation by an industry-recognized brand, Cuttwood. Tobacco Trail is all about the taste of traditional tobacco, yet features a nice little spin to give way to bold, yet sweet tones with a hint of honey as a finisher. This remarkable taste is everything you expect from beginning to end.
  • Bird Brains - An outstanding flavor that will certainly become an all-day-vape for anyone. It offers the delightful taste of a fruity cereal flavor that has been covered in a blanket of creamy milk. Each puff is thick in flavor, full of fruity, cream taste, and is just as smooth as ever.
  • Mega Melons - It is just the flavor your taste buds have been craving. Mega Melons is known for due to its unique taste that combines cantaloupe, papaya, and pineapple into one to create an awesome flavor profile that you would have never expected to be so good. If you are really wanting a new favorite vape, this is one that will surprise you.
  • Sugar Drizzle - Hands down one of the best cinnamon flavors on the market, and everyone that has tried it will tell you the same. It was created to deliver a specific cinnamon taste, combining graham crackers with a layer of sprinkled cinnamon. It is a for sure all-day-vape you have to taste to understand what it truly has to offer.

Throughout Cuttwood’s long history in the world of vape juice, they’ve continued to come out on top due to their incredible collection of premium vape juice. Each flavor offers an amazing taste, the quality you expect, and delivers outstanding performance with any tank you match it with. If you are looking for an all-around perfect vape juice bundle with Cuttwood’s legendary flavors, look no further than our Cuttwood Pick 3 Bundle 120mL!