WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Cuttwood Pick 3 Bundle 120ml (360ml)

Product Description

Cuttwood Ejuice Pick 3 Bundle 120ml (360ml)

Cuttwood Vape Juice Bundle Overview

Still turning its wheels in the industry for years, Cuttwood Vapors has become a legendary name in the vapor product space. The brand gained its recognition early on with a solid line of premium e-liquids, and the fantastic flavors continue to carry them into the current time. The flavors, including Unicorn Milk, Boss Reserve, Tobacco Trail, Mr. Fritter, Bird Brains, Mega Melons, and Sugar Drizzle, have all become iconic tastes that people still remain loyal to even with a highly congested market of flavors. The same flavors you fell in love with years ago are available and ready for you to reexplore and fall in love with all over again.

In this Cuttwood Pick 3 Bundle, you’ll have the opportunity to choose three 120ML bottles, totaling 360ML of deliciously blended premium vape juice. With these options, you’ll be able to experience a range of different tastes, including fruit flavors, dessert flavors, cream flavors, tobacco flavors, and even cereal flavors. There is certainly a taste for everyone, allowing you to inhale the full range of flavor from one of the industry’s most popular mixologists to ever exist, Cuttwood Vapors. In this entire selection, you can choose three different flavors or if you’re a fan of one particular flavor, you can choose the same flavor in all three selections. Either way, you save more by taking advantage of our exclusive vape juice bundles where we pass savings on to you, the customer.

Cuttwood Vapors vape juice is delivered to you in 120ML dropper bottles and is available in a variety of nicotine levels, including 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg strengths. Customize your order by choosing your desired nicotine level.

Choose from and 3 Cuttwood Flavors

  • Unicorn Milk - Unleash your tastes and open them to a whole new fantasy world that combines ripe strawberries that have been infused perfectly with creamy custard.
  • Boss Reserve - Uniquely crafted for those that dare to explore the wonders of flavor, this magical flavor consists of honey graham crackers combined with bananas and roasted nut clusters.
  • Tobacco TrailPutting a spin on the traditional tobacco offering, this wholesome flavor gives way to both mild and sweet tobacco with a subtle hint of honey.
  • Mr. Fritter - Delivering a sweet and tasty treat you all can get down with, this universal pastry flavor tastes identical to a freshly baked apple cinnamon fritter.
  • Bird Brains - With such a delightful name to go by, we’re sure it describes how this flavor consists of a fruity cereal flavor doused with a creamy milk finish.
  • Mega Melons - A top-tier flavor creation that blends cantaloupe, papaya, and pineapple into one brilliant flavor to produce an award-winning taste.
  • Sugar Drizzle - Created ideally for those searching for a specific taste, this unique blend offers a taste of graham crackers sprinkled with layers of cinnamon.

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