Juice Head Salts Strawberry Kiwi

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Strawberry Kiwi by Juice Head SALT 30ml

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Nicotine Level:

Nicotine Level


Strawberry Kiwi by Juice Head SALT 30ml

JuiceHead Salts Strawberry Kiwi Vape Juice Review

Strawberry Kiwi by Juice Head is now included in their SALT collection to make everybody a happy camper. Do you want a strawberry kiwi salt nic juice? You got it, strawberry kiwi coming right up. Mixed and delivered by the one and only Juice Head for your pleasure in smoking undeniably tasty vape juice that’ll make the hairs on your back stand up.

Deluge yourself in the moment of truth and sweet-savory fruit. Sunkissed strawberries to enlighten your taste buds on the inhale flowing through every nook and cranny it can find giving full blown in your face sweet yummy goodness. While on the exhale the juicy tones and tart notes of kiwi will meet halfway with the strawberry inviting you to a world of flavor that you didn’t even think existed.

Having this as a salt nic juice is the perfect way to start salt nic juice or just vaping in general. But please keep in mind that since these are a very high dosage of nicotine it can be incredibly harmful when vaped in a tank. Which is why there are pod systems, so that you can smoke these at a low wattage that is safe.

Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Kiwi

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 70/30