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Ruthless Rewind

Ruthless Rewind comes from the world know brand Ruthless which is know for producing top quality flavors, so you know you'll love this brand. Ruthless Rewind brings you flavors like no other from the creamy milk that comes out in ever inhale to the spot on cereal taste that each one offers with its own twist. These vape juices are truly like no other because with flavors like this they know you will never want another brand again. If you are looking for cereal flavor that will give the best form of kick in the morning then look no further then Ruthless Rewind.


Flake by Ruthless Rewind will have you flaking on places just so you can sit on the couch with the classic Saturday morning cartoons and remember all your best childhood memories. As you inhale Flake by Ruthless Rewind it will flood your taste buds with its sugary sweet and nostalgic taste of frosted flakes. On the exhale the taste of sweet frosted flakes start to dance off your taste buds leaving them begging for more. You will be sure to always have a bottle of Ruthless Rewind Flake on you after you take just one puff.


Ruthless Rewind Stoops will have you throwing away all your other fruity cereal vape juices, this flavor will truly have you falling in love with vaping all over again. The minute you try inhale Ruthless Rewind Stoops fruit flavors start exploding in your mouth leaving you speechless from how amazing it is. On the exhale the taste of creamy and chilled mix floods in taking over the fruit ever so slightly giving you a perfect creamy fruity cereal flavor. You will not be able to get enough of Ruthless Rewind Stoops no matter how many times you take a puff off of it.


Ruthless Rewind Jacked is flavor that will be sure to have you bouncing off the walls from a sugar high in the morning, from its incredible sugary but savory flavor it has to offer you. As you inhale Ruthless Rewind Jacked the flavor of sweet apples start to wash in on to your taste buds leaving you melting in place from the flavor. Following the apple flavor so closely it almost slip past you is the savory flavor of cinnamon that everyone knows and loves, as soon you taste the full apple cinnamon you'll be sure to fall in love with this flavor. On the exhale of Ruthless Rewind Jacked the taste of fridge cold milk completes the flavor off giving you the perfectly crafted flavor that is Ruthless Rewind Jacked. 

Ruthless Rewind is a line of vape juices perfect for those early mornings when you need that sweet sugary kick. This brand will be sure to become your go to daily vape for one of these three incredible flavors that you can't find anywhere else but Ruthless Rewind. Ruthless Rewind is an amazing brand that comes from an amazing company that is just waiting for you to try them so they can blow your taste buds away with its amazing flavor it has to offer.

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