The Salty One Strawberry Nicotine Salts Vape Juice

The Salty One

The Salty One Strawberry Vape Juice 30ml

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The Salty One Strawberry Vape Juice 30ml

The Salty One Strawberry Vape Juice Review

The Salty One is the new lineup from everyone's favorite vape juice company Beard Vape Co will rock your world with the new flavors and classics. With a selection ranging from fruity to sweet and dessert there is sure to be juice in this line up to please anyone. Prepare your taste buds for a wild ride of flavor starting with their classic creamy strawberry doughnut vape juice that will remind you of your favorite breakfast treat.

On just the first inhale of The Salty One Strawberry vape juice, you are met with the wonderful flavor of a freshly baked doughnuts. Then you get the taste of creamy strawberry frosting drizzled on top for that sugary sweet taste. On the exhale you get a rush of fruity cereal vape juice that really brings the flavor all together, for an amazing vaping experience. You will never want to put down this vape juice with how amazing the flavor is. 

The Salty One is brought to you by the infamous company Beard Co. Beard Co has brought the classic The One lineup to salts so everyone can taste their amazing vape juice flavors. If you loved their original e-liquid flavors then you know you will love these; you can be assured you won't be disappointed when you put this in your pod system for the first time. From bottle to pod you will love the smell and flavor fill after fill. This is perfect vape juice for any day or night. 

The Salty One will have you raving about it all day long, from the moment you pick it up to the moment you put it down. This vape juice is perfect for anyone looking for something new and flavorful that will rock their taste buds. The Salty One Strawberry vape juice is a guaranteed all day vape for anyone!

Flavor Profile: Strawberry

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50