WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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SVRF E-Liquid

SVRF (pronounced Surf) vape juice explodes with fruity goodness, SVRF’s collection of premium vape juices is going to blow away your taste buds. SVRF outstanding ejuices delivers fruity flavors that are so authentic, you will feel like you’re sipping on a glass of freshly-squeezed juice each time you puff.

SVRF Vape Juice Flavor Review


Bring yourself to a tropical island with every puff of Balanced by SVRF. With every inhale you take the coconut taste will excite your senses like no other. This creamy coconut flavor will drive your taste buds into the craziest frenzy they've ever been in with the accurate taste. With every exhale the cream combining with the coconut will relax you to the ultimate; transporting you to the tropical island of your dream. 


Dessert lovers man do I have a treat for you. Finally, the out of this world flavor of a cheesecake is here in a vape juice form. Divine by SVRF brings you the taste of the creamiest cheesecake you've ever tasted topped with a variety of berries. With every inhale, the cheesecake taste washes over your taste buds giving you the full filling that eating an actual cheesecake gives you. With every exhale, the mixed berries combine with the creaminess of the cheesecake giving you the extra oomph you need to get through your day.  


SVRF Refreshing is tropical smooth blend of papaya, mango and cantaloupe a hint of refreshing menthol to excite your senses and sooth them all in one. As you inhale this succulent vape juice, the taste of ripe papaya and juicy mango washes over your taste buds in the most delightful way. Then the crisp cantaloupe flavor joins in resulting in the best fruit combination you've ever tasted. As you exhale, the menthol flavor soothes your taste buds from the roller coaster of fruit. 


The fusion of raspberries and dragon fruit has never been thought of before, but once you taste Satisfying by SVRF you will understand why this combo is the best out there. As you inhale, the taste of ripe raspberries wash over your taste buds giving them a slightly tart taste. No other vape juice will make your lips pucker in just the slightest way like Satisfying. As you exhale, the sweet, juicy taste of the dragon fruit soothes the tang away leaving you jonesing for more.  


This lemon pastry vape juice is something that is so tasty one bottle won't be enough. With every single hit you take, you will understand the name. This sublime vape juice is something that will have you craving more from the moment you open the bottle. As you inhale, the tart yet sweetness of the lemon hits your taste buds with the most intense flavor. As you exhale, the pastry flavor washes away the tartness and only leaves the sweet. 


Tempting definitely lives up to its name. This vape juice provides you the taste of a perfectly sweet churro filled with a mouth watering blueberry filling. With every hit of Tempting, you will feel as if you're at a carnival as a child. As you inhale, the churro flavor hits your taste buds like no other dessert flavor in the market. As you exhale, the blueberry filling combines giving you the sweetness you desire without a single ounce of guilt. 


SVRF E-Liquid is a vape juice brand that has a flavor for no matter what you're craving. The fruity juices will have you feeling as if you're actually eating the fruit that they taste like. The dessert flavors will have your sweet tooth out the door in seconds.