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Alt Zero

Dazzling your taste buds with the most uniquely crafted flavors, it is hard to deny the sheer brilliance behind the Alt Zero name. It is a vape juice brand that has continuously pushed out fascinating flavor concoctions, the most incredible quality, and quality nicotine to present the most thrilling vaping experience. It simply doesn't get any better than Alt Zero.

Alt Zero is committed to creating vape juice according to the latest, and highest safety standards.Alt Zero products are created in an ISO-7 certified, state-of-the-art cleanroom created and built by California-based company, Simplex. Alt Zero ingredients are independently tested and obtained from only the best U.S.-based suppliers to ensure you are receiving the most consistent, purest, and best tasting vape juice available on the market today.

Alt Zero is available in 30mL, 60mL, and 100mL vape juice bottles, designed for easy pouring and a mess-free experience. The 30mL bottles utilize a quality salt nicotine, while both 60mL and 100mL bottles are made with freebase nicotine (considered 'regular' vape juice). You can enjoy a range of flavors that all present the most delicious tastes, carrying the famed Alt Zero branding.

ALT Zero Vape Juice Flavor Review

Just Reds

Excision Just Reds by Alt Zero is a fruit and candy flavor bonanza for your taste buds. With each puff, your taste buds will be sweetened with authentic fruit flavor. Succulent strawberries and juicy watermelon flow over your tongue in harmony. Then the cherry and fruit punch flavors cause an explosion of sweetness that just adds to this flavor-packed e-juice. On the exhale you will taste that candied vape juice flavor you've been missing out on.


Excision Paradox by Alt Zero is the flavor combination of citrus, grape, and mixed fruit flavor. On the inhale a rush of grape flavor flows over the tongue proving you with that authentic flavor you've been missing. A mix of fruits and citrus follows next dancing on the taste buds giving you a flavor-packed vape juice.


Get ready to blow some clouds with Alt Zero High-VG vape juice. With the VG/PG at 80/20 respectively, Excision ejuice gives you the milkiest clouds while still allowing the flavors to pop! This particular banana is reminiscent of the original, now extinct, a banana that is used in those fruit-shaped hard-candies you get from those quarter machines. While there are other flavors within this mix (blackberry, blueberry, and strawberry) the banana flavor is powerful but not overly so. Buy a bottle to try it out, I bet you won't be disappointed.

Paradox On The Rocks

Excision Paradox On The Rocks by Alt Zero is a blend of citrus, grape, mixed fruit, and an ice-cool menthol flavor. On the inhale Alt Zero Excision Paradox is a rush of grape flavor flows over the tongue proving you with that authentic flavor you've been missing. A mix of fruits and citrus follows next dancing on the taste buds giving you a flavor-packed e-juice. On the exhale a minty cool menthol flavor ties this vape juice together perfectly.

RoboKitty Cream

Excision RoboKitty Cream by Alt Zero is a dessert flavor you will not be able to put down! A truly guiltless dessert you will be able to indulge in all day long. On the inhale that strawberry sponge cake flavor dances on your tongue exciting your sweet tooth. Another rush of sugary strawberries follows making your taste buds shoot up to heaven. On the exhale that whipped cream flavor ties everything together making this the perfect dessert e-juice.


Excision X-Rated by Alt Zero is a mix of sweet blueberries and tart yogurt that will make your taste buds scream. On the inhale of Excision X-Rated a sweet rush of that perfect blueberry flavor flows over the tongue giving you that exact flavor you've been searching for! Rushing over next is a mix of berries that are truly whipped to perfection. On the exhale the flavors all join together with that tart yogurt making this vape juice oh-so savory.

Simply Acai

Simply Acai is a vape juice for all of you who enjoy a delicious fruity treat. This vape juice is sure to send your taste buds soaring with every puff you take. The amazing fusion of berries, mangoes, and bananas will keep you puffing on it all day long. Alt Zero sure knows how to keep their customer's attention with this outstanding vape juice.

Pink Lemonade

Alt Zero Pink Lemonade is the perfect creation of sweet/sour. This vape juice has such an authentic flavor to it that you will feel as if it's the middle of summer and you're staying cool by sipping on a tall iced glass of mouthwatering pink lemonade. This Product Has Been Discontinued. Limited Stock. 

Tropical Mango

Tropical Mango will take your taste buds on a wild adventure of flavor. This tropical vape juice will have you taking a tropical vacation with every inhale and exhale. Alt Zero has recreated the taste of juicy mangoes perfectly. This Product Has Been Discontinued. Limited Stock.

Alt Zero is a vape juice brand that truly cares about its customers and strives to create the best flavors on the market. Every vape juice they create is an all-day vape juice that you won't tire off. 

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