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Time Bomb Vapors

Time Bomb vape juice has been delivering luscious flavors since 2015. Time Bomb Vapors is crafted with premium-grade ingredients. The result of Time Bomb's carefully crafted flavors will tantalize your taste buds. Each Time Bomb vape juice profile is bursting with flavor that will zap your palate with its authentic taste.

Time Bomb Vape Juice Flavors Review


We all know the best gummy bears are the white ones. With a taste that you can never precisely pinpoint, the only thing you'll know is this vape juice is for sure your favorite.  As you inhale Time Bomb Vapors Patches, the gummy candy taste washes over your taste buds sending shivers down your spine. As you exhale, the white sticky candy flavor steps aside leaving only a hint of an aftertaste to keep you wanting more. This vape juice is sure to have you vaping it all day long.


This sugar grape flavored vape juice is something that is sure to get your taste buds all riled up. The sweet grape flavor has such an authentic candy taste to it; you'll think you've been throwing back some of your favorite candy. As you inhale Time Bomb Pixy, the taste of grape sugar washes over your taste buds, coating them in all of its sugary glory. As you exhale, the grape candy rolls off of your taste buds in such a light way, and you'll be craving your next puff.

Pixy Ice (Limited Edition)

This vape juice puts a twist on the classic grape sugar candy taste that everyone knows and loves. Pixy Ice brings you that delightful flavor with a menthol base that will have you jonesing for your next puff time and time again. As you inhale Time Bomb Vapors Pixy Ice, your taste buds will tingle in delight as the grape flavor hits them. As you exhale, the menthol base shows through washing away the grape flavor, leaving your palate feeling refreshed and ready for whatever may come your way.


Time Bomb Vapors brings you yet another vape juice that is out of this world. This vape juice is the perfect recreation of a sweet cookie treat. However it is not only the taste of cookie that will have your taste buds going crazy, but there is also a strawberry frosting atop this cookie. As you inhale Time Bomb Vapors Pogo, the taste of freshly baked cookies hits your taste buds, shocking them with the authentic taste. As you exhale, the strawberry frosting complete with sprinkles brings the entire cookie into a full circle.


Get ready for the flavor roller coaster of your entire life. This vape juice has so many different fruity flavors wrapped in it that with every puff you'll be able to taste something different. As you inhale Time Bomb TNT, the first thing you'll taste is freshly picked strawberries. Then, perfectly ripened apple mixed in. As you exhale, a sweet southern peach flavor joins the mix creating the perfect fruity blend of your dreams. This mix of fruit has just the right amount of sweetness to keep you coming back for more.


Once again, Time Bomb Vapors brings you another delectable treat with a menthol twist. TNT Ice will create ice icicles on your taste buds and leave you feeling refreshed day in and day out. As you inhale Time Bomb TNT Ice, the taste of a strawberry that's freshly picked, crisp apples, and juicy peaches will wash over your taste buds in all of their fruity goodness. As you exhale, the menthol base hits your taste buds washing away all of the fruitiness leaving your taste buds feeling completely and utterly refreshing cool.


Twisty is a vape juice that is sure to twist that frown into a smile with its delicious taste. No other vape juice has been able to recreate a sour candied apple in such an accurate way. As you inhale Time Bomb Twisty, the taste of sour candied apples will have your lips puckering. This vape juice is such a salivating vape juice that you don't know what to do. As you exhale, a blueberry candy taste combines with the sour candy apple giving you one last hint of sour before washing it away with sweetness.


Maniac is a vape juice that is sure to drive you crazy. These intense flavors will have your taste buds going haywire with happiness. Time Bomb Vapors has made yet another vape juice to satisfy all of your cravings. As you inhale Time Bomb Vapors Maniac, a vanilla flavor washes over your taste buds, laying on them as if it was a blanket in the middle of a cold winter. As you exhale, the vanilla taste subdues leaving just a hint behind that will keep you wanting more all day, every day.

Time Bomb Vapors brings you a variety of vape juices so that no matter what mood you're in, you'll have a vape juice for every mood. With every single one of Time Bomb Vapors vape juices, you get a rush of intense flavors that you won't want ever to stop vaping them.

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