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Cloud Nurdz Salts 30mL Pick 3 Bundle (90mL)

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Cloud Nurdz Salts 30mL Pick 3 Bundle (90mL)

Cloud Nurdz Salts Vape Juice Bundle Review

The Cloud Nurdz Salts vape juice bundle is an extraordinary bundled deal that helps our customers save even more on their favorite brand of vape juice. Ultimately, this bundle gives you the opportunity to explore a range of flavors from the Cloud Nurdz Salts collection, while saving money at the same time. Choose from the entire collection at a reduced price and enjoy a range of flavors, from a unique pairing of grape and strawberry to peach and blue raspberry. It provides a delicious blend of flavors to experience, all with a premium salt nicotine formula to provide nothing short of satisfaction. In this bundle, you'll be able to choose from the entire lineup of Cloud Nurdz Salts vape juice in your preferred nicotine strength.

Choose three Cloud Nurdz Salts vape juice flavors and your preferred salt nicotine strength. This bundle gives you the ability to choose all of the same flavors if you have a favorite or you can open up the possibilities and explore new tastes by selecting different flavors. No matter if you choose the same flavors or decide to mix it up, Cloud Nurdz Salts will provide an amazing flavor experience we're sure you'll enjoy. The three 30mL bottles of Cloud Nurdz Salts will total 90mL of vape juice. Experience your most favored flavors, the perfect salt nicotine level, and it's all available for a low, affordable price.

Cloud Nurdz Salts will arrive at your doorstep in a timely manner, packaged in three 30mL plastic bottles. During the ordering process, please select your preferred nicotine strength, which is available in multiple options, including 25mg and 50mg strengths.

Choose from:

  • Watermelon Apple - Cloud Nurdz Salts Watermelon Apple provides a delicious vaping experience by bringing together the perfect pairing of flavors into one vape juice bottle. It uses a tasty mix of juicy, mouthwatering watermelon and combines it with a crisp apple flavor to create a new favorite vape.
  • Peach Blue Razz - Cloud Nurdz Salts Peach Blue Razz is a tasty flavor concoction that many of you will find incredibly pleasing from the first puff you take to the last puff you take. It delivers a pleasing vape by combining the juicy flavor of peach with a candied blue raspberry, which is utterly delicious.
  • Grape Apple - Cloud Nurdz Salts Grape Apple is a unique pairing that just seems to work well with one another. This spectacular vape juice blend will sure become a go-to vape juice once you experience the delicious combo of grape flavor and apple flavor infused into one.
  • Strawberry Lemon - Cloud Nurdz Salts Strawberry Lemon is a stunning duo of flavors that will leave your mouth watering from the fascinating flavor experience that you've just received. It infuses together a juicy and sweet strawberry with a zesty addition of lemons.
  • Grape Strawberry - Cloud Nurdz Salts Grape Strawberry delivers a super satisfying flavor by bringing together the perfect pairing. This delicious vape juice offers an exciting taste as it combines the wonderful taste of grapes with a scrumptious strawberry flavor.
  • Kiwi Melon - Cloud Nurdz Salts Kiwi Melon is a unique duo of flavors that are brought together to present the most fascinating taste you'll ever encounter. It consists of a delicious kiwi flavor and a voluptuous melon flavor, creating an all-day vape you can rely on.

Ready your tastes to enter a new era of flavor with this spectacular collection from Cloud Nurdz Salts. In this Cloud Nurdz Salts 30mL Pick 3 Bundle, you have an open opportunity to explore a range of flavors at a reduced price. Select one of your favorites or mix things up to find a new and delicious all-day vape.