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Pachamama Salts 30mL Pick 3 Bundle (90mL)

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Pachamama Salts 30mL Pick 3 Bundle (90mL)

Pachamama Salts Vape Juice Bundle Review

The Pachamama Salts vape juice bundle provides an extraordinary flavor experience as you have open access to the entire collection of Pachahamama Salts. It features a fascinating range of flavors, varying from the most delicious honeydew melon to a unique blend of apple tobacco. It's all part of the original Pachamama E-liquids collection, which features the same great tastes using regular freebase nicotine. In this bundle, you have the opportunity to choose your most favored flavors from Pachamama at the absolute best prices possible. There are several flavors to choose from to experience the deliciousness that Pachamama Salts offers, and we just can't for you to get a taste of each of them.

Choose up to three Pachamama Salts vape juice flavors and your preferred selection of salt nicotine strength. In the Pachamama Salts 30mL Pick 3 Bundle, you can choose three flavors, be it all the same flavors if you have a favorite or you can choose different flavors if you're trying to replenish your tastes with a new set of flavors you haven't experienced before. No matter what you decide, we hope you have your taste buds ready for an amazing collection of flavors. Once you've tried this brilliant collection of vape juice, you will be salivating in flavor. Relish in a total of 90mL of vape juice with your most favored flavors, the perfect level in salt nicotine, and it's all available at one low price.

Pachamama Salts will arrive at your location packaged in three 30mL plastic bottles. During the checkout process when placing your order, be sure that you have chosen your desired nicotine strength, which will be available to you in two options, including 25mg and 50mg.

Choose from:

  • Fuji - Fuji is a remarkable flavor that many of you will find incredibly pleasing from the first puff to the last. Whether you are a fan of apples or not, there is something about the deliciously crisp taste of a Fuji apple that will keep you coming back for more after each vape session.
  • Honeydew Melon - Honeydew Melon delivers an extraordinary vape by offering you a single taste of a sweet honeydew melon flavor. This brilliant vape juice will certainly become one of your favorite vapes and the absolute highlight of your day.
  • Strawberry Watermelon - Strawberry Watermelon is an amazing flavor concoction that you wouldn't expect to taste so good. This fascinating blend will fit right into your collection of all-day vapes, as it offers a tasty mix of strawberries and watermelons that are sure to make your mouth water.
  • Icy Mango - Icy Mango is one that we simply cannot resist. It provides an amazing flavor experience using a duo that is delicious and refreshing at the same time. Ready yourself for a mix of sliced mangoes and breathe a breath of fresh air with a hefty helping of menthol.
  • Apple Tobacco - Apple Tobacco places a flavorsome spin on a classic tobacco flavor by incorporating a sweet red apple flavor into the mix. This magnificent flavor will surely become one of the best vapes you've experienced, and that it takes is just one puff.
  • Sorbet - Sorbet is an amazing blend of flavors that all come together to create one of the best-tasting, most complex vape juices you've ever got your hands on. Imagine a trio of flavors that come together, including raspberry, lemon, and Italian sorbet. It is truly the perfect vape juice.
  • Starfruit Grape - Starfruit Grape is a unique vape juice blend that brings a delicious party of fruits straight to your mouth. This fascinating flavor combines the taste of an exotic starfruit with a mouthwatering blend of grapes, creating the most remarkable blend you've tried yet.

Get yourself ready for a new and incredible vaping experience filled with tons of delicious flavors. The Pachamama Salts vape juice bundle consists of the entire Pachamama Salts collection at the best price possible. We can't wait for you to experience this fascinating lineup!