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Puff Hotbox Disposable Vape 7500 Puffs

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Puff Hotbox Disposable Vape 7500 Puffs

Puff Brands has become one of the most recognized names in the space, housing a slew of collections, such as Puff Labs, Strange Fruit, Puff Xtrax, and more. With many products under its umbrella, adding the Puff Hotbox Disposable Vape was another win for the brand. The new device is one of the latest and greatest to hit the market, featuring one of the largest vape juice capacities on the market and a massive puff count.

What are Puff Hotbox Disposables? The Puff Hotbox Disposable Vape is a vaping device with a disposable design, allowing you to use it until the vape juice has depleted, then toss it in the trash when finished. It's extremely convenient to use and provides an amazing experience. The device looks appealing and is still rather compact, despite all that it has to offer. It boasts an integrated 700mAh rechargeable battery, which can be charged from the equipped Type-C port. It has a massive 16mL vape juice capacity, which is one of the largest we've seen. Thanks to its rechargeable battery and vape juice capacity, you'll be able to enjoy up to 7500 puffs! The Puff Hotbox Disposable Vape uses a mesh coil, which ensures an amazing flavor and the best performance output. It is filled with the most incredible flavors and an infusion of 50mg of tobacco-free nicotine salt.

The Puff Hotbox Disposable Vape is an awesome addition to the market. The device is one of the most impressive we've seen, as it boasts a massive vape juice capacity and enormous puff count. The high puff count is great because you can spend more time with the device and enjoy its wonderful flavors.

Puff Hotbox Disposable Vape Flavor Review

Aloe Grape

When you're looking for a lite and crisp taste experience, this flavor is a great option. It brings you the perfect pairing of aloe flavor and delicious grape flavor, making for the most incredible taste. It's an all-day vape we cannot wait for you to try.

Blue Slushee Ice

There is nothing more satisfying than the taste of a classic blue slushie flavor. This awesome flavor creation brings you tart blue raspberry flavor, a subtle candy flavor, and ice-cold menthol, perfectly recreating the taste of an authentic blue slushie.


If you're looking for a clean and clear taste of vapor, this is the one for you. It provides a flavorless vape that is perfect for those who want to enjoy vaping without all of the flavors. While it isn't for everyone, there are some of you that will appreciate it.

Crisp Menthol

Slather your tastes with the most refreshing flavor in this perfectly concocted blend. It offers the taste of cool, crisp, and refreshing flavor, giving you an ice-cold blast of menthol that you'll love one puff after the next.


You wouldn't believe how incredibly pleasing vaping could be until you've tasted this awesome flavor recreation. Ultimately, it recreates the taste of gummy candy, providing loads of juicy flavor that you'll want to puff on any chance you get.

Lush Ice

If there is one flavor creation that had to be shared in this collection, it is lush ice. It is a classic mix of flavors that combines a delicious mouthwatering watermelon flavor with the cool and refreshing taste of menthol. It's a refreshing all-day vape.

Strawberry Apple Ice

Just when you thought you couldn't find another more pleasing vape, you discover this perfect mix. It is a blend that you'll love from beginning to end, as it features a trio of juicy strawberries, crisp apples, and frigid menthol.

Strawberry Rainbow Snowcone

When you are wanting to take your taste experience to an all-new level, you will want to try this special vape juice blend. It brings together the perfect mixture of juicy red strawberries alongside a rainbow-flavored snowcone.

Strawberry Watermelon Ice

For those searching for a new vape that is smooth, enjoyable, and flavorful, this is the one you'll want to try. It is a luscious strawberry flavor combined with mouthwatering watermelons and ice-cold menthol.

Tropical Slushee

Bombard your airways with a magnificent recreated flavor that anyone would appreciate. It is a tropical slushee flavor that everyone will absolutely love. From one puff to the next, you'll enjoy every moment.

White Peach Razz

Slathering your airways with loads of tasty flavor, this is one you have to blend you have to experience for yourself, as this description will do it no justice. It is a flavor combination that consists of white peach and blue razz.

Puff Count: 7500 Puffs

Milliliter: 16ML

Nicotine Strength: 50mg

Nicotine Type: Tobacco Free Nicotine