Sadboy Eliquid Review

Sadboy Eliquid Review

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An In-Depth Look: Sadboy Eliquid Review

sadboy ejuice

Sadboy Eliquids has the most outstanding line of cookie flavored ejuice for those who love a delicious baked cookie and one mysterious surprise. The best thing about this line is there’s a collection of unique flavors that can really get those taste buds tumbling. I mean the original popular cookie flavors like the chocolate chip are great, but once in a while, it’s okay to wine and dine your taste buds with something new.

Sadboy vape juices crafted with only premium quality of ingredients that they could find making sure that you get your money’s worth with flavor and the most satisfying part of it all, the clouds. Even though they’re 80/20 VG/PG you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Most juices with an 80/20 ratio always lack in flavor but not Sadboy vape juice. They made sure that the flavoring was just as bold and you can enjoy the taste as much as the clouds. So when you’re out doing tricks or showing off your majestic clouds, you’ll be able to do it in style.

This vape juice is the guilt-free solution of eating one too many cookies. So vape what your granny made you, a fresh pan of precious baked cookies by Sadboy Eliquid.

Sadboy Vape Juice Review

Sadboy Butter Cookie

Butter Cookie by Sadboy 100ml

An unbelievable representation of shortbread cookie liquified down to perfection. Although you won’t experience that first crunch, nothing can get in the way of that delicious flow of freshly baked butter cookie from hypnotizing your taste buds on the inhale and the slight touch on lemon creeping its way out on the exhale. It’s so close to the taste that it’ll make you wish for a glass of milk on the side to go with it.

Sadboy Key Lime Cookie

Key Lime Cookie by Sadboy 100ml

Key Lime extract baked into a crispy dessert sounds more tempting than it seems. Slightly sour and tangy notes of citrus will trot along your tongue on the inhale complimenting the delectable bang of cookie that you’ll notice on the exhale giving you that extra oomph that you’ve searched.

Sadboy Blueberry Jam Cookie

Blueberry Jam Cookie by Sadboy 100ml

Step into a bakery, and you'll find it ultra hard to find the right dessert with so many options. But once the blueberry jam cookies catch your eye, it’s over for the rest of the options. Beautifully baked goodies with its scrumptious shell of vanilla cookie and the blueberry jam lathered into the middle calling right out to you. How can you resist that? Same goes for Sadboy’s Blueberry Jam Cookie; even the packaging looks appetizing. The aroma of this juice will draw you in, imagine what just one hit would due. Smothering vanilla cookie on the inhale, and the tart tones of sugared blueberry jam on the exhale giving you a spectacular sensation that you’d always hoped for.

Sadboy Strawberry Jam Cookie

Strawberry Jam Cookie by Sadboy 100ml

Delightful vanilla cookie dishes with strawberry jam filling sounds like a fun time. And now you can have this unique cookie flavor with massive clouds. Sadboy Strawberry Jam Cookie will offer you a pleasant sense of indulging yourself in a plate of hot and fresh strawberry jam cookies mimicking the wave of succulent syrup strawberries on the inhale with the flavor of baked vanilla cookie on the exhale after the crunch.

Sadboy Pumpkin Cookie

Pumpkin Cookie by Sadboy 100ml

Pumpkin has a very distinct taste that many people cannot resist. It’s like a natural spice in itself with tones of cinnamon, nutmeg and so on. So having it made into a cookie is mmm mmm good. Deep notes of fresh pumpkin are blasting in on the inhale mixing with the profiles of a cookie wafer on the exhale makes this vape juice one hectic experience that’ll get your heart jumping and your taste buds thumping once the thick clouds have showered over them. Even just the scent can drive you crazy thinking that you’re hiding a batch of pumpkin cookies to yourself.

Sadboy Custard Cookie

Custard Cookie by Sadboy 100ml

Crunchy cookie on the outside and gooey vanilla filling on the inside. Now that sounds amazing. Coming face to face with this irresistible dessert can be hard and tempting, even harder when you had just one piece. Next thing you know you go from staring at the cookies to having more than intended, left feeling ashamed but impressed with yourself. Well now there is a cure for that so have no fear, Sadboy is here and they came headstrong with the perfect substitute. Their Custard Cookie vape juice is spot on and can help soothe that starving sweet tooth with just a press of a button. Once you get that puff, you’ll taste the baked doughy part of the cookie on the inhale, and when you exhale the smooth creaminess of whipped vanilla filling will come chiming in hugging itself on your tongue for satisfaction.

Sadboy Shamrock Cookie

Shamrock Cookie by Sadboy 100ml

Sadboy has found the secret shamrock milkshake recipe that those sneaky leprechauns have been hiding all along. And let me tell ya, they have great taste. The milkshake was so delicious that they had to replicate it into a  vape juice so that anybody can have a chance to enjoy it as many times as they please. Sweet minty shamrock flavor coating itself against your tongue as you inhale, while the blended bits of soaked sugar cookies makes a grand entrance on the exhale mixing with the everlasting taste of lucky shamrock. If you never had a mentholated cookie flavor, now could be your time to shine. One puff and you’ll have yourself a life-changing experience. They don’t call it the luck of the Irish for nothing.

Sadboy Unicorn Tears

Unicorn Tears by Sadboy 100ml

Unicorns are known to be magical, who knows what magic is or where it came from. Even until this day, it remains a mystery like this here vape juice. Extracted from the tears of unicorns, Sadboy Eliquid made it into a vape juice to give everyone an opportunity to figure out why does it taste so sweet and fruity? One puff and it feels like you had a mouthful of fruit salad, on the inhale a lush span of unknown magical fruit with undertones of berries flowing into your mouth while it escapes on the exhale leaving a luxurious fruitful essence as the clouds fill your room.