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BLVK Unicorn

Delivering a remarkable collection of the industry’s most popular vape juice flavors, the BLVK Unicorn brand name is recognized by many. The brand creates expertly crafted flavors that deliver satisfying tastes with every draw. What separates the BLVK Unicorn collection from others is the unique suite of flavor profiles that range from fruits to desserts, and a little bit of flavor magic in between. Spanning from its original collection of BLVK Unicorn to its Milk Box collection, there is no other vape juice quite tastier. The bottles in this collection range from 60mL to 100mL sizes, offering a 70/30 ratio, and are available in various strengths, including 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg to satisfying your nicotine craving.

The BLVK Unicorn brand is a premium vape juice manufacturing brand. It is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, where it maintains and operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The brand was first established in 2016 by two known industry veterans, Ray and Kidd. The two launched the brand, and what seems like overnight, BLVK Unicorn became one of the largest names in the vaping industry. It is now home to many collections, several award-winning flavors, and has become a preferred choice for premium vape juice for thousands of people worldwide.

FRZN BLVK Unicorn Vape Juice Flavor Review


BLVK FRZN Apple by BLVK Unicorn provides a marveled taste that combines bone-chilling menthol, which creates a cool all-day-vape you are sure to enjoy. From start to finish, you will adore the satisfying tastes of ripened apples and cool-to-the-touch menthol, which engulfs the mouth with loads of FRZN Apple flavor. If you are a fan of apples or just crave menthol and don’t mind the apple flavor, this will for sure be one of your favorite vape juice flavors. It has a way of making its way to everyone’s rotation that tries it.


BLVK FRZN Berry by BLVK Unicorn is a perfect strawberry vape juice flavor that comes with a bit of a menthol twist. The succulent strawberries are loaded with juicy flavor and the menthol is the perfect topping to the experience. From inhale to exhale, you will adore every moment FRZN Berry has to offer. It overloads the taste receptors with tons of cool strawberry flavorful goodness in every puff, turning this one into an easy favorite vape.


BLVK FRZN Chee by BLVK Unicorn is a brilliantly executed flavor concoction that tastes amazing. It uses an authentic lychee fruit flavor and sends it on a collision course with menthol, leaving your mouth filled with an exotic, refreshed taste. The two flavors work perfectly with one another, allowing you to breathe in and breathe out loads of tasty goodness in every draw. It is certainly a unique flavor but offers a remarkable taste that you are sure to come to appreciate.


BLVK FRZN Mango by BLVK Unicorn makes for one of the most incredible flavors. It is a vape juice that takes a popular flavor and combines it with a cool and refreshing kick to really excite the taste buds. Every single puff, you immediately taste the juicy mango and added menthol touch. The flavor is consistent throughout, providing a wonderful fruity taste and a cool experience that you won’t want to live without.

UNI Black Unicorn Flavor Profile Review


Uniapple by BLVK Unicorn gives up delicious tastes in every puff. The succulent Fuji apples are all the taste you will need to give a complete and wholesome flavor experience. From the very point that you inhale, it’s all about these unique apples that provide the whole experience. The taste is mouthwatering, fulfilling, and gives you a satisfying vape, where you aren’t left wanting more as if something is missing. The combined flavor and satisfying nicotine is the one-two punch you need.


Unichew by BLVK Unicorn offers a delicious mix that you are bound to appreciate. Those who experience Unichew are drawn to the flavor thereafter. It boasts a simple strawberry flavor, yet has been combined with a candied finish to deliver an amazing taste. Starting from your first inhale to the last exhale, you will taste loads of succulent, juicy, mouthwatering strawberry flavor goodness and a slight candy flavor taste to complete the delicious vape.


Unicoco by BLVK Unicorn is an outstanding concoction that combines several flavors to create the perfect vape. Inhale to exhale you are amazed by what seems like artistry that has gone into perfecting the flavor creation. Every bit of this flavorful experience is created by blending a trio of flavors, including juicy pears, yummy coconut, and creamy milk. It is a creamy sweet flavor that has a fruit twist you are going to love.


Unidew by BLVK Unicorn creates a wonderfully satisfying vape with Unidew’s unique blend. You are sure to find this uniquely crafted flavor as one of your favorites, if not your favorite of all. Unidew combines a delicious honeydew melon flavor with mixed berries and loads of juicy strawberries. The end result is a magical vape trio that you are going to adore with every draw. When you begin to inhale, you taste a combination of the flavors, and the exhale leaves nothing but the aftermath of the blend.


Uniloop by BLVK Unicorn is a tasty cereal flavor that has a way of dancing on the taste buds and urging you to experience more. It’s an awesome flavor that tastes just like cereal, which gives you a way to enjoy the breakfast treat all day long. Uniloop is just as you would expect, recreating the fruity cereals you once enjoyed in the morning, or right before bed. The flavor is about as close as you are going to get to that authentic taste you crave.


Unicake by BLVK Unicorn is a tasty cake flavor that we're sure you will love to vape. It delivers the fresh taste of blueberry crumble cake, using tart blueberries and a unique crumble cake flavor that tastes smooth and delicious with every puff. The flavor is totally mouthwatering and leaves a lingering taste that gives you the urge to vape even more of its tasty goodness.


Uninuts by BLVK Unicorn is the perfect vape juice flavor to pull you out of the box you're stuck in when it comes to flavors at least.  It is a packed vape juice that is full of flavor. It delivers various nut flavors, and almond flavor, and rests on top of a creamy bowl of vanilla ice cream. It is a unique flavor that is so good, you will be surprised by the remarkable taste it presents in every puff.

Milk Box BLVK Unicorn Flavor Review

Milk Box Mango

Milk Box Mango by BLVK Unicorn is a flavor combination you wouldn’t expect to taste so good. While it is an odd pairing, the unique flavors entangled together offer the perfect vape. It is all about tasty mangoes and creamy milky aftermath to deliver one of the best flavors you’ve tried yet. Every puff feels thick, tastes great, and satisfies you through and through.

Milk Box Melon

Milk Box Melon by BLVK Unicorn is a take on two flavors that surprisingly pair well with one another. Before ever leaving its facility, BLVK Unicorn knew it was onto something with this flavor. It has taken the time to perfect the two flavors to ensure your approval. The inhale offers a mouthwatering honeydew, while the exhale is a creamy base to thicken the flavor and leave your tastes in shock.

Milk Box Chocolate

Milk Box Chocolate by BLVK Unicorn is a universally loved vape juice flavor by many. Chocolate is a flavor that attracts our sweet tooth, and we just can’t seem to get enough of it. What BLVK Unicorn has done is recreate the milk chocolate flavor into a milkshake form. It isn’t too light, yet the flavor isn’t too potent. If was blended perfectly, balancing the milk chocolate and the creamy base, perfecting the flavor to become another all-day-vape.

BLVK Unicorn Vape Juice Flavor Review

PRPL Grape

PRPL Grape by BLVK Unicorn is an exciting flavor concoction that delivers an amazing taste. It consists of nothing but a bold grape flavor that is perfect for those who are fans of grape. The grape flavor is hard to perfect, yet BLVK Unicorn has managed to show off by easily creating the delicious vape, yet took many attempts to perfect. The result is one of the best tasting grape vape juice flavors on the market.

CRMY Strawberry

CRMY Strawberry by BLVK Unicorn is another masterful blend that we're sure you will fall in love with. Just as the name implies, this is a succulent dessert flavor that has nothing to hide. Before ever taking your first puff, you immediately notice by the name that this flavor offers juicy strawberries and a creamy flavor base to thicken the flavor with tasty goodness. It almost reminds you of a strawberry shortcake flavor. No matter the case, it is definitely a good one that you don't want to miss out on.

VNLA Custard

VNLA Custard by BLVK Unicorn is a take on an industry's favorite for many. It offers the taste of fresh vanilla syrup that is blended with custard flavor. From the beginning to end with VNLA Custard, your tastes are captivated by the incredible flavor. Every puff will offer true satisfaction, full of flavor, and it asks nothing in return.

If you crave the unique flavor profiles that only BLVK Unicorn offers, it is your sign to give way to a whole new brand of delicious flavors. These outstanding blends offer exciting tastes and are sure to please even the pickiest of vapers. From Milk Box to its Uni flavors to a group of FRZN blends, there is a flavor for every taste.

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