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Ripe Collection Salts

With a whole line-up of unforgettable tastes, now available in salt nicotine versions, Ripe Collection has once again proven why it is one of the industry's most popular choices for vape juice flavors. Within this collection, you'll find a range of brilliantly concocted tastes, stretching from fruits to fruit and menthol blends that are sure to satisfy your tastes.

The Ripe Collection Salts is a premium vape juice brand that features a magnificent collection of flavors, all infused with quality salt nicotine. Each blend has been formulated by the industry's leading experts and mixologists and has been made with only the finest ingredients available. Nestled under the umbrella of Vape 100, which is made by Savage Brands, one of the top vape manufacturing companies, responsible for building popular brands, such as the Cream Collection, Ripe Collection, Savage E-Liquid, and more.

Ripe Collection Salts are housed in 30mL bottles and they feature child-locking safety caps that ensure little ones cannot open them when unattended. Inside of these bottles is an incredible concoction of flavors, quality ingredients, and an infusion of salt nicotine that is available in 35mg and 50mg. Enjoy up to 12 delicious flavors, including fruit and menthol versions.

Ripe Collection Salts Vape Juice Flavor Review

Straw Nanners

This delicious vape juice blend will have you basking in tons of amazing flavors. It brings together a magnificent mixture that consists of refreshing strawberries and just the right touch of bananas, creating an all-day vape you can puff on anytime.

Kiwi Dragon Berry

Explore the most fabulous concoction of flavors, which ultimately makes for yet another brilliant vape. This dazzling flavor uses a blend of sweet kiwis, fresh dragon fruit, and a heavy mix of tart blueberries. It's an awesome flavor that is super soothing to vape.

Blue Razzleberry Pomegranate

Pleasing your airways from one puff to another, it doesn't get better than this outstanding combination of tangy razzleberry and just the right touch of sweet pomegranate flavor. It's yet another pleasing blend you'll love to vape on.

Fiji Melons

Presenting a slathering mixture of tastes, this brilliantly concocted blend is sure to become one of your all-time favorites. It consists of crisp Fiji apples, a mix of exotic guavas, and a mouthwatering blend of watermelons.

Peachy Mango Pineapple

Bombarding your airways with a fresh mix of flavors, this perfectly harmonized vape juice is sure to bring you tons of cheer. It offers a tasty blend of the juiciest peaches, the sweetest mangoes, and the most refreshing pineapples.

Apple Berries

Bringing you to a point of no return, this brilliantly concocted blend is a flavor you'll never seem to shake. It is the perfect apple-flavored vape juice, combining a symphony of tastes, including crisp apples, sweet strawberries, and tart blueberries.

Ripe Collection Ice Salts Vape Juice Flavor Review

Straw Nanners Ice

Providing the most refreshing vaping experience you've had yet, we just know this is a taste you'll love. It uses the refreshing taste of strawberries and combines it with just the right amount of banana flavor. It is then bombarded with ice-cold menthol.

Kiwi Dragon Berry Ice

Loading you down with tons of cool flavors to enjoy, here's one that you didn't expect. It is a remarkable blend that consists of kiwis, dragon fruit, blueberries, and cool menthol. It's the perfect mix of flavors, giving you a sweet, tart, and cool vape.

Blue Razzleberry Pomegranate Ice

Just when you thought you've tried everything, you run into this outstanding trio of tastes that is sure to become one of your favorite vapes. It offers a blend of tangy blue razzleberry, sweet pomegranate, and bone-chilling menthol for a cool, tasty vape.

Fiji Melons Ice

Loading you down with just the right flavors, this awesome combination will surely stand out in your collection of flavors, as it has been perfectly concocted. It blends together Fiji apples, exotic guavas, mouthwatering watermelons, and menthol.

Peachy Mango Pineapple Ice

Making for the most pleasing vape you've tried yet, this is one you won't want to pass upon. It combines the juiciest peach flavor, the sweetest mango flavor, delicious pineapples, and a burst of frigid menthol that will chill your airways.

Apple Berries Ice

Sporting a magnificent taste that you'll want to come back to any chance you get, here's one you will never be able to put down. It uses a delightful blend of apples, sweet, blueberries, and an ice-cold mixture of menthol, making for a refreshing and tasty vape.

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