Jam Monster 100ml Pick 3 Vape Juice Bundle

Jam Monster

Jam Monster 100ml Pick 3 Bundle (300ml)

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Jam Monster 100ml Pick 3 Bundle

Jam Monster Vape Juice Bundle Review

As a staple for vapers around the world, Jam Monster is a name that is synonymous with epic flavor profiles and amazing value for money. Since its inception with the release of Strawberry Jam Monster, this company has provided its fan base with hit after hit. Whether it was a fresh preserve on freshly buttered toast or more recently killer fruit and menthol blends, there will be a Jam Monster blend in every vaper's top 10 vape juice list. Make no mistakes when thinking about Jam Monster, if you aren’t looking for a sweet, yet savory flavor blast with a hint of breakfast thrown in, this may not be the line for you. But if like thousands of vapers around the world, you are looking for an all-day vape that can kick your flavor receptors into high gear, these may be your Jam.

If you are new to the Jam Monster line-up, trying 3 different flavors may open you up to new ideas, sweet yet sour Blackberry Jam stands in stark contrast to the Strawberry’s sweet kick. Our Jam Monster Pick 3 Bundle is the ideal way to work your way through the flavor profiles to find your balance without breaking the bank in the process. If you are one of the thousands who have a set rotation of e-liquids in your line-up, there is no better way to fill up your stash and save yourself some cash.

Choose Any 3 Jam Monster Vape Juice Flavors

  • Jam Monster Strawberry: The original Jam Monster. Sweet Strawberry Jam smothered on top of savory buttered toast.
  • Jam Monster Blueberry: Rich, sweet Blueberry Jam with a hint of that signature savory buttered toast.
  • Jam Monster Apple: The perfect sweet blend of Apple Jam spread on top of warm buttered toast.
  • Jam Monster Grape: The unmistakable flavor of Grape Jam infused with the slightest hint of warm, buttered toast.
  • Jam Monster Blackberry: An in-your-face, unapologetic blend of Blackberry Jam with a touch of buttered toast.
  • Tangerine Guava Ice Monster: Tropical Guava and sweet, juicy tangerine with a cool menthol infusion on the exhale make this a refreshing sensation with every hit.
  • Melon Colada Ice Monster: A refreshingly tropical blend, combining Pineapple and Coconut cream with a hint of melon and cool menthol for a vape that will transport you to an Island getaway with every single hit.