WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Jam Monster Vape Juice

Jam Monster vape juice is here to entice your taste buds! Jam Monster e-liquid is a unique flavor combination that is perfect for a morning treat that consistently holds its flavor for an all-day vape. The flavor profiles a bold fruit flavor of either fresh apples, strawberries, blueberries or grape jam on a perfect piece of toast with a delicate spread of butter.

Jam Monster vape juice comes in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. The base is 75% vegetable glycerin (VG) and 25% propylene glycol (PG).

Jam Monster Vape Juice Flavor Review


Apple Jam e-juice is made with authentic real apple jam flavor. Tarty and exceptionally sweet, the irresistible apple jam flavor will make your taste buds tingle. On the inhale Jam Monster Apple Jam vape juice bursts of green apple goodness will overwhelm your taste buds. On the exhale the smooth toasted butter cream flavor satisfies.

Blackberry (limited edition)

Jam Monster Blackberry is a limited edition vape juice. This breakfast flavored blend is unbeatable, and you will be blown away by how impressively authentic this flavor really is. On the inhale of Blackberry Jam Monster, your mouth will be flooded with that delectable blackberry flavor with hints of cream. It will taste like it is on a piece of crispy toast. On the exhale, light butter notes and fresh, warm toast deliver intense satisfaction. Anyone who truly loves their breakfast flavored e-juice will go insane over this delicious vape from Jam Monster vape juice.


Blueberry Jam vape juice flavor hits the spot. Jam Monster e-juice blueberry has brought the perfect balance of sweet and tarty blueberry flavor and blended it with butter and freshly baked toasted bread, a snack-inspired vape juice. On the inhale Jam Monster Blueberry Jam vape juice, the smooth blueberry flavor is layered with creamy notes of butter. On the exhale a punch of buttered toast makes your taste buds sing.


Bursting with real strawberry flavor, Strawberry Jam e-juice delivers on the traditional blend of sugar dipped strawberries with rich butter flavor and the taste of fresh right out of the oven bread. When you inhale Strawberry Jam vape juice, the sweet ripe strawberry jam flavor kicks in. On the exhale the creamy butter notes and toast will perk your taste buds.


If a juice that will sucker punch your taste buds is what you're looking for, look no further and the raspberry jam will be your jam! The sweetness of freshly harvested raspberries with the creamy fusion of butter will become the best thing you've ever tasted. This juice makes you feel as if you were taking a bite out of a freshly toasted and jammed piece of bread. Raspberry Jam will take you back to mornings before school when all you had time for is a piece of toast to satisfy your hunger until lunch. 


A combination of buttery smothered toast and sweet, freshly-made grape jam. The result is a sweet and buttery flavored extravaganza. On the inhale of Jam Monster e-juice Grape Jam the toasted sweet grape jam makes your taste buds scream. On the exhale the smooth butter creaminess flavor blend will satisfy your cravings.

Pb and Jam

Pb and Jam by Jam Monster brings you the delicious flavor of peanut butter and jam in the most succulent way. This vape juice will bring you back to your favorite childhood snack with every inhale and exhale you take. Jam Monster has recreated the perfect vape juice flavor that you will never want to put down. 

Strawberry Pb and Jam

Strawberry Pb and Jam takes the taste of a peanut butter and jam sandwich and gives it the taste of the slightly sweeter taste of strawberries. This vape juice is perfect for those of you who enjoy a subtly sweet vape juice flavor that will have you puffing on it all day long. This mouth-watering treat will surely satisfy your cravings!



Jam Monster Lemon has the perfect mixture of savory and sour. This vape juice will have your lips puckering up instantly, leaving you begging for another hit time and time again. Jam Monster Lemon has such an accurate flavor that you will feel as if you've just indulged on a succulent lemon tart. 

Mixed Berries

Jam Monster Mixed Berries takes the taste of your favorite mixed berries jam and turns it into a vape juice that will have your jaw on the floor with every puff you take. This vape juice is perfect for those of you who enjoy a sucker punch of flavor with every inhale and exhale you take. Bring yourself to a whole new world of joy with Jam Monster Mixed Berries! 

Ice Monster Vape Juice Review 

Strawmelon Apple

Strawmelon Apple is a menthol-based vape juice that combines the taste of juicy strawberries and mouth-watering apples to create a vape juice that will have your taste buds tingling with every puff you take. This vape juice has just enough menthol in it to soothe your taste buds and have them begging for more. 

Melon Colada 

This vape juice will provide you with the taste of your favorite tropical destination. With just one puff of this pineapple, tropical fruit and menthol mixture you will be addicted. This vape juice has so much flavor packed into it that you will want to taste it all day long. Melon Colada by Ice Monster will refresh and excite your taste buds with just the amazing aroma it gives off. 

Mangerine Guava

Mangerine Guava by Ice Monster takes the taste of guava and tangerine and puts it atop a menthol base that will have your taste buds thanking you with every puff you take. Take your taste buds on the vacation they've been craving with this out of the world vape juice flavor that Jam Monster has created!


Jam Monster e-juice comes in a generous 100ml Chubby Gorilla bottle, and the delicious flavor of Jam Monster will please your morning breakfast cravings and throughout the day. Buy Jam Monster vape juice today for a true snack-inspired all-day vape.