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Jam Monster Vape Juice

With a monstrous selection of the most fascinating vape juice flavors, Jam Monster has transitioned into what has become one of the industry’s most iconic vape brands. It boasts an extremely large collection of the finest flavors, ranging from something as simple as strawberry to more complex peanut butter and jam blends. It offers a variety of flavor concoctions, and nothing else quite compares to the monstrosity of a vape brand that Monster Vapes Labs has built for itself. With loads of flavor ‘jammed’ into each bottle, you will experience a wonderful vape experience from the time you receive the bottle to the time to finish it. The collection of flavors is available in 100mL bottles, its Tobacco Monster collection is available in 30mL bottles, and there is also a salt nicotine collection as well for those who are using pod systems.

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Jam Monster Liquids is a shining light for thousands of vapers around the world, and a hero among those locally. It has shown that the Southeast is just as talented as those in the Cali hub when it comes to creating and developing premium vape juice. The Jam Monster brand is its own entity, yet is manufactured by Fresh Juice Co., one of the largest manufacturing companies in the industry. Jam Monster Liquids is known throughout the vaping community for its incredible style, brilliant quality products, and its transparency by showing off its monster headquarters. There is no other brand on the market that is doing it quite like Jam Monster, and to this day remains as the industry’s ‘monster’ brand.

Jam Monster Vape Juice is packed into unicorn-style 100mL bottles that assure you'll have a great pouring experience and are child-safety locked to make sure little hands don't get into your vape juice incase they might not be stored correctly.

Jam Monster Vape Juice Flavor Review


Strawberry by Jam Monster offers loads of sweet and tart flavor that is perfect in the vape form. Imagine creamy buttered toast and a spread of tasty blueberry jam. It is an outstanding vape flavor that we know you will enjoy every time.


Blackberry by Jam Monster provides a remarkable flavor experience from beginning to end that no one has been able to compete with. This delectable treat offers the taste of blackberry with delicious hints of cream flavor. It is almost like spreading blackberry jam on crispy toast, followed by light buttery notes.


Raspberry by Jam Monster is just the punch your taste buds have been yearning for. Ready yourself for the sweetness of raspberries and cream. It is a flavor experience that provides creamy buttery toast with a blanket of raspberry jam to really boost your taste levels. If you are wanting a morning classic, you’ve met your match.


Blueberry by Jam Monster is an extraordinary blend that can easily become one of your new best favorites. It offers the brilliant taste of a blueberry jam spread across a blanket of freshly baked buttered toast. It’s all about blueberry jam and the creamy finishing notes you will love.


Grape by Jam Monster is a complex flavor that is hard to recreate, yet Jam Monster manages to perfect it. This taste vape uses a buttery toast that is super creamy and loaded with a spread full of grape jam. It is the perfect grape flavor that was designed to satisfy your cravings.


Apple by Jam Monster is a brilliant flavor concoction that we’re certain your taste buds will find interesting. It is made with authentic apple jam flavor, which features a tarty yet sweet taste that will send your taste buds for a ride. It’s a burst of green apple goodness and a mix of smooth buttercream as a finisher.


Banana by Jam Monster offers a simplistic taste using an authentic banana flavor. From beginning to end, you will taste nothing short of banana. Once you inhale, you taste banana, then the exhale provides the same taste, yet leaves subtle lingering notes that will keep you coming back for more.


Lemon by Jam Monster is a sour mixture of flavors that we just know you will want to savor. Enjoy the lip-puckering taste anytime and explore the perfect representation of a succulent lemon flavor and all of its tartiness. From inhale to exhale, this lemon flavor will keep your taste buds tingling with excitement.

Mixed Berry

Mixed Berry by Jam Monster is a combination of mixed berry flavors that you will love to vape throughout the day. It provides a remarkably authentic taste of strawberry, blackberry, and blueberry spread across a warm buttery toast. This fascinating concoction of mixed berries and creamy toast will definitely have your tastes in an overload of flavor.

Fruit Monster Vape Juice Flavor Review

Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate

Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate by Fruit Monster gives way to a masterful blend that is sure to take you on a fruity trip. It combines strawberry, kiwi, and pomegranate, which results in a sweet and savory experience. This luxurious vape flavor is all that you will ever need, so get your taste buds ready.

Blueberry Raspberry Lemon

Blueberry Raspberry Lemon by Fruit Monster sports a beautiful blend of flavors we know you will love. It offers a fascinating mixture of blueberries, raspberries, and just the right amount of lemon to become an all-day-vape. It is the perfect anytime blend that you just have to try for yourself.

Mango Peach Guava

Mango Peach Guava by Fruit Monster is a tasty vape flavor that combines delicious fruits into one perfected vape. Imagine an explosion of mangoes, peaches, and a subtle amount of guava to create a unique fruity vape flavor that you will love exploring. From the point you inhale to the time you exhale, you will love everything this flavor has to offer.

Strawberry Banana

Engulfing your mouth with a remarkable duo of flavors, this is just the flavor that you've been hoping for. It brings together a perfect dynamic of tastes, which includes ruby red strawberries and ripe bananas. It will leave your airways pleasantly satisfied with a delicious coating of flavor.

Frozen Fruit Monster Vape Juice Flavor Review

Mixed Berry Ice

Mixed Berry Ice by Frozen Fruit Monster is a tasty concoction that plays on the original mixed berry flavor by adding in a bone-chilling dose of menthol. It delivers a fascinating blend of blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries, then adds in a finishing dose of menthol to create a cool and satisfying vape experience. If you enjoy the original, you will love this cool touch it adds.

Blueberry Raspberry Lemon Ice

Blueberry Raspberry Lemon Ice by Frozen Fruit Monster awakens the original blueberry raspberry lemon flavor with a cooling twist. It continues to provide an incredible blend of blueberries, raspberries, and the hint of lemon, yet now comes with a menthol ice addition that is sure to knock your socks off. It is the perfect cooling twist that we’re sure you will come to appreciate.

Mango Peach Guava Ice

Mango Peach Guava Ice by Frozen Fruit Monster is a vape juice blend that is sure to surprise you in every puff you take. It is a trio of mangoes, peaches, and guava, with the finishing icy cool menthol that follows just behind. It is a teeth-chattering vape flavor that is incredibly satisfying with taste.

Strawberry Banana Ice

Providing an explosive mixture of flavors, this is a vape juice blend that you cannot pass up. With each puff, you'll experience a mix of ruby red strawberries, a delightful blend of bananas, and a menthol finisher that can easily become an all-day vape. If you're looking for a thrilling vape, you've found it with this one.

PB and Jam Monster Vape Juice Flavor Review

PB and Jam

PB and Jam by PB and Jam Monster is a tasty treat that you wouldn’t expect to taste so satisfying. This one surely takes you back to your childhood when you went days on end enjoying the delicious flavor of peanut butter and jam. It is a succulent vape experience that you will want to keep snacking on all day.

Strawberry PB and Jam

Strawberry PB and Jam by PB and Jam Monster is an outstanding blend of flavors that you will absolutely love. It consists of a sweet taste of peanut butter and strawberry jam, which should definitely bring back some childhood memories. We enjoy the perfectly crafted vape flavor and we just know you will enjoy it just as much.

Ice Monster Vape Juice Flavor Review

Strawmelon Apple

Strawmelon Apple by Ice Monster provides an amazing blend of flavors that you will appreciate. Every puff offers a mix of strawberries and apples combined into one. It is then finished off with an ice-cold menthol base, leaving your mouth incredibly refreshed.

Mangerine Guava

Mangerine Guava by Ice Monster delivers loads of delicious flavor from a fantastic trio. This beautifully crafted blend of flavors consists of tangerine, guava, and the perfect amount of menthol to really deliver that refreshing vape experience you’ve been yearning for. If you are looking for a new best vape flavor, this is it.

Melon Colada

Melon Colada by Ice Monster offers just the right amount of flavor in every puff. It is a tropical blend we’re sure you’ll love to no end. It consists of pineapple, coconut, and the crisp taste of menthol. The blend is absolutely infectious, leaving you no choice but to return.

Custard Monster Vape Juice Flavor Review

Vanilla Custard

Vanilla Custard by Custard Monster boasts an extraordinary sweet flavor that will have you in amazement. This remarkable blend best represents a vanilla custard flavor, which is perfect for anyone who has those sweet tooth cravings. From the first drop to the last, you will be intoxicated by its wonderful taste.

Strawberry Custard

Strawberry Custard by Custard Monster is a result of combining two of the industry’s most popular flavors into one. It combines juicy strawberries with the unique taste of custard, causing for the perfect vape. From quality to taste, you will love everything about this blend.

Blueberry Custard

Blueberry Custard by Custard Monster is a dreamy vape flavor that combines all the best tastes into one. Imagine a set of delicious blueberries being smothered with creamy custard. The two flavors come together and create a wonderland of tastes with every puff.

Tobacco Monster Vape Juice Flavor Review

Smooth Double Box

Smooth Double Box by Tobacco Monster offers a smooth take on classic tobacco. It is the perfect tobacco flavor through and through. It offers a cured tobacco flavor that has been combined with subtle notes of honey to create a smooth and fulfilling experience.

Rich Double Box

Rich Double Box by Tobacco Monster is a tobacco flavor designed for those who enjoy an overload of tobacco goodness in each puff. This rich tobacco offers perfectly cured classic tobacco with a rich taste from beginning to end. You will want to enjoy this relaxing blend every waking moment.

Bold Double Box

Bold Double Box by Tobacco Monster is yet another take on the perfectly cured tobacco that has become a classic. It features a bolder taste of tobacco, which fills the taste buds full of flavor. The experience is about as authentic as it gets and will have you coming back for more.

Menthol Double Box

Menthol Double Box by Tobacco Monster is an incredible blend of earthy tobacco and just the right kick of menthol. Once you inhale, you immediately taste the classic tobacco flavor, while a cold menthol follows just behind. It is the perfect blend of flavors to create the perfect all-day vape.

The Milk Vape Juice Flavor Review


Slather your mouth with a load of flavorsome tastes, this blend perfectly recreates the taste of your favorite fruity cereal flavor. It combines a fruity mix of flavors with a creamy milk flavor, which provides a soothing, classic taste that you'll want to keep revisiting over and over.


Bombarding your airways with a remarkable flavor, this will be the last vape you ever crave. It brings you a thrilling cinnamon flavor and a blend of creamy milk, recreating that morning cinnamon cereal flavor that everyone has come to love. It's a new favorite vape that you just have to add to your collection.

Berry Crunch

Delivering a wildly delicious vape each time you take a puff, berry crunch is one that you cannot resist. It offers a fascinating mix of berry flavors that have been smothered in soothing milk, giving you a perfectly recreated crunchy berry cereal flavor. This awesome blend will quickly become a favorite.

Jam Monster features several collections that make up its entire arsenal of premium vape juice. There are tons of flavors to choose from, ranging from its original collection to the tobacco collection, we’re sure you will find a flavor to fit your specific tastes. If you’re searching for delicious vape juice, welcome to the ‘monster’ collection.

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