WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Candy King Vape Juice by DripMore

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Candy King vape juice by DripMore e-liquid is an impressive line of high end e-liquid! DripMore e-liquid is the brilliant minds who brought you the very well known Candy King and they are back to bring you spot on creations of everyone's favorite beverages, and just like Candy King’s flavors are extremely accurate, these drink flavors are true to their description! Click the links below to bring you to the product page.

This innovative vape brand is definitely the ‘king’ of reproducing some of your favorite sweet and sour candy combinations to a tee. Candy King Vape by DripMore prides itself on using the finest quality premium ingredients in their efforts to create candied vape juice that are true to their flavor. Through rigorous research, innovation and testing they have succeeded with this Candy King Ejuice line based on real candy flavors you know and love. Give one a try, or check out all five succulent flavors of E-Juice by Candy King Vape Juice.

Candy King Vape Juice Flavor Review

Peachy Tea

Peachy Tea is one of the companies personal favorites! With the flavors of a tart,sweet and fresh peaches infused with a sweet tea that is designed to entice your taste buds! This flavor is a must try even if you're not the biggest peach fan the sweet tea combo makes this flavor something truly unique.

Strawberry Kiwi

Strawberry Kiwi is the best summer flavor mix! Treat yourself to the perfect balance of sweet ripe strawberries paired with a juicy tart kiwi.

Strawberry Palm

Strawberry Palm is the ultimate summer mix! This flavor consists of the strong flavors of ripe strawberries blended together with a tart lemonade and sweet tea, you can taste every note with every inhale you take.


Watermelone by Dripmore Eliquid 60ml is the ultimate mix of the juicy sweet watermelon and fruit punch. These flavors unite to create a blissful fruity mix that is fit for any time of the day! This flavor is as bright and juicy as you would expect!


Batch premium E-liquid will take you back to the ‘patch’—the sour patch, that is. Those sweet and tart ‘kids’ quickly became one of America’s favorite candies and was an innovator of the sweet and sour candy revolution. Upon inhalation, your taste buds will succumb to a blend of lemons, cherries, oranges, and lime gummies. Upon release, you’ll experience the tart sugary crystal taste.

Belts Strawberry

This popular vape juice is a Candy King vape hit and is one of their most popular labels. Belts Strawberry E-Juice is exactly what it promises…a smooth and tangy vaping liquid reminiscent of deliciously addictive strawberry sour belts. Inhale the ripe strawberry licorice flavor and exhale a sweet, sugary release.

Sour Worms

They’re bright, sour, creepy crawly, and a favorite candy from the maker Trolli. Candy King Sour Worms pays homage to this treat’s fruity punch and sweet and sour combination of flavors including: orange, lime, lemon, cherry, raspberry and strawberry.

Sour Worms On Ice

The sweet and sour fruit gummy flavors of orange, lime, lemon, strawberry, cherry, raspberry, then finishes them off with a splash of ice cool menthol for the ultimate refreshing exhale that will make your taste buds tingle.

Strawberry Watermelon

Hubba, hubba—you may remember one of the hottest strawberry filled gums wrapped in a watermelon exterior fondly. Candy King Strawberry Watermelon  E-Liquid gives you the opportunity to experience that delightful flavor anytime. With a classic gum inhale and fruity exhale, it’s great for everyday vaping.


This premium candied E-juice is Swedish chef approved! Candy King Swedish boasts a tangy gummy inhale with a smooth cherry and peach exhale. This soft and velvety vape juice by Candy King vape juice will satisfy your sweet cravings on every puff.

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