iJoy SD22000 Apple Gummies
iJoy SD22000 Disposable Vape
iJoy SD22000 Arctic Mint
iJoy SD22000 Black Ice
iJoy SD22000 Blackberry Cherry Lemon
iJoy SD22000 Blue Raspberry Ice
iJoy SD22000 Cherry Berry
iJoy SD22000 Colombian Coffee Ice
iJoy SD22000 Froze Strawberry Cream
iJoy SD22000 Grape Jelly
iJoy SD22000 Gummy Bears
iJoy SD22000 Iced Peach Colada
iJoy SD22000 Juicy Mango Peach
iJoy SD22000 Mango Pineapple
iJoy SD22000 Strawberry Watermelon
iJoy SD22000 Watermelon Ice Cubes


iJoy SD22000 Disposable Vape 22000 Puffs

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iJoy SD22000 Disposable Vape

iJoy SD22000 Disposable Vape Review

Delivering a massive puff count, offering adjustable power, and lining the device with a dual tank, the iJoy SD22000 Disposable Vape is remarkably impressive. The device is innovative, providing all of the latest and greatest features, alongside improvements that will ensure the best vaping experience yet with a disposable vape.

The iJoy SD22000 Disposable Vape maintains a compact design and great portability despite an integrated 650mAh rechargeable battery and an incredible 30mL pre-filled capacity. The iJoy SD22000 features an innovative double tank system, where each tank houses 15mL of premium vape juice available in 50mg salt nicotine strength and a wide variety of delicious flavor options to explore. With its large battery and vape juice capacity, users can expect to experience up to 22,000 puffs per unit. The iJoy SD22000 vape also sports a 0.8ohm mesh coil to boost performance, while an adjustable power feature allows you to fine-tune your experience. A digital display screen is also present, allowing you to monitor the current battery and vape juice levels, making sure you're always in the know.

If you've been looking for the best, most powerful, and highest puff count disposable vape, the iJoy SD22000 Disposable Vape is what you'll want. With a 30mL capacity, double tanks, 22,000 puffs, and an amazing list of flavors to choose from, it's the best vape we've seen hit the shelves yet.

iJoy SD22000 Flavors

  • Mango Pineapple: Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with the sweet and tangy fusion of ripe mangoes and juicy pineapple.
  • Strawberry Watermelon: Experience the refreshing burst of summer with the harmonious blend of succulent strawberries and crisp watermelon.
  • Watermelon Ice Cubes: Cool down on a hot day with the crisp, icy essence of freshly cut watermelon, enhanced by a refreshing menthol chill.
  • Blackberry Cherry Lemon: Indulge in a symphony of flavors with the bold richness of blackberries, the sweetness of cherries, and a zesty twist of lemon.
  • Cherry Berry: Delight in the luscious sweetness of ripe cherries complemented by a medley of mixed berries for a burst of fruity goodness.
  • Colombian Coffee Ice: Awaken your senses with the robust aroma and rich flavor of freshly brewed Colombian coffee, finished with a cooling touch of menthol.
  • Frozen Strawberry Cream: Indulge in the velvety smoothness of creamy strawberries, delicately frosted with a chilly breeze of menthol.
  • Grape Jelly: Relish in the nostalgic delight of homemade grape jelly, capturing the essence of plump, ripe grapes in every puff.
  • Gummy Bears: Satisfy your sweet tooth with the nostalgic taste of chewy gummy bears, bursting with fruity goodness in every inhale.
  • Iced Peach Colada: Transport yourself to a tropical getaway with the irresistible fusion of ripe peaches, creamy coconut, and a hint of icy freshness.
  • Juicy Mango Peach: Indulge in the succulent sweetness of ripe mangoes and juicy peaches for a tropical vaping experience that's both refreshing and satisfying.
  • Apple Gummies: Enjoy the crisp and tangy flavor of freshly picked apples, infused with the playful sweetness of chewy gummy candies.
  • Arctic Mint: Refresh your palate with the invigorating blast of icy mint, leaving a crisp and clean sensation with every exhale.
  • Black Ice: Embark on an exhilarating journey with the bold fusion of dark berries and cool menthol, delivering a refreshing blast of flavor.

Puff Count: 22,000 Puffs

Milliliter: 30ML

Nicotine Strength: 50MG

Nicotine Type: Salt Nicotine