VGOD Salt Nic Collection 30ml Pick 3 Bundle


VGOD Salt Nic Collection 30ml Pick 3 Bundle (90ml)

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VGOD Salt Nic Collection 30ml Pick 3 Bundle (90ml)

VGOD Salt Nic Collection Bundle Review

We have made it easy for you to enjoy your favorite vape juices while saving you money at the same time with our VGOD Salt Nic Collection Pick 3 Bundle. VGOD has been a longtime household name in the vape market by offering vape enthusiasts premium-quality vape juice. Each flavor is crafted with excellence to bring you a rewarding and satisfying experience while pleasing your taste buds. With the ability to choose three of your most preferred flavors, you can experience 90mL of delicious vape juice in your most favored salt nicotine strengths.

The VGOD Salt Nic Collection Bundle is an inexpensive way to stock up on your favorite vape juices. This vape deal gives you the ability to select three different flavors from the entire juice line or if you have a favorite particular flavor have all three of your choices be of that vape juice. Regardless of which flavor you select, you can rest assured that your taste buds will be happy and a clean and smooth vaping experience will be had. 

VGOD Salt Nic will arrive in 30ml Chubby Gorilla Bottles. With our variety pack nicotine salt bundle, you will receive a total of 90ml of top-quality salt nicotine vape juice in your desired strength and most preferred flavors. The nicotine strengths that are available are 25mg and 50mg.  

Choose From

  • Apple Bomb - Enjoy a delicious blend of lip-puckering sour Granny Smith green apples. This fascinating flavor profile offers you unimaginable tastes, leaving you with a vape that you can count on. Explore that satisfying green apple sour taste anytime you want.
  • Berry Bomb - Thrust yourself into a remarkable fusion of flavors that makes for an extraordinary all-day vape. This delicious flavor provides immense tastes by bringing together the perfect duo. Experience an infusion of ripe strawberries and hard candy.
  • CubanoAn accurate recreation of an earthy yet slightly sweet tobacco flavor. This brilliantly crafted blend definitely provides an amazingly sweet flavor that embodies the remarkable taste of a Cuban cigar, leaving you with a pleasing tobacco blend you'll always come back to.
  • Cubano Black - Make the most of your vaping journey by enjoying a dark tobacco blend that has been mixed with creamy vanilla custard. This one-of-a-kind vape is sure to become an all-time favorite, as it promotes the perfect duo between tobacco and dessert.
  • Cubano Silver - Whether you're trying to find a new tobacco blend or you just want something different to add to your collection, this amazingly smooth tobacco flavor mixed with sweet honey, brown sugar, and vanilla is definitely the solution for you. 
  • Dry Tobacco - Bringing together a perfect mixture of flavors to result in the best tobacco vape, this is an amazing concoction you have got to try. It is sweet robust tobacco that tastes like natural tobacco leaves, making it a sure all-day vape juice.
  • Iced Apple Bomb - Presenting the most remarkable taste experience, there is nothing quite as pleasing as this vape juice. It is a delicious green apple mixed with a hint of candy and menthol. It makes for a crisp and refreshing candy vape that is an easy addition to your collection.
  • Iced Berry Bomb - If you are a fan of candy-flavored vapes, this is one that will most definitely become a favorite. It offers an awesome flavor experience that we're sure you'll enjoy it. Expect juicy strawberries and hard candy infused with menthol that is the most refreshing.
  • Iced Mango - Blast off into a flavor wonderland with this amazingly crafted vape juice blend. It is a ripe and juicy mango touched with the perfect amount of menthol, keeping your taste buds pleased with a delicious and refreshing taste.
  • Iced Purple Bomb - If you're looking to take your vaping experience to an all-new level, this fascinating flavor will definitely act as the solution. It offers freshly picked grapes that have been blended perfectly with refreshing menthol. 
  • Luscious - Explore a wonderous flavored vape by gifting your taste buds with a sweet and sugary taste that you won't want to do without. This perfect blend is a sugary sweet candy that will easily become a favorite, offering nothing more and nothing less.
  • Luscious Sour - If you want to leave the dull tastes behind and move to a flavorsome experience that won't disappoint, you have got to try this special blend. It is a sour watermelon candy that will salivate your taste buds, leaving you mesmerized by the taste.
  • Mango Bomb - If you enjoy the magnificent taste of mango, then you have got to try this unique mango vape. It is a decadent mix of mangoes that are mixed with tasty hard candy. It is an extraordinary flavor that we just can't wait for you to try.
  • Melon Mix - Open your tastes to a whole new world of flavor by giving this delicious flavor a try. It is a yummy honeydew and savory cantaloupe mixed into one, which surely provides a unique taste. If you want a new experience, this is it. 
  • Mighty Mint Boost your experience with flavors by enjoying this deliciously sweet and cool vape juice. It is the perfect blend, boasting a sweet mint infused with a touch of menthol. This sweet and bone-chillingly vape will surely become a big-time favorite.
  • Pink Cakes - Enjoy the most satisfying flavor by enjoying this delicious blend of flavors. It is a remarkably crafted blend that is sure to become your next all-day vape. It combines a tasty guava and passion fruit mixed with a decadent buttercream frosted cake. 
  • Purple Bomb - Get the most out of your vaping experience by exploring the taste of this fascinating grape flavor. It is often a hard flavor to perfect, yet this one just hits different. This amazing vape is a simple yet rewarding grape flavor we can't wait for you to try.
  • Summer Strawberry - If you love the taste of strawberry-flavored vapes, this is one you have got to try for yourself. It offers the amazing taste of delicious and vibrant strawberries that were freshly picked, leaving you with a lingering taste that will go down as one of the best. 
  • Tropical Mango - There are many flavor offerings on the market, yet none of them quite compare to this special blend. It offers an amazing taste, which boasts a delicious taste of tropical flavors, using both mangoes and pineapples to create the most unforgettable flavor experience.

With the most pleasing tastes that consist of a variety of complex flavor creations, there is nothing quite as fascinating as VGOD and its tasty flavors. This remarkable bundle is the perfect addition to your day, boasting an array of delicious tastes. If you're looking for a solid vaping experience, you can always turn to the VGOD Salt Nic Collection 30mL Pick 3 Bundle to find new and exciting flavors or to get a deal on your favorites.