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Sua Vapors

When it comes to premium vape juice, there is no better brand on the market than SUA Vapors. The SUA Vapors company that is based in Los Angeles, California, has created an outstanding collection of vape juice, all of which come packed with an incredible flavor offering, ranging from delicious blue raspberry flavors to melon ice, and everything in between. Short for Simplicity Upon Amazing, SUA Vapors has managed to capture the heart of the market with its quality vape juice, fruity blends, and exceptional flavor profiles. The manufacturer utilizes expert mixologists and sources the finest ingredients to create vaping products consumers will stand behind.

Ranging from salts that use Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN) to freebase liquids, you can explore as many as eight flavors. These flavors consist of fruit blends that attach to your taste buds and leave delicious lingering notes with every puff. If you enjoy unique blends of fruit-flavored vape juice, SUA Vapors is the next step in your vaping journey.

Original SUA Vapors vape juice is available in 60mL bottles, has a 70/30 ratio, and comes in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strengths. SUA Vapors Super Salt is available in 30mL bottles, features a 70/30 ratio as well, and comes in 30mg and 50mg salt nicotine strengths.

SUA Vapors Flavor Collection

While there are several flavors to choose from in the SUA Vapors collection, we want to take a look at its most popular flavors. These flavors are simple, taste amazing, and hit just the right spot to become an all-day-vape flavor.

SUA Vapors Melon

Melon by SUA Vapors offers a mouthwatering vape juice flavor that is perfect for the middle of summer. It offers an intense wave of melons that taste phenomenal. From inhale to exhale, the potent melon flavor provides extraordinary tastes and lingers even after the experience. SUA Vapors Melon can easily become your next all-day-vape.

SUA Vapors Melon Ice

Having high expectations of SUA Vapors Melon Ice is quite welcomed. This deliciously crafted complex flavor, which tastes incredibly simplified, delivers everything you love about the summer. Loads of juicy melon splashed with menthol to keep the vape cool and refreshing in every puff you take.

SUA Vapors Strawberry

Without a doubt, SUA Vapors has recreated one of the industry's most beloved vape juice flavors and the results are incredibly satisfying. The SUA Vapors Strawberry vape juice flavor awakens the taste buds in the sweetest way possible, by presenting a true, ripe strawberry flavor that creates a smooth vapor and an authentic taste you won't soon forget.

SUA Vapors Strawberry Ice

While the authentic strawberry flavor SUA Vapors has created is overwhelmingly delicious in every puff, adding a little ice to the mix only refreshes the entire flavor. If you want a tasty strawberry flavor that has authentic notes, along with the refreshing taste of menthol, you are going to want to try SUA Vapors Strawberry Ice.

Super Salt Strawberry

Super Salt Strawberry by SUA Vapors provides the delicious taste of freshly ripened strawberries that is in the form of vape juice. From inhale to exhale, you taste nothing short of deliciousness in every puff. It’s all about the mouthwatering taste of strawberries that blanket the taste buds to keep you coming back for more.

Super Salt Ice Strawberry

Super Salt Ice Strawberry by SUA Vapors is an exceptional flavor that resembles freshly ripened strawberries and a burst of just the right amount of menthol. On the inhale you taste tasty strawberries and a slight hint of menthol. The exhale delivers the same taste, yet the menthol has intensified, leaving your mouth refreshed and wanting more.

Super Salt Pineapple

Super Salt Pineapple by SUA Vapors is a flavor you should ready your taste buds for. It delivers the remarkable taste of juicy tropical pineapple, which is perfectly balanced between sweet and tangy. In this delicious vape juice, you’ll enjoy every last puff of juicy pineapple slices so much that you’ll want to continue revisiting this vape juice just to get yet another taste of its sweet and tangy juices.

Super Salt Melon

Super Salt Melon by SUA Vapors is a flavor that offers potent waves of tasty flavor. It consists of nothing but the delicious taste of melons. In this one, it’s overly simplified, giving you melon upon melon flavor, so much so that you won’t beg for more. You’ll be completely satisfied in every puff, and that’s truly all you can ask for from a premium vape juice.

Super Salt Ice Melon

Super Salt Ice Melon by SUA Vapors is the same melon flavor this Super Salt series has become famous for. It delivers loads of potent melon flavor, yet comes with a twist of menthol. On the inhale you taste straight melon flavor with a hint of menthol. The exhale delivers the same experience, yet the menthol is intensified, leaving you with a freshened mouth of lingering melon flavor.

Super Salt Mangosteen

Super Salt Mangosteen by SUA Vapors is a blast of exotic mangosteen fruit that will surely take you on a ride that you won’t soon forget. From the inhale, you immediately taste the mangosteen fruit flavor that is slightly sweet. Upon exhale, you continue tasting Mangosteen, yet the sour flavor is more pronounced to create the perfect balance of sweet and sour. It’s a delicious vape that you can enjoy all day.

Super Salt Mango

Super Salt Mango by SUA Vapors has been perfected by using the delicious mango flavor you’ve ever come across. It recreates the taste of succulent mangoes in the form of a salt nicotine vape juice. From inhale to exhale, you taste a smooth and tasty mango flavor that continues to absorb onto the tongue even after you think the experience has ended.

Super Salt Ice Mint

Super Salt Ice Mint by SUA Vapors is a refreshing minty flavor that is sure to chill you out to your very core. It delivers succulent mint-flavored vape juice with a dash of menthol that is more pronounced on the exhale. If you truly want a flavor that sets itself apart by providing loads of potent mint flavor with a mentholated cooling sensation, then you’ll want this Ice Mint flavor.

Super Salt Blue Raspberry

Super Salt Blue Raspberry by SUA Vapors is one of the most fascinating flavors on the market, boasting a delicious blue raspberry candy vape juice flavor we’re sure you will come to appreciate from the very first puff. From the inhale to the exhale, you taste all blue raspberry flavor, which is smooth and excites the taste buds to keep you coming back for more.

Super Salt Ice Blue Raspberry

Super Salt Ice Blue Raspberry by SUA Vapors offers the same blue raspberry taste as the original, providing loads of tasty blue raspberry candy flavor, yet it finishes off with a hint of menthol to leave your mouth refreshed with delicious flavor. The sudden urge for more overcomes you and you find yourself revisiting it again and again.

The original SUA Vapors vape juice flavors, along with its Super Salt collection provides a whole slew of flavors that are sure to satisfy the taste buds. These flavors are simplified, yet taste incredible, and that is exactly what SUA Vapors intended. If you enjoy exotic fruit tastes, we're certain your taste buds would be just as thrilled with SUA Vapors!

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