Loaded Banana Disposable Vape

Loaded Banana Disposable Vape Review

While the Banana-shaped disposables may be something new to the market, the name behind these disposable vapes aren't. You may find the Loaded name extremely familiar, and that's because it's one of the industry's largest names in vaping, which houses a range of iconic flavors, such as Smores, Glazed Donuts, Cookie Butter, and more.

The new Loaded Banana Disposable Vape is one of their latest releases, and the name is very fitting for a few reasons that stand out immediately. For starters, the device is yellow like a banana, it takes on a similar shape to that of a banana, and you guessed it, the flavor tastes like a banana too! It's one of the most unique disposable devices to hit the market and we believe it deserves the attention it's receiving.

Use Loaded Banana Disposable Vape Review to learn all about this device, the flavors that it offers, and why we highly recommend it. It's one of the most interesting devices we've stocked in a while and we're thrilled to tell you about it. Continue reading to learn more.

What Is The Loaded Banana Disposable Vape?

Loaded Banana Disposables

The Loaded Banana Disposable Vape is remarkably impressive, delivering an appearance that goes beyond ordinary. The device mimics the look of a natural banana, playing into both its shape and yellow color. Visually pleasing, every part of the design is stunning, even its small size. The device reminds you of Lady Finger Bananas, often referred to as mini bananas.

Aside from its appealing design, each banana disposable boasts an integrated non-rechargeable battery and a large vape juice capacity that will allow for as many as 2500 puffs per unit. The device vapes incredibly well, delivers a smooth and enjoyable flavor, and produces thick luscious clouds of vapor.

Why We Recommend It

Of course, it's our job to sell you vapor products, and we would certainly recommend any device that we stock. The vaping industry has come a long way and manufacturers have dialed-in the art of manufacturing reliable vaping products. The difference with the Loaded Banana Disposable is that we would actually recommend it over several devices that we currently stock, and here's why: The banana disposable is unique. It was specially made for these flavors and isn't just another reproduced device with altered flavors. It is super compact, meaning it's not only comfortable to use but easy to stow away when not in use. And lastly, the flavors are absolutely delicious, to say the least.

Loaded Banana Disposable Vape Flavors

There are three flavors within the Loaded Banana collection. Each flavor features a banana flavor base and additional flavors to provide a unique flavor experience. The flavors are made in the United States by Ruthless Vapor, parent company of Loaded Ejuice.

Banana Ice

Presenting a spot-on taste you can appreciate over and over, this delicious tropical blend of frozen bananas will become your next go-to vape. It offers the fresh taste of a cream banana flavor with a frigid twist of menthol, perfectly recreating sliced frozen bananas.

Strawberry Banana Ice

There isn't another flavor that perfectly pairs with bananas, other than strawberries. Strawberry and banana flavors go hand-in-hand, and have been used for ages in fruit bowls and juices. This unique concoction recreates that same taste by combining strawberry, banana, and cool menthol, perfecting a frozen fruit bowl in vape form.

Mango Banana Ice

To deliver something more unique, this blend entangles a tropical mango flavor with frozen bananas. Though it may not be a common trio of flavors, the mango and banana flavors mesh well together, generating a new experience that will certainly please your taste. The cool addition of menthol only adds to the excitement this vape already produces.


If you are a fan of banana-flavored vapes and enjoy the convenience of disposable devices, this is definitely a device to consider. While the device is definitely pleasing to your tastes, the quality, performance, and comfortability of it makes it just as enjoyable. The Loaded Banana Disposable Vape comes pre-filled with delicious flavor and 50mg tobacco free nicotine salt, pre-charged, and is ready to be used from the moment you receive it. In our opinion, and our staffs opinion, it's one of the best disposables to hit the market in 2022.