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Humble Salt

Boasting the most magnificent tastes, there isn't another variety of vape juice blends that present such impressive flavors. There is a high range of extraordinary tastes, all displayed in a fascinating collection of the most flavorful profiles. Along with a delicious mix of flavors to choose from, every bottle of Humble Salt is infused with Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN) Salt, which is available in a 48mg strength. You will enjoy great tastes and craving-satisfying salt nicotine in a 30mL bottle, giving you plenty to look forward to.

Headquartered in the sunny state of southern California, Humble Juice Co has become the industry's leading vape juice brand, company, and manufacture. It continues to innovate and develop vaping products that generate high demand due to its quality and flavor. Humble Juice Co has developed a wide range of award-winning flavors, ranging from complex fruit-flavored concoctions to highly intricate dessert blends. There is plenty to explore, and this Humble Salt collection is everything you could hope for. It is available in a Tobacco-Free Nicotine Salt to eliminate the need to rely on tobacco and features the smoothest salt nicotine so that you are sure to have the most enjoyable vape yet.

Humble Salt Vape Juice Flavor Review

Sweater Puppets

Gearing your tastes for one of the most soothing tropical mixes yet, you aren't going to believe how tasty this vape is. The fascinating flavor combines honeydew, cantaloupe, and mango to give your taste buds one of the most memorable tropical-inspired vapes you've had yet.

Hop Scotch

Ready yourself for this unique and highly complex vape juice blend that provides a classic taste you won't want to live without. It mixes together the most soothing flavors into one, which includes toffee, vanilla, custard, and butterscotch to make a dessert-like vape that will easily become a favorite.

Humble Crumble

Fresh out of the oven, there isn't anything else you've tasted that quite compares to this baked blend. It's grandma's favorite treat, which consists of blueberries, cinnamon, butter, and graham cracker. It is a classic homemade treat that we're sure your taste buds will go nuts for.

American Dream

Wake up to a spectacular vape experience by taking part in this amazing breakfast flavor. It is a delicious concoction that brings you a mix of a fruity breakfast bar flavor that has been splashed with a creamy milk flavor. It is a tasty all-day vape that we just cannot wait for you to try.

Pee Wee Kiwi

Serving up a delicious symphony of flavors, this flavor creation will surely become one of your go-to vapes for the foreseeable future. It uses a staggering mix of kiwis, watermelons, apples, and citrus flavor to ensure you're left with a mouthwatering taste that continues to linger.


There isn't anything more impressive than this recreated version of one of the most popular candy flavors. It is a true classic among candies and this vape juice blend is possibly the best to represent that extraordinary taste of various fruit and candy mixes that everyone remembers it best by.

Berry Blow Doe

With so many candy-inspired vapes, it's hard to find one that hasn't already been recreated, except for this one. It is a classic lollipop that provides the taste of blueberry and raspberry flavor, while the center is a traditional bubblegum flavor. These flavors come together so that you're thoroughly satisfied with their unique recreated taste.

Smash Mouth

Building a delicious trifecta of flavors, this complex creation that reminds you of a classic dessert blend will surely become one of your all-time favorite vapes. Its flavor consists of strawberries, graham crackers, and custard flavors, making for one of the most satisfying experiences you've had yet.

Donkey Kahn

This vape juice flavor has become an industry classic, a popular one among many, and many vaper's go-to vapes. It is a delicious blend that combines strawberries, bananas, and grapefruits into one, making for an extremely mouthwatering mix that you'll want to keep coming back to.

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