Naked 100 Salt Pick 3 Bundle

NKD 100

NKD 100 Salt Nicotine 30ml Pick 3 Bundle (90ml)

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NKD 100 Salt Nicotine 30mL Pick 3 Bundle

NKD 100 Salt Bundle Variety Pack Review

If you've tried Naked 100 you are well aware of how many great flavors are available ranging from fruit flavors, candy, cream, and ice-cool menthol flavors. The NKD 100 variety bundle pack allows you to choose three NKD 100 Salt Nicotine flavors from their NKD 100 Salt vape juice collection at a discounted price. Choose from three different NKD 100 Salt Flavors or you may choose one particular flavor for all three selections.

NKD 100 Salt comes packaged in a 30ml Chubby Gorilla bottle with a dropper cap and available in two salt nicotine levels of 35mg and 50mg. Nicotine Salts are very popular in refillable low-wattage small form factor pod-based devices due to their high nicotine dose. Nicotine Salts are very smooth despite their high nicotine dose level which makes them satisfying for such a small easy to operate the device. Since you're absorbing more nicotine with each puff, it takes less vapor to feel satisfied with the same great flavor.

NKD 100 Salt is a remarkable addition to anyone's collection of all-day vapes. It provides such an incredible taste, which combines perfectly with its quality salt nicotine. The entire bottle of each vape juice is only made with the finest ingredients, ensuring perfection and guaranteeing your satisfaction. If you're looking to explore the delicious tastes that NKD Salt Nicotine provides, we encourage you to dive deeper into this Salt Nicotine Pick 3 Bundle by NKD 100 Salt. There are many excellent flavors that exist within the NKD 100 Salt collection, ranging from the most complex blend of fruits to the coolest flavors to leave you refreshed. NKD Salt Nicotine is one of the industry's most prized collections, as it features award-winning tastes, the most incredible quality, and it's backed by a brand, NKD 100 Salt, which we've all come to know, enjoy, and respect for its amazing accomplishments and superior product offerings.

NKD 100 Salt Bundle Choose From

  • Lava Flow - Sharing some of the most complex tastes, you'll never be let down by this amazing flavor combination. It offers such a brilliant flavor experience, boasting a masterful combination of strawberries, coconut, and pineapples, which are sure to become favorites. 
  • Green Blast - Take a journey with this vape that is absolutely drenching in flavor. It offers all of the tasty green fruit flavors you crave, resulting in one excellent mixture. It consists of honeydew infused with kiwi and green apple, creating the perfect blend.
  • Hawaiian Pog - If you've ever wanting to feel as if you're relaxing beachside in Hawaii, this is probably the easiest way. This miraculous flavor is so extraordinary that you simply cannot get enough from one puff. It is a perfect blend of orange juice, passion fruit, and exotic guava.
  • Amazing Mango - Offering a mind-bending flavor experience, there is nothing more satisfying than this trio of flavors. It is a brilliantly made concoction, which brings together a succulent mix of mango, peach, and cream smoothie flavors. It's the perfect all-day vape you have just got to try.
  • Really Berry - Give into your taste buds and truly allow your mouth to be pleased by this wonderful blend of berry flavors. It is a remarkable flavor concoction, sporting the delicious tastes of blueberries mixed with blackberries and a sugar drizzle that continues to linger so you'll want more.
  • Frost Bite - Let that explorer side of you shine as you embark on a deliciously sweet journey with some exotic fruit pairings and a chilling twist. It offers an amazingly sweet honeydew that has been blended with pineapples and a bone-chilling menthol. You'll be refreshed and ready for more after the first puff.
  • Very Cool - Take a wide ride with this vape that is truly cooler than cool. It brings together such an amazingly refreshing mix that we're sure you'll enjoy time after time. Ready yourself for a combination of blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries, along with the lasting taste of refreshing menthol.
  • American Patriots - Join the army of American Patriots as you entwine yourself with a fascinating flavorsome vape. This incredible blend will definitely become a favorite if you are a fan of tobacco flavors. To provide the amazing taste, it offers the sweetest tobacco blend.
  • Brain Freeze - Presenting a unique flavor experience that has gone down in history as an industry classic blend, you won't be able to get enough of it. This highly popular flavor consists of strawberries blended with kiwi and pomegranate, then doused in the most frigid menthol.

May Contain Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN)