WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Ruthless Vapor

Building its presence in the vaping sector since 2011, this highly established brand quickly gained a massive following and hard-earned respect from the vaping community. The sunny southern California vape juice brand, known as Ruthless Vapor, exploded onto the scene, creating an instant cult-like favorite among vaping enthusiasts all around the globe. Though the market is saturated with eager-to-sell brands, Ruthless Vapor has remained as one of the industry giants by developing and manufacturing innovative flavored vaping products used with all sorts of vaping equipment.

Ruthless Vapor is a manufacturing company that strives for innovation. It develops and manufactures some of the most popular vape juice brands on the market, creating high-quality vape juice that is TPD compliant and approved. Its umbrella of brands is sold in over 80 different countries worldwide and fills the shelves of thousands of vape stores both online and off.

Although many people do not recognize the Ruthless Vapor name, they certainly recognize the brands that fall under its umbrella. Ruthless Vapor is responsible for creating the industry’s top brands, such as Ruthless, Ruthless Rewind, Loaded, Twist by Loaded, Over Loaded E-Juice, Cravve, and Pleasure Factory E-Juice. To maintain such a high valued arsenal of leading vape juice brands, during the manufacturing process it adheres to stringent guidelines and follows industry standards to ensure all products leaving the facility are tested and deliver a consistent level of quality.

Though its time is most spent dedicated to creating complex flavors for each brand and continuing to keep up with the high demand, Ruthless Vapor is also heavily involved in advocacy, such as the #NO2MINORS campaign, where it is educating the industry and its users with a “Thank You for Not Smoking” documentary. It continues education by creating extensive articles on vaping regulations, industry news, and information about vaping equipment.

Even though its valiant effort to inform consumers is certainly noble and worth the attention it so greatly deserves, most people are shocked by the delicious vape juice flavors it creates within its lab. Ruthless Vapor manufactures premium-grade vape juice by fusing flavors with high-quality vape juice ingredients. It utilizes expert mixologists that are culinary-trained flavorists to develop innovative ejuice flavors that are designed to perfection, leaving mouths all around the world satisfied and fulfilled with delicious tastes.

Ruthless Vapor Ejuice Flavor Review


Bursting with tropical flavor that’ll make you want to ‘slur’ all day as you vape, this elixir is loaded with juicy papaya, peaches, and guava with a cool tinge of island menthol.

Swamp Thang

This premium vape satisfies the sweet tooth of anyone who enjoys tangy apple hard candies.

Jungle Fever

a delightful combination of fresh mango, orange, pineapple, and tart lime will bring out your wild vaping side.

Ez Duz It On Ice Ejuice

Juicy watermelon blends harmoniously with a cool menthol exhale. Ez Duz It!

Grape Drank

Grape Drank is a favorite among vape enthusiasts who loves candied grape soda.

Grape Drank on Ice Ejuice

 If love that purple drank, you’ll love the sweet combination of grape candy and bubbly grape soda culminating in a mint release.


Ruthless Strizzy is a trifecta of succulent kiwi, luscious raspberry, and wild strawberries.

The Ruthless Vapor brand knows how to create vape juice flavors that we all crave. Utilizing high-quality premium ingredients, Ruthless Vapor provides taste combinations that we can enjoy for hours on end.