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Taboo E-liquid

Taboo E-liquid provides one of the best vaping experiences around. Their e-juices come in a variety of flavors raging from fruity to even a soda flavor. Taboo is known for using the highest quality ingredients giving all their e-juices such an authentic flavor. Taboo E-liquid is available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg and comes in a 60ml chubby bottle, encased in a beautifully artistic cardboard box. 

Taboo Eliquid Flavor Review


Taboo Cult vape juice is a bubbly grape cola flavor. This e-juice is a refreshing can of grape cola that is so authentic in flavor. The inhale is a rush of bubbly sweet grapes that is sure to please your taste buds. Taboo Cult is a cola flavor e-juice blended with a succulent grape flavor.


Laguna is a cooling melon and lychee blend. The inhale is a juicy fresh melon flavor with a blend of sweet lychee. On the exhale is a subtle menthol to give a perfected ending to this e-juice.


Taboo Meduza is a sour and sweet candy blend that takes sour worms, succulent oranges, and mixed berries. This e-juice has such an authentic sour candy flavor. Tart mixed berries on the exhale to provide the best ending.


Taboo Millennium is a creamy raspberry milkshake flavor. Millennium takes rich a milkshake and blended it with tart raspberries to provide the ultimate flavor. The inhale is that authentic raspberry flavor with a creamy milkshake flavor on the exhale.


Taboo Phantom is a large tart glass on lemonade mixed with sweet red currants. This e-juice provides a perfect balance between tart and sweet. This refreshing beverage flavor e-juice is sure to please with each puff.

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