Ruthless Freeze 100ml Pick 3 Bundle

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Ruthless Vapor Freeze Edition 100ml Pick 3 Bundle

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Ruthless Vapor Freeze Edition 100ml Pick 3 Bundle 

Ruthless Vapor Freeze Edition Bundle Review

Building out its portfolio of vapor products, Ruthless is at it yet again to create another incredible series of flavors that anyone can appreciate. The Ruthless Vapor Freeze Edition vape juice is a collection of its most popular vape juice blends, yet smothered with an icy cool dose of menthol to deliver the most refreshingly exciting taste. If you are up to experience its award-winning flavors with a cool twist, this Ruthless Vapor Freeze Edition 100mL Pick 3 Bundle is the perfect solution.

Ruthless Vapor is by far one of the industry's most iconic brand names, having manufactured several big-hit flavors and creating a long list of reputable names. In this vape juice bundle listing, we've created the Ruthless Vapor Freeze Edition 100mL Pick 3 Bundle, which will give you the opportunity to enjoy a delicious selection of flavors from the collection, while at the same time reducing their cost. Choose from a perfect list of tastes, from Berry Blast Freeze to Iced Out Freeze, there are many mouthwatering flavors that will fit your preference in tastes. Each bottle is filled with 100mL of flavorsome vape juice and is available in both 3mg and 6mg Tobacco Free Nicotine strengths, delivering a superior level of satisfaction and quality. You have the option to different 3 different flavors or choose all of the same if you have a favorite.

Choose any 3 Ruthless Vapor Freeze Edition Flavors

  • Joosie Red Freeze Edition - Breathe in the most satisfying taste with this recreated apple juice blend that brings together a mix of crisp red apples and a hefty dose of menthol, making for the most authentic vape.
  • Berry Blast Freeze Edition - Enjoy a delicious mixture of flavors in this rather complex blend. It offers a vape juice flavor that is hard not to fall in love with, as you'll taste an amazing mix of berries and a cool dose of menthol.
  • WTRMLN Freeze Edition - Ready yourself for the most mouthwatering flavor experience when you take a puff on this tasty blend of juicy watermelon and bone-chilling menthol. It's a flavorsome vape that is sure to excite.
  • Strawbrrry Freeze Edition - Using a set of simple flavors, Ruthless has managed to create such a complex, yet perfect vape with this blend of luscious strawberries and exciting menthol flavor.
  • Mango Madness Freeze Edition - Creating a tropical flavor that will remind you of those summer vacation months, this is one that you simply won't be able to get enough of. It's all about the taste of mangoes and menthol.
  • Iced Out Freeze Edition - Just as you would expect from such a name, this vape juice blend consists of nothing more than menthol. It creates such an exciting taste, it cools the mouth and opens you up for more.
  • Cherry Bomb Freeze Edition - If you're one that enjoys the unique taste of cherries, this is a blend that we're sure will become a favorite. It combines juicy cherries with an icy dose of menthol to make for an all-day vape.

 Get your Ruthless Vapor "Freeze Edition" vape juice today at rock bottom prices.

May Contain Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN)