Cuttwood E-Liquid Tobacco Trail 120ml


Tobacco Trail by Cuttwood 120ml

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Tobacco Trail by Cuttwood Eliquid 120ml

Cuttwood Tobacco Trail Ejuice Review

Cuttwood Tobacco Trail 120ml Eliquid is mild and sweet tobacco-flavored vape juice with a splash of honey. Tobacco Trail delivers a tobacco flavor that you will never want to put down. This vape juice will have you drooling as soon as you open the bottle.

What is Tobacco Trail vape juice? Tobacco Trail by Cuttwood is a perfectly concocted tobacco flavor that is made into vape form. Never buy traditional cigarettes again to satisfy your tobacco craving Tobacco Trail Eliquid by Cuttwood is mild and has a classic tobacco flavor. As you inhale Cuttwood Tobacco Trail, the taste of tobacco will excite your taste buds like never before. As you exhale, the tobacco flavor merges with a honey base that will have your mouth watering instantly. This vape juice is sure to cure your tobacco cravings within seconds. Tobacco Trail is a vape juice that will have you puffing away on your vape saying 'cigarettes who?' 

Cuttwood is a premium vape juice company that makes its vape juices with only authentic ingredients. This vape juice company keeps its customers in mind with every batch of vape juice they make and ensure that every vape juice they sell is top-notch. Cuttwood E-Juice is a vape juice brand that has a range of flavors from tobacco to fruity to custardy. With this vape juice brand, you will be sure to find one of your favorites within seconds. 

Cuttwood Tobacco Trail arrives in a 120ml chubby gorilla squeeze bottle. It's 70 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30 percent propylene glycol (PG) base gives you full dense vape clouds as well as a smooth solid throat hit.

Flavor Profile: Tobacco, Honey

Bottle Size: 120ml

VG/PG: 70/30