Cuttwood 120ML Pick 5 Bundle


Cuttwood 120ML Pick 5 Bundle

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Cuttwood 120ML Pick 5 Bundle

Cuttwood 120ML Pick 5 Bundle Review

Proving itself as a market leader for years, Cuttwood has become one of the industry's legendary vape brands by creating an extraordinary collection of premium vape juice with the most satisfying flavors. We've created yet another bundle deal to make these incredible concoctions even more accessible for those on a budget or looking to score vape juice for cheap. In the Cuttwood 120ML Pick 5 Bundle, we're giving you the opportunity to explore the entire Cuttwood collection, with all of the famed flavors that have brought it popularity since 2013.

To create your vape juice bundle, you can begin by choosing your preferred nicotine strength, which is available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg nicotine strengths. Next, choose your 5 most preferred flavors from the Cuttwood collection located in the provided drop-down menus. There are several flavors to choose from, giving you the ability to choose different flavors to sample the entire series or choose all of the same flavors if you have a specific favorite. Each bottle contains 120mL of vape juice, giving you 600mL total.

If you've been waiting to find a great deal on vape juice or even Cuttwood vape juice for that matter, the Cuttwood 120ML Pick 5 Bundle is definitely the deal for you. It is a fascinating bundle that brings together five 120mL bottles for a total of 600mL to enjoy. Explore new flavors, connect with your favorites, and take advantage of one of the best vape juice deals on the market.

Choose From:

  • Unicorn Milk: Experience one of the industry's most iconic flavors, which perfectly recreates the taste of strawberry milk. It's a luscious, creamy blend we're sure you're going to love vaping on any chance you get.
  • Boss Reserve: Taste an incredibly unique flavor creation that delivers a complex mixture of honey graham crackers, toasted nuts, bananas, and fresh milk. It's an odd blend but the flavors work well together, which is why it's a favorite for many.
  • Tobacco Trail: For those who really enjoy the classic taste of tobacco, this mild blend combined with sweet honey is just what you need. It's your favorite tobacco blend merged with a thick honey base.
  • Sugar Drizzle: When you want something sweet, milky, and creamy, this cinnamon cookie combined with creamy milk is exactly what you should choose. It's one of the best sugary cinnamon flavors on the market.
  • Mega Melons: While melons flavors aren't for everyone, this extraordinary concoction will have you thinking differently. It combines cantaloupe, papaya, and pineapples with one another, and the resulting taste is just amazing.
  • Bird Brains: Easily one of the best cereal flavors on the market, Bird Brains has gained many fans and awards throughout its time, and we're certain it'll become a favorite of yours also. It's a fruity cereal combined with the right amount of creamy milk.