WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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Yami Salt E-Liquids

Yami Vapor Ejuice decided to release their new line of salt nic based vape juices for those who need that extra kick of nicotine since most juices at the moment can only go up to a 6mg or maybe a 12mg if you’re lucky. Anything at a higher dosage can be really expensive or super cheap and not have the best quality when looking for something strong and tasteful. Each salt nic juice still contains the same ingredients in flavor so that you can still enjoy your favorite juices.

However, these salt nic juices were not made to be vaped in sub ohm tanks. The safest way to smoke them is with a pod system which are already adjusted at the perfect wattage that doesn’t put you at risk of setting it too high. You’ll get the burst of nicotine right away, including flavor. Causing you to smoke a lot less than with a sub ohm tank.

Yami Vapor’s salt nic line is the perfect choice in finding a delicious high nic juice that offers pure flavor and the promising satisfaction of nicotine at the same time. Smaller bottle, but longer lasting nicotine.

Yami Vapor Salts Vape Juice Review

Juusu Salt

This delicious beautiful blend of three special fruits provides you a lush blast of flavor that you could never forget or regret. On the gentle pull you’ll immediately get the juicy taste of crisp apples and a syrupy feel of peaches on the inhale. As you exhale you’ll notice the light but pleasant taste of exotic lychee with a light cloud of smoke and complete satisfaction in one measly hit.

Icy Trio Salt

The perfect iced salt nic ejuice that gives you fruity and bone chilling feels down your tongue and body the minute you give this flavorful vape juice a try. On the inhale, you’ll taste the gush of sweet succulent strawberries and fresh ripened kiwis combined together giving you a sheet of smoke to cover your tongue. While the nectarous taste of unique lychee sneaks its way into the combination with the cooling twist of fresh minted menthol on the exhale.

Taruto Salt

A freshly made pastry containing delicious ingredients that’ll have your mouth water in seconds just by getting a whiff of this salt nic juice. Right away you’ll taste the creamful flavor of whipped egg whites on the inhale that’s been sweetened lightly with a hint of vanilla. And on the exhale you get the intense flavor of toothsome custard that’ll drive your taste buds crazy and excited for more with every hit.

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