ORGNX Eliquids Bundle

ORGNX Eliquids

ORGNX ELiquids 60mL Pick 3 Bundle (180mL)

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ORGNX Eliquids 60mL Pick 3 Bundle (180mL)

ORGNX Eliquids Vape Juice Bundle Review

The ORGNX Eliquids vape juice bundle is an extraordinary addition to the store, as it provides a way for customers to easily save money and snag a few of their favorites from the famed ORGNX brand collection. In this bundle, you'll be able to choose from a large variety of deliciously crafted vape juice flavors, which vary from the juiciest peach to the most exotic lychee flavor. There are many artisanal creations in this lineup that we're already excited for you to try.

Choose three ORGNX Eliquids vape juice flavors in your desired nicotine strength. You can choose all of the same flavors if you have a specific favorite or you can mix things up to turn up that adventurous side of yourself. No matter the case, this tasty bundle will deliver the opportunity to try any three flavors from the entire ORGNX collection, leaving you with nothing more to be desired. A total of 180mL is available to you, in your favorite flavor, your favorite strength, and at the best price possible.

ORGNX Eliquids will arrive at your doorstep, perfectly packaged boasting three 60mL plastic bottles. When placing your order, be sure to select your preferred nicotine strength, which is available in both 3mg and 6mg levels.

Choose from:

  • Orange - Orange provides a remarkable flavor experience, which boasts the delicious and citrusy taste of natural orange. From the moment you taste this flavorsome vape, you'll be sure to call it one of your all-time favorites.

  • Orange Ice - Orange Ice brings together a delicious combination of flavors that will surely dazzle your taste buds. A citrusy natural orange is combined with a frigid menthol flavor to create an all-day vape that you can count on.
  • Honeydew - Honeydew offers an incredible flavor that you'll find is super unique. If you haven't experienced it yet, a honeydew melon flavor has an exotic taste that many find incredibly pleasing. From the first puff to the last, you'll be amazed.
  • Honeydew Ice - Honeydew Ice combines its delicious honeydew flavor with a remarkable dose of ice-cold menthol, creating a refreshing and delicious vape. The cool temperatures and the tasty flavor will become an instant favorite.
  • Watermelon - Watermelon creates a mouthwatering vape that you will definitely fall in love with. It provides the universally enjoyed taste of juicy watermelon. It's a natural flavor
  • Watermelon Ice - Watermelon Ice delivers that same great watermelon flavor that is loved throughout the world for its mouthwatering taste. It is paired with a hefty dose of menthol, which creates a refreshing and lush flavor experience that is incredibly cool.
  • Banana - Banana is a delicious vape that everyone is thrilled about. It offers the natural, creamy taste of bananas and nothing more or less. With just one puff, you'll know that this tasty vape is the one for you. When you're finished, your taste buds will go bananas for more.
  • Banana Ice - Banana Ice is an invigorating flavor that we're excited for you to try. It offers a natural, creamy banana flavor, which is combined with an ice-cold menthol flavor, creating one of the most remarkable all-day vapes you've ever encountered.
  • Peach - Peach is one of the most fascinating flavors you'll try all year. It offers the juicy and sweet taste of natural peach flavor, presenting nothing more and nothing less. The uninterrupted blend is a delight to vape on, and the lingering taste will continue to bring you back.
  • Peach Ice - Peach Ice is a thrilling blend of flavors that you will want to enjoy every single day. This juicy peach flavor is a delight, and it's paired with the most invigorating addition of menthol. These two come together to create the most satisfying duo.
  • Lychee - Lychee provides an extremely fascinating flavor experience by using an exotic lychee flavor that tastes natural and authentic. With just one puff, you'll experience loads of delicious lychee flavor, leaving your taste buds hungry for more of the unique taste.
  • Lychee Ice - Lychee Ice is a fascinating blend of flavors that we absolutely love, and just know you will too. This tasty vape blends together a deliciously crafted exotic lychee flavor with a bone-chilling menthol flavor, which is sure to keep your tastes excited.
  • Mango - Mango delivers an awesome and flavorsome vape each time you take a puff. Every session you partake in will present a remarkable taste, satisfying you like no other flavor exists. Enjoy the brilliant taste from this naturally sweet mango flavor that tastes so authentic.
  • Mango Ice - Mango Ice is an amazing flavor concoction that everyone loves from this collection. It provides an overwhelming taste by bringing together a sweet mango flavor with a cool menthol, allowing you to experience a truly delicious and refreshing vape anytime.
  • Pineapple - Pineapple delivers a tropical taste that your taste buds have just been craving for so long. This spectacular flavor is all about the taste of tropical pineapple, boasting its juicy sweet taste with every puff that you take. It's a for sure all-day vape.
  • Pineapple Ice - Pineapple Ice is a wonderful vape juice flavor that everyone will come to appreciate. It offers a fascinating experience by bringing together a tropical pineapple flavor and deliciously refreshing menthol. This is definitely a cold-as-ice vape that is all about some pineapple flavor.
  • Guava - Guava is a unique flavor and everyone seems to enjoy it. It offers a magical taste, which we just know you'll enjoy as well. It is a flavor that presents a unique taste, which continues to linger even after every puff that you take, urging you to come back for more.
  • Guava Ice - Guava Ice is a magical concoction of flavors that acts as the perfect blend. It mixes together with a unique and exotic guava flavor and brings it together with a frigid menthol flavor with below zero temperatures. The two come together as the perfect pairing.
  • Apple - Apple is an amazing flavor that everyone knows and loves. It is a universally enjoyed flavor that presents that same crisp red apple flavor that is spot-on with the taste. From the beginning to the end, you will enjoy every puff that you take.
  • Apple Ice - Apple Ice is a magnificent blend that will surely deliver that crisp and refreshing taste that you've been craving for so long. It combines a delicious red apple flavor with a super refreshing menthol to make an incredible vape that'll satisfy your taste buds.
  • White Grape - White Grape offers a unique flavor experience that many find insanely delicious. With just one puff, you'll enjoy the crisp and light taste of white grape, leaving you with a lingering taste that you'll continue to enjoy even after you've finished your session.
  • White Grape Ice - White Grape Ice is a remarkable flavor concoction that people crave after their first experience with it. It offers a tasty crisp and light white grape flavor, which pairs perfectly with an ice-cold menthol. It is a cool and refreshing vape that will go down as a favorite.

Discover your favorite flavor in this ORGNX Eliquids 60mL Pick 3 Bundle or take advantage of this bundle and grab the ones you already enjoy. If you're looking for a tasty selection of the industry's finest, flavorsome vape juice, there isn't another deal that will better suit you than this.